Determination of Undisclosed Financial Interest

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Department of Justice, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, 1979 - 26 lappuses
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6. lappuse - All such records shall be filed or stored in such a way as to be accessible within a reasonable period of time, taking into consideration the nature of the record, and the amount of time expired since the record was made.
6. lappuse - States; and (10) Records prepared or received by a bank in the ordinary course of business, which would be needed to reconstruct a demand deposit account and to trace a check in excess of $100 deposited in such account through its domestic processing system or to supply a description of a deposited check in excess of $100.
6. lappuse - ... recipient of a direct or indirect bribe, for example, will make no record of his receipt of the money, and the person who wrote the check will take pains to see that it is totally destroyed after cancellation. In many instances, payments by check which are not necessarily illegal in and of themselves may constitute the only way that the prosecution can establish the existence of a relationship or pattern of conduct which may be essential to making its case. Finally, the maintenance of check photocopy...
4. lappuse - Regulations on Financial Recordkeeping and Reporting of Currency and Foreign Transactions

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