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Over the past months, the Administration has been engaged in

a comprehensive review of the many statutes which regulate the

nation's economic activity.

As part of this effort, the Antitrust

Division of the Department of Justice undertook the task of evaluating

the effects of the Robinson-Patman Act, a 1936 amendment to the Clayton

Act dealing with price discrimination in the sale of commodities in

interstate commerce.

The initial product of the Division's effort was

the release, in the summer of 1975, of a White Paper and two draft

statutes which discussed the repeal or reform of Robinson-Patman.

In response to the ensuing debate, the Department commenced an

in-depth analysis of Robinson-Patman.

At the same time the Domestic

Council Review Group on Regulatory Reform decided to hold hearings on

the operation of Robinson-Patman for the purpose of learning whether

the Act should be retained, modified, or repealed.

Over 20 persons testi

fied at these hearings which took place on December 8, 9, and 10, 1975.

Witnesses included members of the academic community, practicing attorneys,

representatives of small business groups, businessmen, and present and

former government officials.

Upon the conclusion of these hearings, Antitrust Division staff mem

bers began the preparation of this Report,

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