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The union label is the symbol of human justice and human freedom, replete with honorable traditions, beautified by self-sacrifice, and brightened by intelligence and heroism. It is full of ideas, as well as information, for those who oppose criminal trusts that stand in the way of the inalienable rights of the union workmen to the pursuit The economic of happiness and progress. and social importance of the eight-hour movement is emphasized by the union label. It is a live factor in the industrial development of the United States. The label affords an opportunity for an education that will in time become world-wide.

The union label, shop card or button stands for glory, the advancement and the solidarity of the sacred cause of organized labor.

Opportunity and You

The new year with its limitless opportunity is here. The value of the opportunity to you depends upon your ability to seize that opportunity. Resolve to make the new year the starting point in your life. Determine to head toward the goal of your ambition every day of this glorious new year. Throw into the jaws of conventionality and prejudiced opinions your own thoughts. Help the world to rise to a higher standard, that humanity may free itself from the fetters of the past; that it may surmount the barriers that have kept us back.

To make the new year a success, you must discard forever your bad habits; obliterate your fear and failure thoughts; dismiss the melancholy moods that cut your strength and efficiency, and the self-pity that weakens and demoralizes; the tendency to take offense, or be hurt by idle words you so often misconstrue; the quick temper that is forever getting you into trouble; the fearful price that you have paid for listening to your doubts and fears that thwarted your ambition, cut down your earning capacity and destroyed your peace of mind and happiness. Do not mar or ruin the vision of your ideals; fretting and worrying devitalizes the mind and body and render them incapable of doing effective work. It is an established, scientific fact that every nerve and brain cell reflects your state of mind at any given time. The billions of cells which compose the body must respond to a corresponding emotion. Not only do discordant thoughts destroy happiness, but they break down the brain cells and render them useless in the solving of the mighty problems which constantly confront you.

The new year is here, presenting to you a golden opportunity, a new chance to retreive the past, to improve upon it if you will. Your harvest depends upon your thinking, for thought is the silent, invisible power that molds your life and shapes your destiny. Before you can take advantage of the priceless opportunity the new year brings, you must embark on a campaign of right thinking; you must discard forever the mask that has hidden from the world the real man in your inner domain. Resolve to be a success this coming year, by discarding forever the thought masks that have held you back, and blinded you to your sublime possibilities; robbed you of strength and deprived you of the unlimited latent power in the great, fathomless within of your being.

Worrying over finances; domestic problems; iealousy, discord in the home, visualizing the follies and failures of the past, filling the mind with self-depreciation have

robbed millions of men and women of splendid opportunities. Eliminate from your mental dynamo anything that will cloud your ambition. Millions of men and women are standing on the threshold of this new year with blasted hopes and shattered ideals; they keep visualizing their past; filling their minds with the very things from which they wish to free themselves. Why should you spend your time and waste your energy bemoaning the past? Save that energy and ability for the new venture that you have determined to carry through to a successful conclusion. By looking over your past you will find that the things about which you worried and fretted; the agonizing anticipation which caused added wrinkles to your brow, sapped your vitality, and drained the elasticity from your step, didn't happen at all, but it had the same effect on you physically and mentally as though it had. No matter what your past has been, there is nothing in it that can keep you from attaining the success that you have longed for, providing that you develop your mental faculties so that you will be able to think right. Arouse yourself to the unlimited possibilities at your command, and build for yourself the success for which you have long been hoping, but against which fear, timidity and self-depreciation were the barriers that dimmed your vision, and kept you from the goal of your ambition.

Determine with all the power at your command that you will be a success today. If you can make a success of today, you can make a success of a thousand of days, because you only live one day at a time. Resolve to use your God-given faculties to the degree that you will stand as a monument to the progress of civilization, and the cause which you so proudly represent. Make each deed far better than the last and you will reap a reward of a life well spent, for no greater satisfaction is attainable by mankind than the knowledge of a service well rendered to humanity. By living up to the best that is in you, you will help to make each succeeding year a milestone in a happy, harmonious life.

This is the crowning glory of achievement that is open to all who have the courage and confidence to trust the sleeping giant within. Arouse this larger man in you; put him to the test, let him help you build your temple beautiful in which dwells peace and power that will endure through the ages. H. NORBERG,

Painters' Hall, Seattle, Wash.

The union label aspires to educate in unity the masses through the unfaltering devotion of its label leagues. It is a power for good to the rising generation, for their interests, their rights, and their liberties go with its tenets. It stands for the wellbeing and progress of all. It aspires to unity and federation. It gives energy and impetus to work, for it is ennobling, full of the highest conceptions of duty.






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Dept. S, 205 W. Monroe Street, Chicago
World's Largest Producers of Gypsum Products

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Entered as second-class matter, LaFayette, Ind., under act of March 3, 1879.
Published monthly, $1.00 per year.

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