The Late Great Planet Earth

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Zondervan, 2016. gada 11. okt. - 192 lappuses

The impact of The Late Great Planet Earth cannot be overstated. The New York Times called it the "no. 1 non-fiction bestseller of the decade." For Christians and non-Christians of the 1970s, Hal Lindsey's blockbuster served as a wake-up call on events soon to come and events already unfolding -- all leading up to the greatest event of all: the return of Jesus Christ. The years since have confirmed Lindsey's insights into what biblical prophecy says about the times we live in. Whether you're a church-going believer or someone who wouldn't darken the door of a Christian institution, the Bible has much to tell you about the imminent future of this planet. In the midst of an out-of-control generation, it reveals a grand design that's unfolding exactly according to plan. The rebirth of Israel. The threat of war in the Middle East. An increase in natural catastrophes. The revival of Satanism and witchcraft. These and other signs, foreseen by prophets from Moses to Jesus, portend the coming of an antichrist . . . of a war which will bring humanity to the brink of destruction . . . and of incredible deliverance for a desperate, dying planet.


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LibraryThing Review

Lietotāja recenzija  - scottcholstad - LibraryThing

Utter trash! I still can't believe how this POS swept over America during the 1970s, resulting in millions, I'm sure, for Lindsey, that asshole, as well as a horrible POS wildly fantastic ... Lasīt pilnu pārskatu

Read this over forty years ago and bought it again

Lietotāja recenzija  - Lynne1J1.31 Y. -

I read this book in the 1970s and could not put it down. So enlightening. Decided to read it again and purchased it for several friends. We have had discussions at our weekly book club meetings. Every chapter is a mind opening event for our group. Still an absolutely great read. Lasīt pilnu pārskatu


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Hal Lindsay is the author of numerous fiction and non-fiction books, including Blood Moon and Apocalypse Code.

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