The Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1992
The Code of Federal Regulations is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government.

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94. lappuse - The responsibility for the human subject must always rest with a medically qualified person and never rest on the subject of the research, even though the subject has given his or her consent.
135. lappuse - As used in this subsection and subsection (e), the term "substantial evidence" means evidence consisting of adequate and well-controlled investigations, including clinical investigations, by experts qualified by scientific training and experience to evaluate the effectiveness of the drug involved, on the basis of which it could fairly and responsibly be, concluded by such experts that the drug will have the effect it purports or is represented to have under the conditions of use prescribed, recommended,...
95. lappuse - The refusal of the patient to participate in a study must never interfere with the physician-patient relationship. 5. If the physician considers it essential not to obtain informed consent, the specific reasons for this proposal should be stated in the experimental protocol for transmission to the independent committee (I, 2). 6. The physician can combine medical research with professional care, the objective being the acquisition of new medical knowledge, only to the extent that medical research...
125. lappuse - Secretary when the application was approved, shows that such drug is not shown to be safe for use under the conditions of use upon the basis of which the application was approved...
125. lappuse - ... drug are inadequate to assure and preserve its identity, strength, quality, and purity and were not made adequate within a reasonable time after receipt of written notice from the...
286. lappuse - ... of the act if shipped or sold to, or in the possession of, persons regularly and lawfully engaged in instruction in pharmacy, chemistry, or medicine not involving clinical use; or in law enforcement; or in research not involving clinical use; or in chemical analysis or physical testing, provided they are to be used only for such instruction, law enforcement, research, analysis, or testing, and provided further that their labels bear the statement "Not for drug use.
95. lappuse - In any medical study, every patient — including those of a control group, if any — should be assured of the best proven diagnostic and therapeutic method.
234. lappuse - If offered for use in arthritis or rheumatism, in juxtaposition therewith, the statement: Caution— If pain persists for more than 10 days, or redness is present, or in conditions affecting children under 12 years of age, consult a physician immediately.
94. lappuse - Because it is essential that the results of laboratory experiments be applied to human beings to further scientific knowledge and to help suffering humanity...
134. lappuse - A person who requests a hearing may not rely upon allegations or denials but is required to set forth specific facts showing that there is a genuine and substantial issue of fact that requires a hearing with respect to a particular drug product specified in the request for hearing. (i) Where a specific notice of opportunity for hearing (as defined in paragraph (b)(l) of this section) is used, the Commissioner will enter summary judgment against a person who requests a hearing, making findings and...

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