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142. lappuse - Speaker without regard to political affiliation and solely on the basis of fitness to perform the duties of the position.
567. lappuse - Government publication" as used in this Act and the amendments made by it means informational matter which is published as an individual document at Government expense, or as required by law.
773. lappuse - I will be pleased to respond In detail to questions regarding any of the specific items that you wish to pursue. The justifications have been prepared, Mr. Chairman, to include all items pertaining to the "Architect of the Capitol,* including House items, Senate items, Joint items, and the Botanic Garden.
575. lappuse - The price at which additional copies of Government publications are offered for sale to the public by the Superintendent of Documents shall be based on the cost as determined by the Public Printer plus 50 percent.
985. lappuse - Congressional committees to show how those legislative proposals would affect spending or revenues over the next five years. For most tax legislation, CBO uses estimates provided by the Joint Committee on Taxation, a separate analytic group that works closely with the two tax-writing committees. CBO also prepares cost estimates for use in drafting bills (especially in the early stages), formulating floor amendments, and working out the final form of legislation in conference committees. To the extent...
779. lappuse - I have noted that proper cyclical maintenance is a critical investment in the Capitol Complex, and I have thanked the Committee for recognizing these needs and appropriating monies for these necessary repairs over the years. Funds expended for that purpose are more than repaid through extending the life of buildings and thus avoiding the higher costs of new construction or the larger expenditures associated with major replacement programs.
566. lappuse - Office; but the Public Printer, with the approval of the Joint Committee on Printing, may abolish any of these excepted offices whenever in their judgment the economy of the public service would be thereby advanced.
728. lappuse - As a general rule for such large samples, if the difference between the expected value and the observed number is greater than two or three standard deviations, then the hypothesis that the jury drawing was random would be suspect to a social scientist.
985. lappuse - CBO's cost estimates have become an integral part of the legislative process, and committees increasingly refer to them at every stage of bill drafting. The estimates may also have an impact on the final outcome of legislation because they are used to determine whether committees are complying with the annual budget resolutions and reconciliation instructions.
551. lappuse - George P. Shultz Director Office of Management and Budget Executive Office of the President Washington, DC 20503 Honorable Herbert Stein Chairman Council of Economic Advisers Washington, DC 20506 PRODUCTIVITY OF MAJOR COMPETITORS Secretary PETERSON.

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