IFP/Los Angeles Independent Filmmaker's Manual

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Taylor & Francis, 2004 - 323 lappuses
Backed by the resources of Independent Feature Project/West, co-authors Nicole Shay LaLoggia and Eden H. Wurmfeld have written the definitive low-budget production manual. Using examples from the Swingers and Kissing Jessica Stein, this comprehensive manual offers the independent filmmaker a single volume reference covering every aspect of making a film: script rights and rewrites, financing, breakdown, scheduling and budgeting, pre-production, production, postproduction, and distribution. A resource guide listing useful references and organizations, as well as a glossary, complete this guide. The companion CD-ROM features interviews with important figures in the independent film industry, including Billy Bob Thornton and Ang Lee. Forms that are illuminated in the text are also included on the CD for ease of use.

The new edition is updated with thorough coverage of digital and HD how to decide which to shoot on, what the financial impact is, and the effect on preproduction. There is also a new chapter on distribution and expanded material on postproduction.

*Learn how to make and distribute your independent film from experienced producers
*Includes a CD-ROM with interviews with leading independent filmmakers such as Billy Bob Thornton and Ang Lee as well as frequently used production forms in reusable template format
*Extensive resource guide of references, organizations, and terms

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Chapter 2 The Script
Chapter 3 Financing
Chapter 4 Breaking Down a Script
Chapter 5 Scheduling
Chapter 6 Budgeting
Chapter 7 Preproduction
Chapter 8 Production
Chapter 9 Postproduction
Chapter 10 Festivals and Distribution
Chapter 11 A Final Word
Resource Guide

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Par autoru (2004)

Eden H. Wurmfeld produced the indie-hit Kissing Jessica Stein and the award-winning documentary Sunset Story, among others. She has worked as an assistant director, production manager and line producer on multiple films, including the 1996 hit movie Swingers. Eden received an alumni award from the UCLA School of TV, Film and Theater and was named one of Variety's 10 Producers to Watch in 2002.
Nicole Shay LaLoggia began her career in development before earning her first producer credit on Swingers, which was picked up for distribution by Miramax in 1996. She has developed, produced, line produced, assistant directed, post-produced, marketed, sold and taught about nearly every aspect of independent filmmaking. LaLoggia is currently a producing professor at the North Carolina School of the Arts.

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