European Union Law After Maastricht:Practical Guide for Lawyers Outside the Common Market

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Ralph Folsom, Ralph B. Lake, Ved P. Nanda
Springer Netherlands, 1996. gada 27. jūn. - 745 lappuses
The emergence of Europe as a unified trading block has profound implications for those who do business with European countries. European Union Law is written for lawyers and business professionals who require information about the changes that are taking place as a result of the unification process in the member states of the European Union. Unlike other materials on Europe, this book is written primarily for lawyers outside the EU.

The book serves three important functions:

  • It provides a comprehensive introduction to European law, law-making institutions and dispute settlement mechanism
  • It presents European legal regimes for the general areas which are relevant to foreign lawyers, including corporate law, environmental regulation, securities regulation, antitrust law, mergers and acquisitions, licensing, product liability, and dumping
  • It examines the European regulations of some important specific industries such as broadcasting and telecommunications.

The editors and authors of this work are among the most prominent academic and professional authorities in the area of European Law. This book is the single most useful reference tool for those in need of current European Union information.

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Par autoru (1996)

Ralph H. Folsom is Professor of Law at the University of San Diego Law School.

Ved P. Nanda is Thompson G. Marsh Professor of Law and Director of the International Legal STudies Program, University of Denver College of Law.

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