Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act: Hearings Before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, House of Representatives, Eighty-second Congress, First Session, on H.R. 3298, a Bill to Amend Section 503(b) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act ...

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Considers legislation to revise prescription drug dispensation regulations.

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211. lappuse - ... or otherwise reviewed on the record of an agency hearing provided by statute; or (6) unwarranted by the facts to the extent that the facts are subject to trial de novo by the reviewing court.
8. lappuse - In making the foregoing determinations the court shall review the whole record or such portions thereof as may be cited by any party, and due account shall be taken of the rule of prejudicial error.
168. lappuse - States, from whom he purchases such articles, to the effect that the same is not adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of this Act, designating it.
168. lappuse - No person shall be subject to the penalties of sub-section (a) of this Section, for having violated Section 3 (a) or (c) of this Act if he established a guaranty or undertaking signed by, and containing the name and address of, the person residing in the United States from whom he received in good faith the article, to the effect that such article is not adulterated or mis-branded within the meaning of this Act, designating this Act.
227. lappuse - Secretary, after investigation, found to be, and by regulations designated as, habit forming; unless its label bears the name, and quantity or proportion of such substance or derivative and in juxtaposition therewith the statement "Warning— May be habit forming.
36. lappuse - ... the United States court of appeals for the circuit wherein such person resides or has his principal place of business...
20. lappuse - Unless its labeling bears (1) adequate directions for use; and (2) such adequate warnings against use in those pathological conditions or by children where its use may be dangerous to health, or against unsafe dosage or methods or duration of administration or application, in such manner and form, as are necessary for the protection of users...
76. lappuse - ... because of its toxicity or other potentiality for harmful effect, or the method of its use, or the collateral measures necessary to its use...
212. lappuse - Whether on the record as a whole there is substantial evidence to support agency findings is a question which Congress has placed in the keeping of the Courts of Appeals. This Court will intervene only in what ought to be the rare instance when [during the appellate court proceeding] the standard appears to have been misapprehended or grossly misapplied.
168. lappuse - ... was made in good faith, unless he refuses to furnish on request of an officer or employee duly designated by the...

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