An Introduction to Airline Economics

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Greenwood Publishing Group, 2001 - 253 lappuses

The fabric of the airline industry has continued to undergo remarkable changes since the 5th edition of this classic text was published in 1995. The industry has witnessed a series of mergers and a trend toward consolidation into fewer but larger airlines. Route patterns have been reconstructed around hub cities. In contrast to the early 1990s, which saw unprecedented operating deficits, the late 1990s have seen a swing to highly profitable operations, characterized by the forming of alliances among U.S. and foreign airlines. Revised substantially to cover these changes, this book is an excellent introduction to the economics of U.S. airline services, both domestic and international.

A college level text suitable for students without a background in economics, this book is intended for such one-semester courses as Aviation Administration, Air Transportation, and Economics of Air Transportation. Enhancing the book's value, the volume includes self-testing questions for each chapter and an appendix covering the portions of the basic transportation statute--the former Federal Aviation Act--that are pertinent to the text. Focusing exclusively on airlines--and excluding private, military, and other types of flying--this book is the only college text dealing exclusively with the economics of U.S. airlines.


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How Airlines Serve the Public Interest
Government Regulation of Exit
Current Trends in International Airline Service
The Costs of Airline Service
Aircraft Selection as a Determinant of Costs
The Demand for Airline Service
Travel Agencies and Computer Reservations Systems
The Changing Structure of Airline Passenger Fares
International RatesDealings with Foreign Governments
Cargo versus Passenger Characteristics
Air Freight Forwarders
UnitizationContainers and Pallets
Current Problem Areas
Transportation StatuteDigest of Selected Portions

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Par autoru (2001)

WILLIAM E. O'CONNOR is Professor Emeritus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL, where he taught courses in airline economics, air cargo management, government-aviation relations, and transportation principles. He is the author of Economic Regulation of the World's Airlines: A Political Analysis (Praeger, 1971) and of numerous articles.

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