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Part IV

The Top 10 Stockholders of 209 Electric Utilities A Staff Analysis of Ownership Reports Filed With the

Federal Power Commission

Part IVThe Top 10 Stockholders of 209 Electric Utilities-a Staff Analysis of

Ownership Reports Filed With the Federal Power Commission The Federal Power Commission requires electric

Commission requires electric their annual reports to the Commission (FPC Form 1). utilities under its jurisdiction to include certain informa. The pertinent FPC form is reproduced below: tion regarding security holders and voting powers in


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1. (A) Give the names and addresses of the 10 security holden of the respondent who, at the date of the latest closing of the dock book or compilation of list of stockholders of the respondent, prior to the end of the year, had the highest voting powers in the respondent, and state the number of vola which each would have had the right to cast on that date if a meeting were then in order. If any such holder held in trust, give in a footnote the known particulars of the trust (whether voting trust, etc.), duration of trust, and principal holders of beneficiary interests in the trust If the stock book was not closed or a list of stockholders not compiled within one year prior to the end of the year, or if since the previous compilation de list of sockholders, some other class of security has become vested with voting right, then show such 10 security holden w of the clove of the year. Arrange the names of the security holden in the order of voting power, commencing with the highest. Show in column (a) the titles of office and directors included in auch lot of 10


(B) Give also the voting powers resulting from ownership of securities of the respondent of each officer and director not included in the list of 10 largest kounty holden.

2. If any security other than dock carries voting rights, ex plain in a supplemental statement the circumstances whereby such security became veted with voting rights and give other important particulars concerning the voting right of such curity. Suate whether voting rights are actual or contingent and is contingeat describe the contingency.

3. If any class or inue of security has any special privileges in the election of directors, trustees or managers, or in the determination of corporate action by any method, explain briefly.

4. Furnish particulars concerning any options, warrants, or rights outstanding at the end of the year for others to purchase securities of the respondent or any securities or other aneta owned by the respondent, including prices, expiration data and other material information relating to exercise of the

xions, wat a rights. Specify the amount of such

6 State the total number of votes cast at the latest general
meeting prior to the end of year for election of director of the
respondent and number of such votes cast by proxy.
By proxy......

7. Give the date and place of such meeting

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The responses analyzed in this report were filed in utility is a subsidiary of a utility holding company, a 1971 by the 209 companies whose annual electric operating generating combine comprised of several operating comrevenue exceeds $1 million.

panies, or an industrial company. VOTING AT ANNUAL MEETINGS


The median number of votes cast at the annual stock- The top 10 security holders in each company, with holders' meeting the preceding year, in relation to the number of shares held, were separated into major investor total number of voting shares, was approximately 86 categories. The Nominee List was used, as necessary, to percent.

determine the principal when stock was listed in nominee In 55 percent of the elections, 100 percent of the votes name only. were cast by proxy.

The holdings of the Stock Clearing Corporation, wholly In 92 percent of the elections, more than 95 percent owned subsidiary of the New York Stock Exchange, were were cast by proxy.

always listed in the name of the nominee, Cede & Co. '

Many bank holdings were listed by various nominee names. The remaining 8 percent included some holding com

Use of nominees for insurance companies varied. The pany subsidiaries which reported that all votes had been holdings of some insurance companies were never reported cast (presumably by the holding company) but none by in nominee name; the holdings of others were sometimes proxy.

listed in nominee name. In 99 of the utilities, 10 or fewer stockholders hold

1 For information regarding changes involving Cede & Co. in all or most of the stock. In many of these instances the 1973, see page 131 and Appendix C, p. 335.

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