The Writer, 28. sējums

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The Writer, 1916
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126. lappuse - “The Merchant of Venice,” where Lorenzo says :— How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank! Here will we sit, and let the sounds of music Creep in our ears; soft stillness and the night Become the touches of sweet harmony. In the
127. lappuse - races come to worship and look back, compared with the glory of America, where all races and nations come to labor and look forward ! (He raises his hands in benediction over the shining city.) Peace, peace, to all ye unborn millions, fated to fill this giant continent — the God of our children
24. lappuse - He says : — I can have little doubt but that my writing has been, in the main, too hard for many I should have been pleased to communicate with ; but I never designedly tried to puzzle people, as some of my critics have supposed. On the other hand, I never pretended to offer such literature as should
159. lappuse - prize of $1,000 for the original American play, performed in New York, which shall best represent the educational value and power of the stage in raising the standard of good morals, good taste and good manners.
128. lappuse - in serving the Lord he is uncommonly diligent in sowing discord among his friends and acquaintances he takes no pride in laboring to promote the cause of Christianity he has not been negligent in endeavoring to stigmatize all public teachers he makes no exertions to subdue his evil passions he
42. lappuse - The Journalist's Creed. — I believe in the profession of journalism. I believe that the public journal is a ‘public trust ; that all connected with it are, to the full measure of their responsibility, trustees for the public ; that acceptance of
127. lappuse - listen! Can't you hear the roaring and the bubbling? There gapes her mouth (He points east) — the harbor where a thousand mammoth feeders come from the ends of the world to pour in their human freight. Ah, what a stirring and a seething! Cdt and Latin, Slav and Teuton, Greek and Syrian, — black and yellow
128. lappuse - ‘The world's charity does not err on the side of excess, and here was a man occupying the most conspicuous station in the world, and professing the highest possible standard of conduct yet the world was obliged to declare that he walked worthily of his profession.'”
96. lappuse - Still sits the schoolhouse by the road, A ragged beggar sunning Around it still the sumachs grow And blackberry vines are running.”
128. lappuse - “When that hour came to me among the pines, I wakened thirsty. My tin was standing by me half full of water. I emptied it at a draught and feeling broad awake after this internal cold aspersion, sat upright to make a cigarette. The stars were clear, colored, and jewel'like, but not frosty. A faint silvery vapor stood for the Milky Way. All around me the black

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