Quality, Reliability and Maintenance 2004

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G. J. McNulty
John Wiley & Sons, 2004. gada 21. maijs - 336 lappuses
The papers included in this volume were presented at the 5th international conference on Quality, Reliability and
Maintenance which took place at the University of Oxford in April 2004. They highlight the importance of the QRM disciplines and represent the latest developments, trends and progress, and are essential reference material for all reasearch academics, quality planners, maintenance executives and personnel who have the responsibility to implement the findings of quality audits and maintenance policy.

Quality, Reliabilty, and Maintenance - be it in industry, commerce, education, or academia - influences and guides every contemporary aspect of our lives. This collection of papers includes topics such as:

  • Quality Analysis
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Maintenance Management
  • Computer Applications
  • Education and Training
  • Research Applications

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Evaluating the cost of poor quality and tolerancecost curves
Some of the properties of particleboard made from Kenaf as quality control
Exploring the quality improvement and employee involvement relationship
Fault simulation by hypothetical stub moving along short transmission line
Water its role in nature for man and technology
A universal law that explains why larger samples are more vulnerable than
The third phase of the rehabilitation project for Suleymaniye District

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Par autoru (2004)

G. J. McNulty is the editor of Quality, Reliability and Maintenance 2004, published by Wiley.

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