Charles Dickens's works. Charles Dickens ed. [18 vols. of a 21 vol. set. Wanting A child's history of England; Christmas stories; The mystery of Edwin Drood].

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7. lappuse - ... three meals of thin gruel a day, with an onion twice a week, and half a roll on Sundays. They made a great many other wise and humane regulations, having reference to the ladies, which it is not necessary to repeat ; kindly undertook to divorce poor married people, in consequence of the great expense of a suit in Doctors...
248. lappuse - If the law supposes that,' said Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, 'the law is a ass — a idiot. If that's the eye of the law, the law is a bachelor; and the worst I wish the law is, that his eye may be opened by experience — by experience.
8. lappuse - For more !" said Mr. Limbkins. " Compose yourself, Bumble, and answer me distinctly. Do I understand that he asked for more, after he had eaten the supper allotted by the dietary ?" " He did, sir," replied Bumble. " That boy will be hung," said the gentleman in the white waistcoat.
23. lappuse - said the man : bursting into tears, and sinking on his knees at the feet of the dead woman ; " kneel down, kneel down — kneel round her, every one of you, and mark my words ! I say she was starved to death. I never knew how had she was, till the fever came upon her ; and then her bones were starting through the skin. There was neither fire nor candle ; she died in the dark — in the dark ! She couldn't even see her children's faces, though we heard her gasping out their names.
43. lappuse - ... Stop thief! Stop thief!" The cry is taken up by a hundred voices, and the crowd accumulate at every turning. Away they fly: splashing through the mud, and rattling along the pavements: up go the windows, out run the people, onward bear the mob, a whole audience desert Punch in the very thickest of the plot, and, joining the rushing throng, swell the shout, and lend fresh vigour to the cry, "Stop thief! Stop thief!
229. lappuse - He could trace its shadow in the gloom, supply the smallest item of the outline, and note how stiff and solemn it seemed to stalk along. He could hear its garments rustling in the leaves, and every breath of wind came laden with that last low cry. If he stopped, it did the same ; if he ran, it followed — not running — too ; that would have been a relief, but like a corpse endowed with the mere machinery of life, and borne on one slow, melancholy wind that never rose or fell.
45. lappuse - Mr. Fang was a lean, long-backed, stiff-necked, middlesized man, with no great quantity of hair, and what he had, growing on the back and sides of his head. His face was stern, and much flushed. If he were really not in the habit of drinking rather more than was exactly good for him, he might have brought an action against his countenance for libel, and have recovered heavy damages.

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