Proceedings of the United States Senate, on the Fugitive Slave Bill: -- the Abolition of the Slave-trade in Th District of Columbia,--and the Imprisonment of Free Colored Seamen in the Southern Ports: with the Speeches of Messrs. Davis, Winthrop and Others

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Press of T. R. Marvin, 1850 - 68 lappuses

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1. lappuse - The term citizen, as understood in our law, is precisely analogous to the term subject in the common law ; and the change of phrase has entirely resulted from the change of government. The sovereignty has been changed from one man to the collective body of the people, and he who before was a subject of the king is now a citizen of the state :
22. lappuse - ... pay the expenses of his detention; and, in case of his neglect or refusal so to do, he shall be liable to be indicted, and, on conviction thereof, shall be fined in a sum not less than one thousand dollars and imprisoned not less than two months; and such free negroes or persons of color shall be deemed and taken as absolute slaves, and sold in conformity to the provisions of the act passed on the twentieth day of December, one thousand eight hundred and twenty, aforesaid.
1. lappuse - An act declaring who shall be deemed citizens of the commonwealth, and also all children wheresoever born, whose fathers or mothers are or were citizens at the time of the birth of such children, shall be deemed citizens of this commonwealth...

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