Study and Investigation of the Federal Communications Commission: Hearings Before the Select Committee to Investigate the Federal Communications Commission, House of Representatives, Seventy-eighth Congress, First-[second] Session Acting Under H. Res. 21 ...

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1872. lappuse - Study new uses for radio, provide for experimental uses of frequencies, and generally encourage the larger and more effective use of radio in the public interest...
2295. lappuse - To this end I request all police officers, sheriffs, and all other law enforcement officers in the United States promptly to turn over to the nearest representative of the Federal Bureau of Investigation any information obtained by them relating to espionage, counterespionage, sabotage, subversive activities and violations of the neutrality laws.
1792. lappuse - We will adjourn until 2 : 30. (Thereupon, at 11 : 55 am, a recess was taken until 2 : 30 pm) AFTERNOON SESSION (The committee reconvened at 2: 30 pm) Mr.
2295. lappuse - The Attorney General has been requested by me to instruct the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the Department of Justice to take charge of Investigative Work in matters relating to espionage, sabotage, and violations of the neutrality regulations.
1872. lappuse - Congress moved under the spur of a widespread fear that in the absence of governmental control the public interest might be subordinated to monopolistic domination in the broadcasting field.
1971. lappuse - Eicher, chief justice of that court, which, with your permission, I would like to read into the record at this point.
2394. lappuse - Provided, That this section shall not apply to the receiving, divulging, publishing, or utilizing the contents of any radio communication broadcast, or transmitted by amateurs or others for the use of the general public, or relating to ships in distress.
1789. lappuse - Radio stations belonging to and operated by the United States shall not be subject to the provisions of sections 301 and 303 of this Act. All such Government stations shall use such frequencies as shall be assigned to each or to each class by the President.
1872. lappuse - But the Act does not restrict the Commission merely to supervision of the traffic. It puts upon the Commission the burden of determining the composition of that traffic.
2486. lappuse - Except as otherwise provided in this Act, the Commission from time to time, as public convenience, interest, or necessity requires, shall— (a) Classify radio stations ; (b) Prescribe the nature of the service to be rendered by each class of licensed stations and each station within any class ; (c) Assign bands of frequencies to the various classes of stations, and assign frequencies for each individual station and determine the power which each station shall use and the time during which it may...

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