U.S. Policy with Respect to the International Protection of Whales: Hearing and Markup Before the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Its Subcommittee on Human Rights and International Organizations, House of Respresentatives, Ninety-ninth Congress, First Session, on H. Con. Res. 54, May 8, June 19, and September 19, 1985

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202. lappuse - That hereafter it shall be unlawful for any person subject to the jurisdiction of the United States to export or cause to be exported from the United States, or from territory under its control or jurisdiction, or from countries in which the United States exercises extraterritorial jurisdiction, any...
162. lappuse - It is quite apparent that if, in the maintenance of our international relations, embarrassment— perhaps serious embarrassment— is to be avoided and success for our aims achieved, congressional legislation which is to be made effective through negotiation and inquiry within the international field must often accord to the President a degree of discretion and freedom from statutory restriction which would not be admissible were domestic affairs alone involved.
204. lappuse - international fishery conservation program" means any ban, restriction, regulation, or other measure in effect pursuant to a multilateral agreement which is in force with respect to the United States, the purpose of which is to conserve or protect the living resources of the sea. (4) The term "fish products...
204. lappuse - United States", except as otherwise specifically herein provided, when used in a geographical sense, means the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands of the United States.
202. lappuse - Treasury to prohibit the bringing or the importation into the United States of any products from the offending country for any duration as the President determines appropriate and to the extent that such prohibition is sanctioned by the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.
204. lappuse - take" means to harass, harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, trap, capture, or collect, or to attempt to engage in any such conduct.
143. lappuse - We have long recognized that considerable weight should be accorded to an executive department's construction of a statutory scheme it is entrusted to administer...
204. lappuse - The Administration shall be considered a defense agency of the United States for the purpose of chapter 17 of title 35 of the United States Code. (j) As used in this section — (1) the term "person...
166. lappuse - MSY level.1 (3) The above provisions will be kept under review, based upon the best scientific advice, and by 1990 at the latest the Commission will undertake a comprehensive assessment of the effects of these provisions on whale stocks and consider modification.
135. lappuse - When the Secretary of Commerce determines that nationals of a foreign country, directly or indirectly, are conducting fishing operations in a manner or under circumstances which diminish the effectiveness of an international fishery conservation program, the Secretary of Commerce shall certify such fact to the President.

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