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OF JUNE 30, 1900, AND OF MARCH 4, 1909








No. 2




HE Catalogue of Copyright Entries is published in four parts. Part 1,

Group 2, issued monthly, contains mainly titles of pamphlets, leaflets, and literary contributions to periodicals, and all other productions registered under the legal designation "book” not found in Group 1 (issued several times a week), including also, however, preliminary reports of court decisions, local directories, herd books, and other annuals, etc. The entries are arranged alphabetically by authors, or, if anonymous, by title. An asterisk (*) after the author's name indicates that the author and copyright proprietor are the same. When the author and copyright proprietor are different a separate statement is made at the end of the title, giving the proprietor and his address.

Group 2 also contains, in four separate alphabets, the titles of the entries made in Class “C” Lectures, sermons, addresses, prepared for oral delivery, which are arranged alphabetically by author; Class “D,” Dramatic compositions, arranged alphabetically by title; Class “F,” Maps, arranged alphabetically by the subject word of each title; Class “L,” Motion-picture photoplays; and Class “M,” Motion pictures other than photoplays, arranged alphabetically by title.

Under the act of March 4, 1909, in effect from July 1, 1909, the preliminary entry of titles has been abrogated and registration follows deposit of copies with an application for entry in the Copyright Office.

To save space in the Catalogue, the copyright notice after each title is abbreviated. The abbreviations used in this part are as follows: "A," Class A, Books; "A-Foreign," Foreign books in foreign languages; “C," Class C, Lectures, sermons, addresses, prepared for oral delivery; “D,” Class D, Dramatic compositions; “F,” Class F, Maps; “L,” Class L, Motion-picture photoplays; and “M,” Class M, Motion pictures other than photoplays. “©” implies copyright registration of a published work, followed by date of publication; “© 1 c.” stands for copyright of an unpublished work, followed by date of receipt in the Copyright Office of the printed or manuscript copy; and “2 c.” for two copies, followed by date of their receipt. In the case of contributions to periodicals only one copy of the issue or issues containing such contribution is required. “A ad int.” implies ad interim copyright registration under the act of March 4, 1909, as amended by the act of December 18, 1919, of a book published abroad in the English language, for which the deposit of only one copy is required.

A list of the books of which the subsisting copyright has been renewed and extended under section 24 of the act of March 4, 1909, will be found in Part 1, Group 1.

The annual index contains the names of all copyright proprietors, the names of authors of pamphlets, the titles of anonymous pamphlets, and the names of authors and titles of dramatic compositions, the titles of all motion pictures, and the subject words of all maps.

The annual subscription price for the Catalogue of Copyright Entries (received only for the calendar year) for Part 1, Groups 1 and 2, is $1.00 for 1923, payable in advance to the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D. C., by postal money order, express order, or New York draft.

The act of March 4, 1909, provides that the Catalogue of Copyright Entries “shall be admitted in any court as prima facie evidence of the facts stated therein as regards any copyright registration.”


The Copyright Act of 1909 provides that of the articles deposited for copyright registration the Librarian of Congress shall determine what books and other articles shall be transferred to the permanent collections of the Library of Congress and what other books or articles shall be transferred to other governmental libraries in the District of Columbia for use therein.

The Act further provides that any article undisposed of as above and still remaining on the shelves of the Copyright Office may be returned to the claimant of copyright under the provisions of section 60 of the Act.

Notice is, therefore, hereby given to any author, copyright proprietor, or other lawful claimant, that, in so far as any copyright articles deposited from July 1, 1914, to June 30, 1919, inclusive, are still remaining in the files of the Copyright Office and are not to be transferred to the Library of Congress or to any other governmental library in the District of Columbia, such books or articles may be returned to the claimant of copyright if requested by such claimant prior to December 31, 1923.

This notice includes any printed and published copyright deposits, such as books, periodicals, dramatic compositions, musical compositions, engravings, cuts or prints, lithographs, photo-engravings, or photographs. Manuscript or typewritten dramas and photographs filed for identifying works of art may not be returned. No maps are available for return.

To secure such possible return the claimant of copyright of record should make formal request for the return of the articles, which must be separately and definitely specified. A suitable blank will be supplied on request. Address REGISTER OF COPYRIGHTS, Library of Congress, Washington, D. C.


PART I. GROUP 2 Wte.-An asterisk (*) after the author's name indicates that the author and copyright

proprietor are the same, and that therefore the name is not repeated in the claim paragraph.

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