Conceiving the Christian College

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Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2004. gada 24. sept. - 283 lappuses
This book is designed to help those who are interested in Christian higher education explore anew the unique features, opportunities, and contemporary challenges of one distinct type of educational institution -- the Christian college.

What distinguishes Conceiving the Christian College from the many other books on this subject is its incisive discussion of a set of crucial ideas widely misunderstood in the world of Christian higher education. Now serving in his eleventh year as president of one of the nation's foremost Christian colleges, Duane Litfin is well placed to ask pressing questions regarding faith-based education. What is unique about Christian colleges? What is required to sustain them? How do they maintain their bearing in the tumultuous intellectual seas of the twenty-first century? Litfin's themes are large, but they are meant to refocus the conceptual challenges to Christian education in ways that will strengthen both the academic environment of today's Christian colleges and their impact on culture at large.

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Two Academic Models CHALLENGE To Understand More Clearly Our Own Identity
The Centerpiece CHALLENGE To See More Fully Whom We Serve
A Centered Education CHALLENGE To Keep the Center at the Center
Its All Gods Truth CHALLENGE To Strengthen the Foundations of Christian Thought
A Balanced Epistemology CHALLENGE To Preserve the Idea of Truth
Integrative Thinking Prolegomena CHALLENGE To Understand the Integrative Mandate
Doing Integration CHALLENGE To Sustain Our Commitment to the Integrative Task
Faith and Learning CHALLENGE To Reinforce Our Commitment to Revealed Truth
The Voluntary Principle CHALLENGE To Reconcile Institutional Commitments with Individual Freedoms
Institutional Breadth CHALLENGE To Appreciate Our Institutional Uniqueness
Our Place in the Academy CHALLENGE To Engender a More Congenial Academic Environment

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Par autoru (2004)

Duane Litfin is serving in his seventeenth year aspresident of Wheaton College in Illinois. He holds anundergraduate degree in biblical studies and a master'sdegree in theology as well as doctorate degrees from PurdueUniversity and Oxford University. He is the author of twoothers books, and his writings have appeared in numerousjournals and periodicals.

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