Universal Copyright Convention and Implementing Legislation: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Foreign Relations and a Subcommittee of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty-third Congress, Second Session, on Executive M, Eighty-third Congress, First Session, the Universal Copyright Convention, and S. 2559, a Bill to Amend Title 17, United States Code, Entitled "Copyrights." April 7 and 8, 1954

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5. lappuse - Any dispute between two or more Contracting States concerning the interpretation or application of this Convention which cannot be settled through negotiation, shall, at the request of one of them, be submitted to arbitration.
92. lappuse - Convention and first published outside its territory and the author of which is not one of its nationals, if from the time of the first publication all the copies of the work published with the authority of the author or other copyright proprietor bear the symbol accompanied by the name of the copyright proprietor and the year of first publication placed in such manner and location as to give reasonable notice of claim of copyright.
8. lappuse - This Protocol shall enter into force on the date of deposit of not less than four instruments of ratification or acceptance or accession.
8. lappuse - ... is a party to an international agreement which provides for reciprocity in the granting of copyright, by the terms of which agreement the United States may, at its pleasure, become a party thereto.
10. lappuse - Copyright," together with the year the copyright was entered, and the name of the party by whom it was taken out ; thus—" Copyright, 18 — , by AB
9. lappuse - ... printed from type set within the limits of the United States, either by hand or by the aid of any kind of typesetting machine, or from plates made within the limits of the United States...
9. lappuse - ... are located in a foreign country and illustrate a scientific work or reproduce a work of art...
95. lappuse - Any fair dealing with any work for the purposes of private study, research, criticism, review, or newspaper summary...
2. lappuse - Published works of nationals of any Contracting State and works first published in that State shall enjoy in each other Contracting State the same protection as that other State accords to works of its nationals first published in its own territory.
3. lappuse - No Contracting State shall be obliged to grant protection to a work for a period longer than that fixed for the class of works to which the work in question belongs, in the case of unpublished works by the law of the Contracting State of which the author is a national, and in the case of published works by the law of the Contracting State in which the work has been first published.

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