Handbook of Research on Wireless Security

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Yan Zhang, Jun Zheng, Miao Ma
Idea Group Inc (IGI), 2008. gada 1. janv. - 860 lappuses
"This book combines research from esteemed experts on security issues in various wireless communications, recent advances in wireless security, the wireless security model, and future directions in wireless security. As an innovative reference source forstudents, educators, faculty members, researchers, engineers in the field of wireless security, it will make an invaluable addition to any library collection"--Provided by publisher.

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Security Fundamentals
Malicious Software in Mobile Devices
Secure Service Discovery
Security of Mobile Code
Identity Management
Wireless Wardriving
Security in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Security in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Privacy and Anonymity in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Secure Routing with Reputation in MANET
Trust Management and ContextDriven Access Control
A Survey of Key Management in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Security Measures for Mobile AdHoc Networks MANETs
A Novel Secure Video Surveillance System Over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Intrusion and Anomaly Detection in Wireless Networks
PeertoPeer P2P Network Security Firewall Issues
Identity Management for Wireless Service Access
PrivacyEnhancing Technique A Survey and Classification
Vulnerability Analysis and Defenses in Wireless Networks
Key Distribution and Management for Mobile Applications
Architecture and Protocols for Authentication Authorization and Accounting in the Future Wireless Communications Networks
Authentication Authorisation and Access Control in Mobile Systems
Trustworthy Networks Authentication Privacy and Security Models
The Provably Secure Formal Methods for Authentication and Key Agreement Protocols
Multimedia Encryption and Watermarking in Wireless Environment
SystemonChip Design of the Whirlpool Hash Function
Security in 3GB3G4G
Security in 4G
Security Architectures for B3G Mobile Networks
Security in UMTS 3G Mobile Networks
Access Security in UMTS and IMS
Security in 25G Mobile Systems
Chapter XXIII EndtoEnd Security Comparisons Between IEEE 80216e and 3G Technologies
Generic Application Security in Current and Future Networks
Authentication Authorization and Accounting AAA Framework in Network Mobility NEMO Environments
Cutting the Gordian Knot Intrusion Detection Systems in Ad Hoc Networks
Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
Security and Privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks Challenges and Solutions
Routing Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
Localization Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
Resilience Against False Data Injection Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks
Survivability of Sensors with Key and Trust Management
Security in Wireless PANLAN MAN Networks
Evaluating Security Mechanisms in Different Protocol Layers for Bluetooth Connections
Bluetooth Devices Effect on Radiated EMS of Vehicle Wiring
Security in WLAN
Access Control in Wireless Local Area Networks Fast Authentication Schemes
Security and Privacy in RFID Based Wireless Networks
Security and Privacy Approaches for Wireless Local and Metropolitan Area Networks LANs MANs
EndtoEnd E2E Security Approach in WiMAX A Security Technical Overview for Corporate Multimedia Applications
Evaluation of Security Architectures for Mobile Broadband Access
Extensible Authentication EAP Protocol Integrations in the Next Generation Cellular Networks
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