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VI. Public Utilities.--

A. Communications.--

· American Telephone and Telegraph Company-----

General Telephone and Electronics Corporation...

Continental Telephone Corporation..

Western Union Corporation.

B. Electric and gas utilities..--

American Electric Power Company --

Virginia Electric and Power Company.

Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation..

Texas Utilities Company -

American Natural Gas Company ---

Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation.

Northeast Utilities..

Pennzoil Company -

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company---

Allegheny Power System..

Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation.

Pennsylvania Power and Light Company--

Long Island Lighting Company.

Potomac Electric Power Company.

Pacific Power and Light Company.--

Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company--

VII. Retail Trade..---

Safeway Stores..


Grand Union Company

R. H. Macy and Company -

Interstate Stores.

Cook United.---

Melville Shoe Corporation...

Pueblo International..

VIII. Banks.

First National City Corporation

Chemical New York Corporation.-

Bankers Trust Company (New York).

First Bank System (Minneapolis)

Republic National Bank of Dallas.

Girard Bank...

First National Bank in Dallas ---

Citizens and Southern National Bank..

Shawmut Association.--

IX. Life Insurance Companies...

Travelers Corporation.

X. General Observations.--

A. Information disclosed..

B. Confidentiality ---

C. Bank holdings..

D. Cede and Company -

XI. Conclusion....

Addendum-Nominee Accounts--An Introductory Explanation.


1. Size Range of Corporations from which Stockholder Data were


2. Summary of Information Supplied in Response to Request for

30 Largest Stockholders.




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