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clares.-American and sister disappear in Paris.-American troops sail for home.-Americans enliven Luxor.—Anglo-French accord reached on Cologne. - Apartment tenant record.—Arrests nip plot for Italian revolt.--Asks about British tombs.At sea on Aten symbol.-Attitude of Stinnes.-Austrian gold loan.-Austrian loan arranged.-Balfour, replying to Harvey on debts, insists we refused to finance Allies.--Bars £3,000 bequest to develop mediums.Beethoven bust for New York.-Belgians to give Egyptian fund.-Berlin Boerse unsettled.-Berlin hears Poles will aid French.-Berlin sends money to back resistance.—Berlin still hopes for our interest.-Berlin university hard up. Bismarck threatened commit suicide.—Black troops out of Ruhr. — Bochum strafed again. Bomb blast in Essen shatters windows of French mission.—Bonar Law draws line on ex-minister's books. Bonar Law sounds opinion

— on Ruhr.-Bonar Law upheld over Mesopotamia.-Bonar Law's foes see Ruhr menace.—Boyden draft on debt is presented at Paris.-Branting had Ruhr plan.-Britain will ignore Harvey challenge.—British cabinet barely escapes defeat.-British death rates lowest on record.—British liberals urge Hughes plan for reparations.British minister defeated by the son of Lady Johnstone, former Miss Pinchot.-British opinion of the German mark.—British prices rising.British see France in Ruhr to stay.British taxpayer saves £8,000,000.British trade with Germany increased.-Butler to speak in Britain.-Buying coal for Germany.Calms West Indian fears.-Carnarvon praises beauty of objects.-Carnarvon wants body left in tomb.Centre party is abandoned formally by Lloyd George.—Chamber to vote Ruhr expense.-Child is accidentally shot and killed.-City's police force arrested by French.-Clears hotel of shoes.--Close up Bochum at 4 P. M.- Commons debates Pharaoh. Communist and laborite near clash. Coolies in Ruhr proposed.--Court is. lenient to Ruhr magnates.-Crowds still rush to Pharaoh's tomb.-Crown Prince did start for Germany, stopped

line.—Cuno conceals visit to Munich.-Curzon makes reply on

. Newcastle affair.—Dalmatian treaty ratified by Italy.-Decide to retain

British on Rhine. — De fra uds Deutsche bank.–Degoutte issues coal decree.-Delicate tapestry found in the tomb.-Demand daylight saving.-Denby and party to visit Jamaica. — Desperate battle is waged in Kerry.-De Valera minister seized with 50 men.-Dictator chosen in Bavarian plot.—Dies with last child.-Discoveries stir British savants.-Divorce is made easy in socialist Yucatan. — Doeuillet modes have simple lines.-Dortmund suffers the fate of Essen.-Doubt new theory on Tut-ankh-Amen.-Doubts it is official tomb.-Doubts the mummy can be kept in tomb.—Dublin's new police recruited to 1.400.-Dusseldorf held down.-Dutch milk for the Ruhr. Dutch

say French mock Rhine treaty.- Easy money at London.Ebert and Cabinet may fly to Leipsic.- Economic recovery on way in Austria. - Effect of debt settlement.-Efforts to reduce French currency.-Egyptian and Arab fashions in Paris.-Egyptians attempt to kill Englishman.-Element to be defined.-English economist to guide Russians.Essen protest strike general. -- Exceeds gliding record.—Exciting week in Europe's exchange. — Expect negotiations in two weeks. — Expects Mrs. Millett to win Paris suit.-Explains Aten on throne.--Express embezzler caught in Paris. Failed in Britain 35 years ago for_£108,965.Fall in German prices.-Fall in the franc, as seen at Paris.-Fall in the German commodity markets.-Fascisti shut out Masonic members. Fifteen killed in Berlin Tageblatt offices as seventh floor crashes to basement. - Financial Berlin's view of Ruhr crisis.-Financial Paris on outcome in the Ruhr.-Fines for minister's visits.-First ground plan of Pharaoh's tomb.-Five rebel leaders captured in Dublin.--For line of ships to America.–Foreign exchange quiet in London.-Foresees trouble over Ruhr barrier.-Found Englishmen cold to German plea.-France escapes big strike.-France soon to hear cost of holding Ruhr.-France votes loan for Polish army.-France won't yield, spokesmen insist.-Free State anxious to capture De Valera.Free State at odds with city of Dublin.-Free State troops corner rebel force.-French arrest mayor and 18 of council. French at Essen break the boycott.-French decide to hold Ruhr at least two years.-French envoys ask Bonar Law's help.-French


0. 5, 1923


fire towns for sabotage acts.-French foreign trade in month of January.French let foodstuffs into Ruhr.French mine strike off.-French now run all Ruhr roads.-French raid on Bochum explained.-French seize a prince as Ruhr

agitator.-French seize more Rhine territory.-French strikers win rise.-French to keep class of 1921 with the colors for the present.–French troops again descend on Bochum.-French troops close Bochum opera house.-Frenchmen named in Bavarian plot.—Fuel supply in Germany.-Georgette affects youthful models. --German government debt.--German on

inflation.--German prices in January.Germans distrust league as arbiter.Germans hide art in fear of a raid. Germans opposed to accepting war.Germans threaten Rhine lynchings. Germany planning to keep mark up.Germany still seeks new basis of values.-Germany's foreign trade.—Germany's Paris envoy under knife.Great Maya find of relics revealed. Gue's hats feature small brim backs.-Hallee's foulards please Americans.-Harvey hails Wales as the white prince.—Herrick assails broken promises.-High record in French tax.-His heretic throne in Pharaoh's tomb.-Hitler threatens Munich outbreak. — Holland denies mediation move.-Holland's coal held up in Ruhr.-Honor Paris astronomer.Hunt for Jewish tablets.—Incites Germans to guerrilla war.-Industrials still defiant.-Invention held up 16 years.-Irish amnesty ends; fight now to finish.-Irish rebels give out alleged peace terms.-Irish rebels warn of new peace move.- Isadora's poet stirs riot in Paris hotel.—Italians demand Ruhr settlement.-Italy may send workers to Ruhr.- Jim Larkin may add new Irish element.-Jurists hit a snag in new war code.Jurists outlaw bombardment of cities.-Kaiser can't go to Corfu. Karolyi's property ordered confiscated.-Khu-n-aten figures found in the tomb.-King Khama dies at 95.Koenigswinter and Limburg occupied.-Labor confers on Ruhr.-Lady Astor braves laborite insults.-Lady Astor pilots bill against liquor.Lady Astor praised, her bill condemned. - Lancret inspires . —

Callot creations.--Landru's stove sold for 4,200 francs.-Last of Paris scribes will close up shops.-Last week's collapse in the German mark.--Layman impressed by Pharaoh's tomb.

Liberals getting together. – Lloyd George out to unite liberals.-Lloyd George praises intelligence chief for work that brought America into war. London consults Cologne on leaving.---London discussing par for sterling. - London loan market keen.- London places quake

quake near Aleutian isles.-London rejects more Lloyd George articles.-London stock market and Ruhr situation. London watches rise of sterling.–Lord Armstrong to close mansion and cut expense.—Ludendorff rouses German resistance.-Machine gun disperses communist mob. — Mackay rents Scotch castle.--M'Kenna questions deflation policy.—Mannish effects in new sport suits.-Many new versions of the hip blouse.--Mark rise reaches 24,000 to dollar.—May close tomb on Sunday. — Mayor's arrest enrages Dortmund.-Mexican financiers here tomorrow. - Mexican interest in ruins.--Mexico feared new Texas.Might enlarge tomb to display treasures.-Mission in London with railway plea.-Molineux shows a court costume.-Monarchist agitation revives in Germany. - More native leaders are arrested in Cairo.-Moscow envoy goes on mission to Tokio.—Motors will ring Notre Dame bells.--New German lead needed in the Ruhr.--New German loan plan cheers Berlin.—New German loan to be in dollars.--New Gliding record.New Lehar operetta.--New phase in struggle is now opening up.—New securities well taken by Londoners.No negotiations now, Cuno declares.- Northcliffe will proved.Noted Britons appeal for a Page memorial. — Noted Spaniard coming.–Oxford girls, out too late, must scale a spiked wall.—Pace of currency inflation in Germany.- Paris royalists to mass.-Partial reaction on Paris Bourse.-Partners again in London.--Pearls from fish scales.Pharaoh treasurers also in tomb annex.-Pharaoh's chariot taken from tomb.-Pharaoh's couch taken from tomb.-Pharaoh's tomb is closed till autumn.-Plan for aerial buses considered in Paris.—Plan to X-ray mummy of King Tutankhamen.Poincare answers Swedish bishops.Poincare ready for Berlin offers.Prehistoric skull is found at Assiout. — Priceless inheritance, says American minister.-Princess and baby captivate England.-Prohibition follows Sulgrave visitors.--Put British surplus at £50,000,000 in year.


pt. I, n. s., v. 20


Queen Wilhelmina receives King Gustay.-Radek said to be in Ruhr.Railway officials in Mexican wreck.Ready for opening of inner chamber of Pharaoh's tomb.-Rebels raid Dublin; battle in streets.-Recordbreaking pace of German inflation.Red paper suppressed.—Religious struggle brewing in Mexico.-Reminds America of the 14 points.Resentment in

in Cologne. - Rioting again at night.-Riots in Mayence as coal men are fined.-Rise in stocks at Paris.-Rise of mark fails to check high prices.—Rival peacemakers ignored in Ireland.-Royalty inspects Pharaoh treasures.--Ruhr cities strike against expulsions.-Ruhr confusion and tension worse.-Ruhr Germans seek to stir neutrals.-Ruhr industrials pressing Berlin to deal with Paris.-Ruhr move disastrous, says Bonar Law.-Ruhr now stripped of steel products.—Rumor of a German warning.–Russia makes Briton foreign trade adviser.-Russian admiral has clerkship in Paris.—Say

wreck killed French.-Says America must speak in Near East.—Says French force German marks up.Says French were fooled.-Schwab ill in London.-Schwab says war did not profit us.-Scoffs at Germans who talk of war.- Search for swindler who served 6 6 armies.-Sees league closed to Germany now.Senator and judge lose Irish residences.-Serrati arrested in Mussolini coup.-Shell of 1870 explodes.Shows short reign of Tut-ankhAmen.-Skirts by Lanvin sweep the floor.-Skull of an ape found in island of Jersey.-Slack trading on the London stock market.-Solomon gave airship to Queen of Sheba.—Solves gold ruble theft.—Son and heir born to Princess Mary.-Soviet warns Rumania.-Speyers in Mexican bank.-Splendor of tomb of Tut-ankh-Amen astounds experts.—Spurns posthumour honor.—Sterling and British debt.–Sthamer guest of

guest of King.Stinnes for holding out.–Stock values rise in Italian market.-Stocks continue to rise on Berlin market. Stolen dog catches thief.--Strong representations to Angora.–Struggle over Ruhr may be a long one.-Students sought to kidnap Asquith.Swindlers use name of Ex-kaiser's son.—Take Spanish old masters.Talk of U. S. intervention–Tell range of a sneeze.-Think Irish reb

els are deteriorating—Thinks Herb Sed feast is king's remarriage. Thinks Mrs. Millett is her daughter. - Thinks Tut-ankh-Amen ruled for nine years.-Tomb treasures of Tut-ankh-Amen beyond reckoning. Tomb treasures revise our ideas of ancient Egypt.—Troops take special precautions. — Turks oust more Greeks.-Turks want to stay, Greeks to return.-Ultimatum to Germany.Uneasy over Cologne.—Upper Nile is excited over opening of tomb.Urging Ruhr labor to hold on a month.-Victorian effects shown in fashions.—Vienna banker coming to see – Morgan.-Visitors view

view treasures.-Vital Brussels conference issues.-Wagner's widow in want. Walpole's castle for sale.—Wanted debt example set for United States.Wants body treated with reverence. War talk heard at Berlin meeting.Wife slayer is freed.—Will entertain the prince.—Women kidnap bridegroom.--Workers rouse ire of Ruhr employers.—World court rules in nationality case.—World court to rule on Germans in Poland. Would not move mummy.-York to wed on April 26.-6-mile glide sets record. 12 senators die of cancer.—1,200 Ruhr rail men ask French for jobs.$1,500 for modern book. --£2,000 a year to lead the fashion in London. 60,000 socialists in Russian prisons.

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no. 5, 1923


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Way Madge managed to 665915, 666408-666415, 666418-666428, mask her nervous fears. © Mar. 666451, 666453–666456; . New York 9, 1923; 2 c. and aff. Mar. 20; A times co., New York.


Way Madge's captors were NEWELL (Mary O'Connor) 2 news- nearly captured. © Mar 9, 1923;

paper contributions, (In Chicago 2 c. and aff. Mar. 20; A 701924. daily tribune) Contents. - Caped sheath dress and kerchief frock say

What Madge saw and did

despite Grace Draper. © Mar. 9, here to style's roll call.--Shower of

1923; 2 c. and aff. Mar. 20; A dressy suits is spring forecast.


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NORTH WESTERN BELL TELEPHONE Co.*, Good night stories. Betty changes

Omaha, Neb. Toll operating pracher mind about her new apron. C

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© Feb. 15, 1923; 2 c. and aff. Mar. Dicky and Doris discover queer footprints. © Feb. 23, 1923; 2 c.

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ern railway, 1895–1923. An analysis.

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13017 How to exercise to woo really

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NULIFE CO. Notice. (In Women's 700284.


13018 My marriage problems. Adele

© Jan. 25, 1923; 1 c. Feb. 2; A Garrison's new phase of Revela

663970; Charles Munter, New York. tions of a wife. Strange facts and frank warning Lillian gave Madge. NYE (Frank W.) * New York. Flowers © Feb. 23, 1923; 2 c. and aff. Mar. say it with advertising. New York, 6; A 700283.

Pittsburg [etc.] Outdoor advertising Way Katie and Jim took

agency (19234 1.

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pt. I, 11. s., v. 20

OAHU, T. H. Official automobile and OLYMPIA, Wash. Polk's Olympia city

motorcycle directory of Oahu, 1923. and Thurston and Mason counties di254 i. e. 260) p. fold. mount. map.

rectory, 1923–24.

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ONEIDA COMMUNITY, Itd.*, Oneida, N. Y. tributions) (In Oakland, Calif., tri- Tudor plate. (In Saturday evening bune) Contents. — Blizzards beat post, Feb. 24, 1923)

13035 Shasta climbers.—Hikers loose fight

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invitation to come in. © Mar. 11,

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Note: The foregoing are in New

York times unless otherwise stated) OIL, PAINT & DRUG REPORTER. Where you can sell. Instalment 36, 38. 2

ORANGE-CRUSH Co.*, Chicago. Thirstinstalments (In Oil, paint & drug

ies. Adv. no. 14-21, 23.

14–21, 23. 9 instalreporter, Feb. 19, Mar. 5, 1923)

ments (In Albany, Ga., herald) 13025, 13026

Contents : 14, Thousand thirsty throats © Feb. 17, Mar. 3, 1923; 1 c. each

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three.-17, I'm your Thristie friend. York.

18, It's fine to have the Thirsties get

you.—19, You're a little thirsty.-20, OIL WELL SUPPLY CO.*, Pittsburgh. Oil I am a little Thirstie.-21, Throats well imperial rotary.

illus. aflame with thirst.-23, You don't even (part. col.) col. diagrs. 4to. 13027 need say you're thirsty. 13039-13047

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A–Foreign 22066.

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