Lapas attēli
[blocks in formation]

PNIT √59 1913


In the printing of books the most costly itemthe item that eats up the profits-is that charged to authors' corrections; these corrections are due mainly to ill-prepared manuscripts. The purpose of this book is to point out the manner in which manuscripts should be prepared so as to reduce to a minimum the cost of authors' corrections. It contains, in addition, information bearing directly on the technicalities of typography, and various rules of orthography and punctuation, as well as other aids to the making of books, which it is hoped will prove of value to authors and printers.

One section is devoted especially to suggestions on the submitting of manuscripts for publication and explains the processes through which manuscripts are put. Effort has been made to treat the various sections briefly, so that the information given may be more readily available.

With the permission of the Funk & Wagnalls Company, frequent use of the "Standard Dic



tionary of the English Language" has been made in preparing the following pages.

Thanks are due to Messrs. Doubleday, Page & Company for permission to quote from "A Publisher's Confession."

NEW YORK, September, 1905.

F. H. V.


The first edition of this little book was received so favorably by a discriminating Public that the Publishers felt encouraged to issue a second edition. This, being quickly exhausted, was followed by a third and a fourth until this, the fifth edition, revised, somewhat enlarged, and brought up to date by the addition of data concerning the copyright laws recently adopted by the United States and Great Britain, is presented, with the hope that it may find the same favor as its pred


NEW YORK, December, 1912.

F. H. V.

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