Following toxic clouds: science and assumptions in plume modeling : hearing before the Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats and International Relations of the Committee on Government Reform, House of Representatives, One Hundred Eighth Congress, first session, June 2, 2003

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67. lappuse - There is no more common error than to assume that, because prolonged and accurate mathematical calculations have been made, the application of the result to some fact of nature is absolutely certain'.
10. lappuse - House Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats, and International Relations, Committee on Government Reform...
6. lappuse - If you would rise, and if there is anyone that you would suggest that might, if you would raise your right hands, please. [Witnesses sworn.] Mr. SHAYS. Note for the record all five have responded in the affirmative, and it's very nice to have all of you here.
75. lappuse - Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear and Chemical and Biological...
1. lappuse - Green, Minority Assistant Clerk. Mr. SHAYS. A quorum being present. The Subcommittee on National Security, Veterans Affairs and International Relations hearing entitled, "Combating Terrorism: Preventing Nuclear Terrorism,
66. lappuse - For Official Use Only Until Released by the House Government Reform Committee Statement of the Honorable William J.
67. lappuse - Chairman and Distinguished Committee Members, I am honored to appear before your Committee today to address your questions regarding the management and oversight of the Department's Chemical and Biological Defense Program.
2. lappuse - We thank them all for participating and we look forward to their testimony. [The prepared statement of Hon. Christopher Shays follows...

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