Internet and Online Law

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Law Journal Press, 2022. gada 28. maijs - 1106 lappuses
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"A valuable practitioner's guide to of the Internet. It portrays the law as it is, a still evolving system in all it's complexity and contradiction."
--Esther Dyson, President and EDventure Holding's Former Chair; ICANN Board and
Former Chair; and Board Member Emeritus, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Internet and Online Law, a comprehensive and authoritative work, offers conceptual legal analysis, historical context, and clear, lively explanation. The oldest continuously published treatise on Internet law, this book includes in-depth coverage of many areas not found in other works.

Internet and Online Law provides insightful analysis of: contracting (ranging from changing concepts of the statute of frauds to the enforceability of terms and conditions stated only as a URL in hard-copy contracts); defamation and reputation management; online crimes and abusive practices; obscenity, child pornography and other sex-related issues; social networking (including First Amendment issues, workplace policies, student rights, and advertising practices); privacy, data protection and related issues (including federal and state statutes, consumer privacy, anonymity, legal aspects of blogging and online journalism, and state data breach laws); copyright and trademark law (including comprehensive explanation of the online aspects of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Communications Decency Act as applied to both online service providers and Internet users); eCommerce (including everything from Tesla sales, to gambling, to FTC consumer protection, to securities law, to a detailed analysis of virtual currency); online legal ethics; Internet jurisdiction (domestic and foreign, inbound and outbound); estate planning involving digital and online assets; and the increasingly important area of International online law.

Book ɽ looseleaf, one volume, 946 pages; published in 1996, updated as needed; no additional charge for updates during your subscription. Looseleaf print subscribers receive supplements. The online edition is updated automatically. ISBN: 978-1-58852-074-6.

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b What Are Contemporary Community
C Publishers Liability
the Internet 796
3 The Statute of Frauds 110 6

Uploading Subscribers and Content
a Publication and Republishers

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Par autoru (2022)

Kent D. Stuckey

Kent D. Stuckey is CEO and Board Chairman of Internet Transaction Solutions, Inc. and also acts as a consultant on electronic commerce and Internet legal matters. He served as General Counsel and Secretary of CompuServe Incorporated from 1987 through 1995. Mr. Stuckey managed landmark cases applicable to online and Internet service, including Cubby v. CompuServe, Frank Music v. CompuServe, and CompuServe v. Patterson, and has played key roles in the development of online industry standards; self-regulation; practices and policy positions, including copyright, defamation, privacy, obscenity and indecency; and regulatory matters. In 1995 he saw the need for a legal treatise covering the law of the Internet, and was instrumental in creating Internet and Online Law. He defined in detail the scope and structure of this book, drafted various sections, and brought the book together in its original form.

Robert L. Ellis

Robert L. Ellis is a partner at Hennis, Rothstein & Ellis in Columbus, Ohio. He has practiced computer law since 1983 and Internet law since 1994. He served as a member of the Internet Policy Advisory Board (Geneva, 1996) and as chair of the Ohio State Bar Association's Digital Technology Law Committee (2003-2005). He has testified before Congress on information law issues and is a frequent speaker and writer on digital technology law and policy. Mr. Ellis has contributed to this book starting with Release 19, and has since rewritten and updated the entire treatise, adding coverage of topics such as ecommerce, social networking, virtual currency, online legal ethics, and the international aspects of online law.

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