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Explanation of Changes Shown on Schedule C


This account funds for all Investigative committee personnel and the majority of all non-personnel expenses estimated to be incurred during the fiscal year. The majority of Investigative committees provided the FY '96 budget information. The FY '96 request of $57,847,000 is an increase of $4,904,000 or 9.2% over the revised FY '95 enacted appropriation.

Mandatory Pay and Related Changes:

Personnel increases are attributed to the annualization of the FY '95 Cost of Living Adjustment, prorated FY '96 Cost of Living Adjustment, FY '96 meritorious increases, FY '96 overtime pay and full funding of the authorization. Special and Select committees have also requested an increase in staffing of 39 positions which represent a more accurate staffing level for the committees.

Price Level Changes:

Price increases are attributed to inflation.

Program Type Changes:

Program increases are attributed to travel, equipment and staff level changes. Several committees anticipate extremely busy schedules which would require increases in travel due to extensive investigative and oversight field hearings. Increases in office equipment is due to a number of committees requesting upgrades to computers, printers and copy machines in order to keep up with advances in technology. The Investigative Committees are requesting a total of 19 new positions over the number funded in the FY '95 appropriation bill to achieve its legislative and oversight responsibilities. Since there is no "New Member Orientation" in FY '96, there will be a reduction in Other Services.

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NOTE: The FY '96 budget, prepared by the 103rd Congress does not reflect the changes that will be effected by the 104th Congress.

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NOTE: The FY '96 budget, prepared by the 103rd Congress does not reflect the changes that will be effected by the 104th Congress.

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