Providence: An Allegorical Poem in Three Books

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G. Burnet, at Bishop Burnet's Head, in the Strand, 1764 - 192 lappuses

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38. lappuse - No pleasing intricacies intervene, No artful wildness to perplex the scene ; Grove nods at grove, each alley has a brother, And half the platform just reflects the other.
108. lappuse - Ionic then, with decent matron grace, Her airy pillar heaved ; luxuriant last, The rich Corinthian spread her wanton wreath. The whole so measured true, so lessen'd off By fine proportion, that the marble pile, Form'd to repel the still or stormy waste Of rolling ages, light as fabrics look'd That from the magic wand aerial rise.
95. lappuse - ... two towards the ground. Another mode of representing Mithras, usual at Rome (for the Romans adopted this god of the Persians, as they did those of all other nations, though they paid him a very different sort of worship from that of Apollo,) was...
87. lappuse - And feem'da Goddefs from celeftial climes' To man defcending, that her lenient hand Might point the path to Happinefs. Her head A crown encircled ; o'er her limbs a robe Floated in...
190. lappuse - Th' obsequious means to move. — O ye, who toss'd On life's tumultuous ocean, eye the shore* Yet far remov'd ; and wish the happy hour, When slumber on her downy couch shall lull Your cares to sweet repose ; yet bear awhile, And I will guide you to the balmy climes Of rest ; will lay you by the silver stream Crown'd with elysian bow'rs, where peace extends Her blooming olive, and the tempest pours Its killing blast no more." Thus Wisdom speaks To man ; thus calls him thro' the external form Of nature,...
133. lappuse - Before Confumption ; when her baleful fpunge Drops its green poifon on the fprings of life. NOR thefe alone purfue the race of man. Far other ills await, far other woes Like vultures revel on his canker'd heart. 25 O ye who nightly languifh o'er the tomb, Where fleeps thy duft, Eugenio!
187. lappuse - Idemque cum cœlum, terras, maria, rerumque omnium naturam perspexerit, eaque unde generata, quo recurrant, quando, quo modo obitura, quid in iis mortale et caducum, quid divinum...
90. lappuse - His deep fearching eye Had feen the fraud of yon deceitful glais, Had warn'd the throng to fhun th' infidious f hart, Had kept them innocent, didft thon defcribe His fphere with truth.
61. lappuse - Gay plenty reigns ! Afcending as he fpoke From the blue deep, to my tranfported gaze .-, Rofe the white cliffs of Albion. Hail beloved Of Heav'n ! (with joy exclaim'd th' inraptured Sire) Britannia hail!
181. lappuse - From feeming evil ftill educing good, And better thence again, and better ftill, In infinite progreffion. But I lofe Myfelf in him, in light ineffable ! Come then, expreffive filence, mufe his praife; HYMN CLV.

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