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Visual educational work..

The year in the parks.-

Yellowstone National Park, Wyo---

Dry summer burns up range and starts fires_

Drought also affects road conditions -

Travel again increases despite adverse conditions..

Yellowstone Park camps change hands_-

Conspicuous improvements made this year.-

Stores and studios enlarge-

Hospital service established.

Sanitation and camp grounds--

New gateways and snowshoe cabins-

Landscape work carried forward..

Educational work.

Insects kill vast areas of forest_

Wild animals doing well.-

Still no Teton extension of Yellowstone_

Yosemite National Park, Calif_

Administrative center under way-

State fish hatchery assured.

Hikers' camps idea expanded.

Yosemite all-year highway-

Miscellaneous park improvements..

No relief on road situation.-

Need of improved hospital facilities.

Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz-----

Comprehensive plan for future development adopted.

All-year roads for the South Rim.--

A south approach road and the Bright Angel Trail.

New sewage disposal plant needed -

Auto camp grounds more conveniently located..

South Rim lands overgrazed..

United States commissioner for park needed.

Travel increases despite restrictions..

North Rim development too long delayed.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colo----

Nature guide service continues success.

Winter sports developing---

Record fish planting-

Needs of the park_

Some improvement of the Fall River road accomplished..

Road to Bear Lake opens attractive region.--

New administration building creditable addition.-

A year-round utility site purchased..

Additional camp grounds secured..

Mount Rainier National Park, Wash----

First winter season a success.

Nisqually Road finally opened to two-way traffic -

Inadequate campgrounds--

Educational service_.

Road improvements---

Housing problem serious.

Glacier National Park, Mont-

Road development.

Land exchanges_

Forest fișes.

Change in administration..

Crater Lake National Park, Oreg-

Two approach roads practically completed--

Park roads not yet improved --

Insect menace grave problem..

Bears need protection..

Camp-fire activities..


Public utilities.-

Diamond Lake extension.-

[blocks in formation]

Sequoia National Park, Calif.

Saving in sewer system construction..

Travel and general development----

The Generals Highway---

Nature guide service and museum..

Proposed park extension -

Sequoia an all-year park.---

General Grant National Park, Calif.

Mesa Verde National Park, Colo_---

Desperate water situation ----

Roads and trails...

New buildings

The park museum and other gifts---

Archeological work and recent discoveries -

Camp-fire talks

Approach roads_-

Hawaii National Park, Territory of Hawaii.-------

Effective publicity and volcanic displays bring increased attendance-

Future development--

Present roads.

Lafayette National Park, Me_

Park roads approved..

Hot Springs National Park, Ark.--

Government free bathhouse and clinic-

Pay bathhouses---

Miscellaneous improvements---

A central impounding reservoir needed.

Auto travel heavy-

Hot waters to be investigated..

Sanitation and public-health measures.

Mount McKinley National Park, Alaska.

Zion National Park, Utah---

New camp development under way.

Notable road and trail improvements.

Circle trip to be popular---

Låssen Volcanic National Park, Calif.,

Topographic map now being prepared.--

Elimination of private holdings important-

Cattle grazing detrimental.

Increase in travel --

Word of appreciation.-

Wind Cave National Park, S. Dak.

Platt National Park, Okla--

Sullys Hill National Park, N. Dak.

The national monuments.


Bills enacted into law---

Bills introduced but not enacted before the close of the last session.-

Presidential proclamations..

Executive orders


Appendix A.—The national parks and monuments :

The national parks administered by the National Park Service,

Department of the Interior---

The national military, and other parks administered by the War


The national monuments adıninistered by the National Park Serv-

ice, Department of the Interior --

The national monuments administered by the Department of Agri-

culture -

The national monuments administered by the War Department.

Organization of the National Park Service..


Appendix B.--Statistics :

Visitors to the national parks 1908-1924_.

Visitors to some of the national monuments 1919--1924.

Private automobiles entering the national parks during


Automobile and motorcycle licenses issued during the seasons 1920-


Receipts collected from automobiles and motorcycles during sea-

sons 1920–1924

Statement of appropriatons made for and revenues received from

the various national parks and monuments and expenditures made

therefrom during the fiscal years 1917-1924, inclusive; also ap-

propriations for the fiscal year 1925.-

Summary of appropriations for the administration, protection, and

improvement of the national parks and national monuments, to-

gether with the revenues received, for the fiscal years 1917-1925,


National park and monument lands administered by the National

Park Service in relation to the national forest lands, including

national monument lands administered by the Forest Service.--

National park and monument lands administered by the National

Park Service in relation to the States and Territories in which

they are located..

National park and nionument lands administered by the National

Park Service in relation to the public lands---

Appendix C.-Reports of the officers in charge of the national parks and

monuments :

Index to individual reports,

Hot Springs National Park.

Yellowstone National Park.

Yosemite National Park..

Sequoia National Park.--

General Grant National Park.

Mount Rainier National Park.

Crater Lake National Park..

Platt National l'ark..

Wind Cave National Park.

Sullys Hill National Park.

Mesa Verde National Park.

Glacier National Park.--

Rocky Mountain National Park..

Hawaii National Park.-.

Mount McKinley National Park...

Grand Canyon National Park.

Lafayette National Park..

Zion National Park.---

Superintendent of Southwestern Monuments.

Muir Woods National Monument-

Pinnacles National Monument -

Report of the civil engineering division---

Report of the landscape engineering division..

Report of the sanitary engineer, United States Public Health Service-

Appendix D.--Legislation:

Legislation affecting the national parks enacted by Congress since

date of the seventh annual report--..

Presidential proclamations relating to the national monuments is-

sued since date of the seventh annual report--

Executive orders relating to national parks and national monuments

issued since date of the seventh annual report--

Appendix E.-Miscellaneous:

An act to establish a National Park Service and for other purposes.-

An act for the preservation of American antiquities.








I. Hawaii National Park.

A. Spectacular eruption of Kilauea volcano, May, 1924.
B. Bombarded area 2,000 feet from rim of crater, Kilauea

II. Yellowstone National Park.--.

A. West Yellowstone gateway and ranger station built by

park rangers, May, 1924.

B. The new Sylvan Pass lodge on the Cody Road. III. Yellowstone National Park.-.

A. Party of students from the summer school of the Utah

Agriculture College at the Fire Lookout on Mount

B. Deer at Mammoth Hot Springs where a small zoo is being

started for inspection of visitors who fail to see the wild

animals along the park roads. IV. Glacier National Park_

A. Deer feeding at park headquarters at Belton.
B. Upper Kintla Lake and Mount Gardner accessible by the

new Browns Pass-Kintla Trail. V. Rocky Mountain National Park.--

A. Administration building completed and occupied October 5,


B. The Aspenglen public camp ground.
VI. Yosemite National Park

A. Nature guide party on the trail to Yosemite Falls.
B. Prize-winning display of bead and basket work exhibited

during Indian field days August 1 and 2, 1924.
C. The administration building, forming one of the principal

units of the new Yosemite village dedicated November 16,

VII. Yosemite National Park

Glacier Point Lookout.
Mount Rainier National Park -

Paradise Inn buried under 50 feet of snow. Winter sports.
VIII. Craters of the Moon National Monument -

Carlsbad Cave National Monument.







1. Map of western portion of the United States, showing relation of the

unalienated national park and mounment lands, the vacant public
lands, and the unalienated national forest lands to the several



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