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In the last few years, a broadening public interest has developed in the preservation and enhancement of the physical environment. This concern and awareness has been reflected in the recent outpouring of books, magazine and newspaper articles, television specials and other pronouncements through the mass media which have raised serious questions about the way our modern technological society has impacted on our land, air, and water resources. The record volume of legislation which has been enacted in the last decade to deal with numerous environmental problems is an indication of the strong congressional response in this important legislative area.

The Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries has a long history of direct involvement in environmental improvement legislation. Increasing committee activities during the last few years has made clear the need for a comprehensive compilation of both early and recently enacted legislation. The Congressional Research Service has compiled the significant laws related to fish and wildlife, oceanography, and environmental quality. These three areas were chosen for the project because of their impact on the total quality of our environment and because they represent areas of interest and concern to the committee.

This compilation was not prepared simply as a chronological collection of enactments. Rather, it attempts to provide the reader with all laws in force at one particular point in time and it has been organized by major subject areas.

This compilation is presented in two sections: one contains the laws dealing with wildlife conservation, fisheries, and oceanography; the other contains the laws dealing with selected aspects of environmental quality.

The methodology used in the compilation is as follows: Relevant sections of the United States Code were extracted and placed under various subject headings within citations corresponding to the 1970 edition of the code. The compilation is complete through the end of the 91st Congress.

For the convenience of the reader, the table of contents has been broken into three groupings: (1) popular name, (2) general index by subject, and (3) a statutory reference guide. The reader is also advised to consult both the 1970 edition of the code and available supplements for detailed research purposes since minor editorial deletions have been made in preparing this compilation to facilitate subject continuity, brevity and clarity.


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Food for Peace Act of 1966_

Fryingpan-Arkansas project, Colorado-

Fur Seal Act of 1966_.

Garrison diversion unit, Missouri River Basin project, North Dakota-South Da-

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