U.S. Air Services, 3-4. sējumi

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Air Service Publishing Company, 1919

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33. lappuse - None. 4. That the two paragraphs next above, giving the names of the owners, stockholders, and security holders, if any, contain not only the list of stockholders and security holders as they appear upon the books of the company but also, in cases where the stockholder or security holder appears upon the books of the company as...
33. lappuse - Managers none. 2. That the owners are: (Give names and addresses of individual owners, or, if a corporation, give its name and the names and addresses of stockholders owning or holding 1 per cent or more of the total amount of stock.) The National Historical Society.
29. lappuse - DRAMA, and that the following is, to the best of his knowledge and belief, a true statement of the ownership, management (and if a daily paper, the circulation), etc., of the aforesaid publication for the date shown in the above caption, required by the Act...
14. lappuse - The powers thus granted are not confined to the instrumentalities of commerce, or the postal service known or in use when the Constitution was adopted, but they keep pace with the progress of the country and adapt themselves to the new developments of time and circumstances.
14. lappuse - They extend from the horse with its rider to the stage coach, from the sailing vessel to the steamboat, from the coach and the steamboat to the railroad, and from the railroad to the telegraph, as these new agencies are successively brought into use to meet the demands of increasing population and wealth. They were intended for the government of the business to which they relate, at all times and under all circumstances.
23. lappuse - So, replied the mechanist, fishes have the water, in which yet beasts can swim by nature, and men by art. He that can swim needs not despair to fly : to swim is to fly in a grosser fluid, and to fly is to swim in a subtler. We are only to proportion our power of resistance to the different density of matter through which we are to pass.
7. lappuse - Government to provide for the regulation of air navigation; otherwise independent and conflicting legislation will be enacted by the various States which will hamper the development of aviation. The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, in a special report on this subject, has recommended the establishment of a bureau of aeronautics in the Department of Commerce for the Federal regulation of air navigation, which recommendation ought to have legislative approval.
14. lappuse - State flown over applies only in case the crime or misdemeanour is committed against a national of such State and is followed by a landing during the same journey upon its territory. The State flown over has jurisdiction: — (1) With regard to every breach of its laws for the public safety and its military and fiscal laws; ( 2 ) In case of a breach of its regulations concerning air navigation.
9. lappuse - The contracting States recognize that every State has complete and exclusive sovereignty over the airspace above its territory. Article 2 Territory For the purposes of this Convention the territory of a State shall be deemed to be the land areas and territorial waters adjacent thereto under the sovereignty, suzerainty, protection or mandate of such State.
20. lappuse - Provided, That not to exceed 10 per centum of the officers in each grade below that of brigadier general who fail to qualify as aircraft pilots or as observers within one year after the date of detail or assignment shall be permitted to remain detailed or assigned to the Air Serice . Flying units shall in all cases be commanded by flying officers.

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