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159. Waive points of order against H.R. 2491.

160. Waive points of order against H.R. 2492.

161. Waive points of order against H.R. 2490.

162. Intelligence Authorization Act, fiscal 1994. 2 pts.

163. Waive points of order against H.R. 2520.

164. Consideration of H.R. 2010.

165. Make supplemental appropriations, fiscal 1993.

166. Waive points of order against conference report to accompany H.R. 2118.
167. Extend nondiscriminatory treatment (most-favored-nation treatment) to prod-
ucts of Peoples Republic of China.

178. Minor Boundary Adjustments and Miscellaneous Park Amendments Act of 1993.

179. Securities and Exchange Commission Authorization Act of 1993.

180. Revise title 49, U.S. Code, Transportation.

181. Colorado Wilderness Act of 1993.

182. Maritime Administration Authorization Act, fiscal 1994.

183. Request President to furnish House of Representatives documents concerning
response of Federal Bureau of Investigation to allegations of criminal
conduct in White House Travel Office.

184. Emergency supplemental appropriations for relief from major widespread flood-
ing in Midwest, fiscal 1993.

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