Business Valuation Body of Knowledge: Exam Review and Professional Reference

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John Wiley & Sons, 2004. gada 15. marts - 384 lappuses
  • Written by Shannon Pratt, one of the leading gurus in the business valuation field.
  • Case study approach includes problems, solutions, and over 100-multiple-choice test questions.
  • A reference and review of the core body of knowledge for those who need a grasp on business valuation even though they might not be seeking a professional designation.

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Part II Terminology and Notation
Part III Valuation Approaches and Methods
Part IV Analysis of the Company
Part V Supporting Data
Part VI Sample Case
Part VII Valuations for Specific Purposes
SelfStudy CPE Examination

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Par autoru (2004)

Shannon P. Pratt, CFA, FASA, MCBA, CM&AA, is the Chairman and CEO of Shannon Pratt Valuations, Inc. a premier business valuation firm located in Portland Oregon, and is the founder and Editor Emeritus of Business Valuation Resources, LLC. Over a distinguished career of close to four decades, he has performed valuation engagements for M&A, ESOPs, gift and estate taxation, marital dissolution, shareholder oppression and dissent, and numerous other purposes. He has conducted numerous fairness and solvency opinions, has testified in a wide variety of federal and state courts across the country, and frequently participates in arbitration and mediation proceedings. Dr. Pratt is one of the most successful and respected authors in his field. He is the author or coauthor of several industry standards, including Valuing a Business: The Analysis and Appraisal of Closely Held Companies, Valuing Small Businesses and Professional Practices, The Market Approach to Valuing Businesses, Standards of Value, Business Valuation and Taxes, The Lawyer's Business Valuation Handbook, and Cost of Capital.

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