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MARIANNE MELE HALL was born in N.Y., N.Y., and raised in suburban New Jersey. She received her J.D. degree from Rutger's School of Law, Newark, in 1978. She is admitted to practice in New Jersey, District of Columbia, U.S. Claims Court and U.S. Supreme Court.

Mrs. Hall studied copyright at Rutgers Law School and served as a summer intern on the General Counsel's Staff, Copyright Office, during the implementation of the 1976 Revision in 1977. Among other projects, she assisted in the compilation of a 20 year legislative history on the 1976 Act.

Mrs. Hall has taught law at several local schools including Northern Virginia Law School since 1978, Antioch School of Law, and the University of D.C. She has taught Copyright Law as well as Commercial Law, Contracts, Federal Procurement Law, Conflicts of Law, Wills and Trusts and Law in the Business Environment. In addition she has maintained a limited corporate practice.

Formerly, Mrs. Hall was employed by Eastern Airlines, Riggs National Bank, NS&T Bank, High Frontier, Inc., and ISS Energy Systems, A/s.

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She is co-author and/or consultant to four books fields of politics, economics and national defense.

Mrs. Hall is married to Dennis B. Hall, M.D. in Falls Church, VA with their daughter, Rose Anne.

They reside



EDWARD W. RAY was born in Franklin, North Carolina and has lived in Los Angeles, California for most of his life. He ceived an AA degree in business administration from Los Angeles City College and a bachelor of professional studies (major in commercial music and media communications) from Memphis State University. He completed advanced real estate studies in appraisals, marketing, finance and taxation from UCLA and Los Angeles City College.

He has had a long successful professional career sic/entertainment executive in Hollywood, California and Memphis, Tennessee. During his

he served

vice president of Capitol Records, Inc., MGM Records, Inc., Pierre Cassette/Burt Sugarman Television Production Company and was president of Eddie Ray Music Enterprises.






He has been involved in the development of successful recording careers for many artists including Pats Domino, Rick Nelson, The Osmonds, Sammy Davis, Jr., Mel Tillis and Kenny Rogers.

As a division of Eddie Ray Music Enterprises, he founded and operated a commercial music school, The Tennessee College for Recording Arts.

He was appointed by President Ronald W. Reagan as a commissioner of the Copyright Royalty Tribunal in 1982 and served chairman from December 1, 1982 to December 1, 1983.





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Mario F. Aguero was born in Cuba. He States in 1960 and resides in New York, New York.

Mr. Aguero has had a successful career in the entertainment field as a producer in television, motion pictures, stage shows, concerts, etc. He was founder and president of the organization A.R.T.E. (Artists in Radio Television and Spectacles). Mr. Aguero is also a strong businessman and entrepreneur. He has served the president-owner of Caribe Artists Corporation, Havana East Restaurant Corporation, Mario Aguero Productions Inc., and Amalia Realty Corporation; as well as, vice-president owner of Enterprises Latinos L.T.D. and Mariomar Inc.





Mr. Aguero has had a successful political career paign organizer. He specializes in fundraiser activities and Spanish campaign medias.


Mr. Aguero was nominated by President Ronald Reagan as Commissioner of the Copyright Royalty Tribunal for term of seven years from September 1984.


He is married to Lilia Lazo, an have one son, Mario Alexander.

actress and a painter. They




FY 85

FY 86 Request

11.1 Salaries & Compensation $512,000 12.1 Personnel Benefits

52,000 21 Travel & Transportation

500 23A Postage

1,000 23B Local Telephone

2,500 23C Long Distance Telephone

1,500 23E Rental of Equipment

400 23F Rental of Space

73,000 24F Printing, Forms

20,000 25D Services of Other Agencies 20,000 25G Maintenance & Equipment Repair 2,400 25K Cost of Hearings

34,000 26A Office Supplies

1,500 31 Books & Library Materials

1,200 31H Equipment


$524, 200 71,500 2,000 1,000 3,500 1,500

400 73,000 18,000 20,000

3,100 32,500 2,000 2,000 3,600

Total Funds Requested

$722,000 Rounding Total Royalty Transfer

$505,000 Total regular bill appropriation $217,000


(300) 531,000 $ 227,000

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Nota- Bene: The percentage figures applied to the respective distributions will diminish as the fund continues to grow.

Values are approximate as per the date on the column heading, except where parenthetical dates appear below a value. In those cases the value is approximate as per the parenthetical date, which date represents the maturity date for liquidation of the securities.




ROBERT CASSLER was born in Queens, New York. He was graduated from Brandeis University in 1972 where he majored in history. He received his J.D. degree from Georgetown University Law Center in 1975. He is a member of the Bar of the State of New York and the District of Columbia.

Mr. Cassler studied copyright law at Georgetown University Law Center with Dorothy Schrader, General Counsel of the U. S. Copyright Office. In 1975, he was awarded first Prize for Georgetown University Law Center in the Nathan Burkan Memorial Copyright Writing Competition sponsored by ASCAP for a paper he wrote on copyright law.


After a year in private practice in New York, Mr. Cassler joined government service with the Federal Communications Commission. His first assignment at the FCC was conducting rulemaking proceedings in the Private Radio Bureau. In 1979, he transferred to the Mass Media Bureau where he

to the level of supervisory attorney in the AM Branch. In 1983, he joined the support staff in the Office of the Administrative Law Judges which was created especially

to assist the judges in determining which communications companies would receive cellular radio licenses in the top 30 markets of the country.

Mr. Cassler enjoys theater, and has written a full-length historical drama which received a production from the Unitarian Universalist Chapter of Manassas, Virginia. He also contributesoriginal songs and sketches each year to the musical revue produced by the Young Lawyers' Section of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia.

Mr. Cassler joined the Copyright Royalty Tribunal as General Counsel March 4, 1985.

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