Mutual Security Act of 1955: Hearings Before the Committee on Foregin Affairs, House of Representatives, 84th Congress, 1st Sess., on the Mutual Security Act of 1955

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1955 - 867 lappuses

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99. lappuse - Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern, South Asian and African Affairs...
217. lappuse - President finds that the supplying of such assistance will strengthen the security of the United States and promote world peace...
368. lappuse - States to aid the efforts of the peoples of economically underdeveloped areas to develop their resources and improve their working and living conditions by encouraging the exchange of technical knowledge and skills and the flow of investment capital to countries which provide conditions under which such technical assistance and capital can effectively and constructively contribute to raising standards of living, creating new sources of wealth, increasing productivity and expanding purchasing power.
626. lappuse - ... century, artificial indigo was not able to compete with the natural product, about five thousand tons of which were used annually. But German manufacturers were perfecting methods, and in 1908 about one-fourth of the indigo used was of artificial manufacture. This leaves little room for doubt that it will be only a matter of a few years before the indigo-growers of the world will be obliged to devote their fields and energies to growing some other crop, probably less profitable. Logwood, the...
519. lappuse - Council to coordinate the policies and operations of the representatives of the United States on the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the ExportImport Bank of Washington and all other agencies of the Government "to the extent that they make or participate in the making of foreign loans or engage in foreign financial exchange or monetary transactions.
329. lappuse - ... be used to promote an integrated defense of the North Atlantic area and to facilitate the development of defense plans by the Council and the Defense Committee under article 9 of the North Atlantic Treaty and to realize unified direction and effort...
423. lappuse - As regards formerly sovereign states now in bondage, we will not be a party to any arrangement or treaty which would confirm or prolong their unwilling subordination.
510. lappuse - Mr. Chairman, and members of the committee, I want to express my thanks for the opportunity to appear and testify at thi> time.
vi. lappuse - ... and compromise with possible (even though transient, unstable, vacillating, and conditional) allies — is not this ridiculous in the extreme? Is it not as though, in the difficult ascent of an unexplored and heretofore inaccessible mountain, we were to renounce beforehand the idea that at times we might have to go in zig-zags, sometimes retracing our steps, sometimes giving up the course once selected and trying various others?
706. lappuse - It was stated that the question has been under consideration by the National Advisory Council on International Monetary and Financial Problems. The Council discussed this matter on June 13 and concluded that it presented serious difficulties which required further study.

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