Prisoners of War/missing in Action: Oversight : Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Asian and Pacific Affairs of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, Ninety-seventh Congress, First Session, 1. daļa

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25. lappuse - I would also like to clarify the means at our disposal to verify each of these reports that I claim to have checked as much as possible. When you are dealing with a totally uncooperative government or governments, our ability to check is very, very circumscribed. Mr. SOLARZ. We will go into that in closed session. But your testimony is that in your judgment the weight of the evidence indicates that there are Americans still alive and being held against their will in Indochina. General TIGHE. Yes,...
5. lappuse - Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I welcome this opportunity to appear before the committee.
12. lappuse - Chairman and members of the subcommittee, I, too, appreciate the opportunity to appear before you.
25. lappuse - ... trip to Indochina in January was that while there are a lot of reports, whenever they could be tracked down they turned out to be unfounded and the chances are that probably nobody was still alive there. But you feel otherwise, and I would like to know what leads you to that conclusion. General TIGHE. I would like to defer that to the closed session. But I would suggest that this is a very fast-moving train of evidence. I would also like to clarify the means at our disposal to verify each of...
5. lappuse - I welcome this opportunity to testify before the House Foreign Affairs Committee and its European Subcommittee on proposals made by Members of the Congress and distinguished Members of this committee for a reduction in the level of American forces in western Europe. I very much appreciate Chairman (Thomas E.
10. lappuse - We will get back as soon as we can. [Whereupon, a short recess was taken.] Mr.
8. lappuse - The exact figure is 2,497, and the status of all but 12 of these Americans has been changed by the military services to that of presumed dead.
10. lappuse - Defense clarify the programing responsibilities of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the military departments.
19. lappuse - Chairman of the Task Force on American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia, and the Members of the task force.
5. lappuse - MIA's, and all reports suggesting the presence of American prisoners in Vietnam and Laos are carefully checked. None of these reports has yet been substantiated, but all reports, from refugee and other sources, are given serious, highpriority...

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