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Protective Cushioning that Lasts Through Thousands of Miles of Service

The Firestone Maxi-Cushion is a gen- achievement in eliminating this com-
uine, scientific cushion tire, with its mon cause of trouble.
resilience obtained by its remarkable

Furthermore, they have discovered design and highly perfected rubber

that this tire preserves its “cushion" compound.

for thousands of miles of wear and In use its cushioning powers are

continues to absorb the pounding clearly visible. The displacement

blows of rough roads and the de

structive vibration that tend to short-
pockets on the sides allow space for

en the truck's life.
the rubber to push upwards and
"flow" as obstacles are encountered.

The Firestone Maxi-Cushion is one

of the five types in the complete The single, continuous union with

Firestone line. You can see it, and the steel base gives freedom from get the facts about its low mileage base separation. Truck operators cost, its traction and resilience at any who have used Maxi-Cushions for of the 800 Firestone Service Dealers many months praise Firestone's located in all trucking centers.







goes into their food business HOW careful you are in select

“I knew,” explained Coolidge, “that if I PERSONAL GLIMPSES

announced my candidacy, between those Continued

who were for me and those who were against me and between those in the Senate

who would be candidates for my place as that Calvin Coolidge's life and abilities president of the Senate, the business of the were vitally needed by his State and Commonwealth of Massachusetts then Nation in the present stage of their history. before the Senate would not be effectively

“Instinct told me that he was the man done." whom I was to work my level best to put Mr. Stearns paused again, then coninto the highest political office the people cluded, with emphasis: had to give."

“I knew then that my instinct had been

right.” What comes out

Such was the glorified “hunch,' we are told, which Stearns says swung him into

Already Stearns, of Boston, concludes

the reporter, has been whispered into a what seemed to practical politicians merely, of the milk-bottle the fallacy of an otherwise hard-headed

half-dozen high positions within the Presibusiness

Having acquired this dential gift—a Cabinet portfolio, an am“hunch, Stearns proceeded to develop

bassadorship, or some other exalted post.

Howeverit. He goes on to tell of it thus:

Those who know Stearns best say he has “Reason and observation told me other declared with emphasis that he seeks no ing a milkman who will dethings after my instinct had started me.

office, no position, no place. liver pure, wholesome milk for They told me that Calvin Coolidge had the

“I don't want anything outside of what your children! But then you open most complete sense of obligation to the

I have," he has declared, “but I do want task before him of any man I knew in the bottle with a rusty fork, an

to see good men in our Government and public or private life.

good men in office.” ice-pick,or even your thumb-en- “Calvin Coolidge was still president'of the Mr. Stearns's ability as an organizer will dangering your children's health. Senate, which is a separate office from the have to be reckoned with by the RepubliLieutenant-Governorship in Massachusetts.

can bosses favoring any other candidate Perfection Milk Bottle Caps “I put my business into other hands.

next year. will help you to combat this I gave up my country house. I moved

into the city so that I could give all my Mr. Stearns, says Mark Sullivan, writing danger. They are easily lifted off

time most effectively to the one task of in the New York Tribune, is one of several by a reinforced tab which will making Calvin Coolidge so known to the

Massachusetts citizens who have for some not tear off. They can be replaced

people of the State and country that they
could not fail to draft him for their service.

time composed “a considerable body of as often as you wish. They guard

“To my mind, their knowledge of him supporters, determined to push Coolidge the milk bottles against im- would be a guaranty that they would draft along and see what would happen." The purities, until the last drop is him. My sole fear was that, through igno

case of an Amherst professor is cited, a rance of him they might fail to avail themused.

man elected to the lower house of the selves. Send the coupon today, and "As the fruit of my years of wandering

State Legislature, who, as a fellow Amherst through the world with a sociable disposi- man, asked Coolidge to use his influence to let us send you a month's FREE

tion I have, I suppose, an almost enormous get him an appointment on the Committee supply of Perfection Caps. After personal acquaintance. I began by sending on Education. Coolidge declined, saying have tried them and seen

to my friends excerpts from Coolidge's it would not be proper for him as chairman you

speeches. At first I sent these principally their protection and their con

to men and women in Massachusetts, then of the Senate to try to influence the action venience, ask your milkman to later on, as the Governor's prominence of the Speaker of the lower house. Howuse them. He will be glad to do it. grew, throughout the nation.

ever, when the new member, feeling re“With each of these enclosures I would

buked and hurt, took his own case to the send a brief note asking for comment. Just use the coupon now.

When the comment came, as in a surpriz- Speaker, that dignitary said: “Yes, I have
ingly high proportion of cases it did, it heard of you. Mr. Coolidge spoke to me
started a correspondence in which I was about you, and said you were a man who
able to put the case for Senator Coolidge's seemed to take an interest in his work."
abilities as I saw them.

Mr. Sullivan comments:
“You are never quite sure at first, altho
AND PROTECT you may trust instinct ever so far. In the The principal point of this story lies in the

winter and spring of 1915 my friends and quotation just made. Coolidge didn't ask
I did practically nothing but urge Calvin the Speaker to put the new member on
Coolidge to announce his candidacy for the Committee on Education. What he
the Lieutenant-Governorship of Massa- did was to confine himself to the literal

chusetts. A powerful and able opponent- facts that were within his personal knowlMILK-BOTTLE CAP better known than Coolidge—was already edge

, namely, that this new member was in the field, making an active campaign. “a man who seemed to take an interest

“It seemed to us that if Coolidge did not in his work." speak at once the chance with which his This habit of exact thought and rewhole political future was fraught would strained expression on Coolidge's part, the go by. From February to June we pleaded utter lack of effusiveness, is in strong conwith Coolidge day and night for an ex- trast with the ordinary habit of the usual pression. But not a single word on the run of politicians and public men under the subject-and I believe this to be the literal same circumstances. Equally charactertruth-passed his lips in reply.

istic of Coolidge was the fact that he L.D.8 “But within one hour after the Legis- never said anything to the new member THE

lature session had closed, he came to me. about having spoken to the Speaker from dirt and odors.

SMITH-LEE CO. He handed me a slip of paper. It contained about him.
537 Fitch St.,
Oneida, N. Y.

this penciled announcement for the press: In the course of years a good many peoWithout obligation, please

'I am a candidate for the Republican ple in Boston have had experiences with send me a month's supply of l'erfection Caps.

nomination for Lieutenant-Governor.'” Coolidge like those of the Amherst trustees

Stearns was curious to know why Cool- in the one case and the Amherst professor in Name

idge apparently had “stalled " along for the other. Naturally, when you have an exAddress..

so many weeks. So he put it up to him.perience like that with a man, you remember Only after much urging did he obtain this it. It is so unusual that you take a second answer from “Silent Cal":

look at the man and keep your eye on him.


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But price alone is not responsible for the wide preference for Stewarts. Rather it is the way they continue the economy of their first cost through years of steady, reliable service. When, side by side with far costlier trucks, they outwork them, put in more hours at less cost, it is natural that they win the replacement orders.

Ten Year Old Stewarts

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Many of the first Stewarts built ten years ago are today rendering satisfactory service. Hundreds of fleet owners who first bought one Stewart have repeated again and again. Stewarts are made in five capacities— 1 to 4 ton, backed by 11 years of successful truck manufacture and financial stability.

Owners Praise Its Economy Take particular note of the Stewart 1-ton truck illustrated above. It gives in service 14 to 17 miles on a gallon of gasoline-10,000 to 12,000 miles on a set of tires-500 to 700 miles on a gallon of oil. Compare this Stewart with any 1-ton truck on the American market, regardless of price, then test its wonderful performance, note its remarkable power, quietness, freedom from vibration and easy riding qualities. Note the comfortable driver's seat with deep cushions and fine steering wheel position. Five bearing crank shaft; Multiple disc clutch; Electric starting and lighting; Truck type bevel gear axle. Body and equipment complete, it costs less than the chassis alone of many trucks it will out-perform and out-last.

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Model 7x2% to 3 Ton

With under Hoist and
Combination Dump Body









HAVE always been a fighter, and chosen successor to the place in the Senate

generally won out,” announced Mag- of the United States, filled so many years nus Johnson, Farmer-Senator-elect from by that distinguished Scandinavian, Knute Minnesota, in one of his recent numerous Nelson, whose death helped to put the interviews. "I never quit,” he is quoted Republican party in Minnesota to rout. as saying on another occasion, and his Taking up Mr. Johnson's career in detail, frequent declaration, made during his this intimate report runs: spectacular campaign, that “They can't

Magnus Johnson was born in Liljedahl, bluff Magnus Johnson!” has been accepted SH.

province of Varmsland, Sweden, fifty-two in many quarters as his motto. Already

years ago. At the age of twelve his father this Farmer-Labor statesman, reports Wash

died and he was apprenticed to the proington, has stirred up the "social bloc" prietor of a bottle factory in his native a man size shaving stick

there, by attacking Here's a wonderful new improve. the “society” of the ment that will certainly add to your shaving comfort. From now on you

Capital in an can use both ends of the Williams' more ungloved manDoublecap Stick. When one end ner than won Mrs. of the stick is worn down, use the other. It's easy to reload and with

Poindexter a national reasonable care, the holder will last reputation a life time.

months ago.

He And remember! You get the

wants to be “comsame cool, comfortable shave. Bland and soothing: Easy on your

mon,” he insists that skin and pocket book.

he will never Try it - either write for free

a dress-suit and, if "working model" of it or buy the. Doublecap Stick from your nearest

the pictorial pages dealer. The J. B. Williams Com- of the newspapers are pany, Dept.D-2,Glastonbury, Conn.

any indication, he

have spent much of his time since election in having his photograph taken in overalls. This state of affairs, naturally, calls for smiles in some quar

ters, indignation in Made by the makers of the famous Williams others, and approbaHolder Top Stick and Williams' Shaving Cream

tion in not a few.

A Minnesota biogINVENTORS who desire to secure patent should rapher of Johnson, write for our guide book "HOW

reports the Washingdescription of your invention and we will give opinion of

ton Post, adopts a RANDOLPH & Co., Dept. 171, Washington, D. C.



characterizing him as HYUY

"vigorous, honest,

"I'LL SHOW 'EM SOMETHING!" and in some respects So announced Senator Johnson, referring to certain "wise guys" capable," with the down in Washington who might be expected to lead a rural Senator

Then he went right home and started pitching hay-possibly additional observa

by way of getting into practise for his new job.
tion that he is “a

strange mixture of
22.04.2012 sense and nonsense." At any rate, com-

town. At the end of four years he became

a full-fledged glass-blower. A year later ments The Post:

his mother died, and when he passed his Krementz 14 kt. rolled Whatever may be the elements of his twentieth year he decided to leave the gold plate collar but strength or his weakness, the people of his land of his birth and seek his fortune in

tons have no equal. State know him well, especially the farmers, America. As a lad, he was thrifty and 6 KL How long they will wear and by an overwhelming vote placed upon saving, and so he did not come to the

has yet to be determin- him and his record the stamp of their United States as a penniless immigrant.
ed. Thousands of them
have been in daily use approval. His election increases substan-

Naturally, he turned toward the Middle since they were invent- tially the La Follette strength in the Sen

West, whither so many of his countrymen ed, over 25 years ago, ate, gives that little block of obstruction

had preceded him, and was soon employed and still look new. ists a real balance of power, and creates 2KS

in the lumber camps of Minnesota, and for Price 250 each. Guaran- a situation that must be reckoned with

a time piled lumber in the yards in Minneteed against everything when Congress again convenez.

apolis. To this day he has a lump except loss or a new button free. At dealers. He has had a lively and significant his

upon his shoulder, due to the heavy tim

bers he carried, and to this evidence of his Write for illustrated booklet. tory, reports the anonymous biographer

manual labor he frequently points with Address us, please, at 49 Chest. nut St., Newark, N. 12 quoted by the Washington paper. The pride.

son of a Swedish farmer, an immigrant to Adding what he earned in the Western -the United States before he reached his lumber camps to his savings in Sweden,

young Johnson bought a forty-acre farm majority, gifted with a voice which has

in Meeker County, Minnesota, for which been variously compared to a fog-horn and

he paid $15 an acre. Later he added 120 YAYASUYAY


YUYUYOYOS a radio “loud speaker," he has been acres to this holding, which constitutes the


TO GET YOUR PATENT." Send model or sketch and

its patentable nature.





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After selling 1.150,000 farmers, we are ready to help sell your products

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