Renewing the Promise: Medicare and Its Reform

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David Blumenthal, Senior Vice-President David Blumenthal, Research Co-Ordinator at the Center for Health Policy and Management Kennedy School of Government Mark Schlesinger, Mark Schlesinger, Pamela Brown Drumheller, Co-Ordinator of the Harvard Medicare Project Center for Health Policy and Management Pamela Brown Drumheller
Oxford University Press, 1988 - 215 lappuses
This is a timely, comprehensive examination of the history, current status, and future prospects of Medicare. It provides an analysis of Medicare's accomplishments and failings, an assessment of alternative approaches to remedying the problems, a discussion of the principles that can guide
the choice among options, and the authors' recommendations for reform. The book is based on a careful consideration of the health care needs of the elderly, and reflects the work of physicians, gerontologists, lawyers, former Medicare administrators, health economists, political scientists, and
experts on government and public policy. Professionals and policy-makers will appreciate this thoughtful examination of the Medicare program.

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The Beginnings
The Record to Date
Beneficiary Cost Sharing in the Medicare Program

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Par autoru (1988)

David Blumenthal, Senior Vice-President, Brigham and Women's Medical Center. Pamela Brown Drumheller, Co-ordinator of the Harvard Medicare Project, Center for Health Policy and Management, both at Harvard University.

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