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As for many years previously, the discussions on “Situations in international law” at the Naval War College in 1912 were conducted by Prof. George Grafton Wilson, LL. D., professor of international law at Harvard University, associé de l'Institut de Droit International, and lecturer on international law at the Naval War College.

The situations all deal with points of international law of present general interest, but upon which practice is not well settled and defined.

In these discussions the learning of an international lawyer is brought into contact with the experience of naval officers who look at the subjects under consideration from the practical viewpoint of their own profession in the execution of their duties under the law. The combination gives undoubted weight to the conclusions reached.

In the belief that the solutions and the notes upon them will prove of general interest to naval officers, the War College annually requests their publication as a matter of information for the Navy.

During the past year a general index has been published which covers the work of the Naval War College upon international law for the years 1901–1910, inclusive. As stated in the preface to the General Index, in using these volumes it must be borne in mind that many of the situations discussed in the earlier volumes have been settled by The Hague and other subsequent conventions.

Officers are requested to send to the college statements of international-law situations which promise to be interesting as subjects for future discussion at the War

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