Lapas attēli

los. 1-12, 1923

Wright (Frederick):

Wrightsville, Pa., map. 14578. Calles reveals his program. [etc.] Wrightstown, N. J., map. 29629. 4707447079.

Writing paper mfrs. assn. Market Civil war splits Mexico. [etc.] facts. 10125, 14083, 24002, 41235, 56091-56096.

47083, 56105-56107. Mexico chases chases Bolshevik Bolshevik chief Wroten, Hundley motor co.

Purout of capital. [etc.] 41228

chaser's agreement for note exten41231.

sion. [etc.] 56108-56111.

] Wright (G. D.) corp. Gilbert (H. O.) Wulbern (J. H.) Sphinx. 28182. Glorient. 31569.

Wurlitzer (Rudolph) co.: Wright (J. C.) Hist. sketch. [etc.] For amateur & professional. [etc.] 23999, 24000.

47084-47088. Wright (J. F.):

Minevitch (Borrah) Hohner Character anal. 3667, 14081.

chromatic harmonica. 22199. Character bldg. 19077.

Most wonderful organ in the Synopsis. [etc.] 56097-56102.

world. [etc.] 56112, 56113. Wright (J. L.) Lincoln logs. 19078. Soul of the old violin maker. Wright (J. P.) Orange juice. 47080.

[etc.] 41236-41241. Wright (J. W.) Simple rule to fol- Wurlitzer cal. 34917, 34918. low. 10122.

Wyatt (Euphemia) Helping yourWright (Joseph) Putting it over. self. 10271. 29043.

Wyatt (R. D.): Wright (L. E.) Highway walk.

It pays to analyze character. 47081.

47089. Wright (Margaret) Curse. 47196.

Other man, the other woman. Wright (Marguerite) Sunbonnet Sue.

29735. 35363.

Wyckoff (S. Robert) pseud. See Wright (P. F.) :

Ryckoff (Samuel) Concerning harmony. [etc.] Wyeth (H. M.): 41232-41234.

Family honor. 24132. Inequalities of the true scale, Mammy Lou. 7251. 24001.

Wyeth (Huston) Story of a trip to Origin of the diatonic scale. [etc.] dark continent. 41242. 3670, 3671.

Wyman (E. H.) : Resolution. 47082.

Ted's chum. 47402. Resonance. 56103.

Virginia visits Santa Claus. Significance of intervals. 28731,

47426. 34915.

Wyman (L. P.) Golden boys along Student's handicap. 14082.

the river Allagash. [etc.] 19080, Wright's violin data. 19079.

19081. Wright (Paul) Design & constr. Wynkoop (H. S.) Transition tab. data. [etc.] 3668, 3669.

47090. Wright (Rae) You can't fool your Wynkoop coal mining co. Billy, the wife. 34916.

mine mule says. 56114, 56115. Wright (W. C.) Office & acct. sys- Wynkoop, Hallenbeck, Crawford co.: tem. 56104.

Benson (L. A.) co., inc. MaWright (W. E.) Make believers.

chinists tools & supplies. 48196. 24227.

Elin auto supply co. Automotive Wright & co. Wright sales manual.

equipment. 25811. 1223.

Gen. auto supply co. Jobbers auWright direct. co.:

tomotive equipment. 26095. Chippewa Falls, direct. 25380.

Iron city elec. co. Elec. supply Eau Claire, Wis., direct. 25790.

cat. 26460. Green Bay, Wis., direct. 11777. Miller's sons, inc. Motor equipJanesville, Wis., direct. 21585.

ment &

& replacements. [etc.] Kenosha, Wis., direct. 26573.

32771. Madison, Wis., direct. 16813.

Morton (E. D.) & co., inc. Mill Manitowoc city & co., Wis., direct.

supplies. 39000. 627.

R. I. supply & sprinkler co. Cat. Milwaukee, Wis., direct. 52080.

27813. Stevens Point, Wis., direct. 9866. Rice & Miller co. Automotive Waukesha, Wis., direct. 23869.


equipment. 27813. West Allis, Wis., direct. 3612.

Seeds or stones? 6989. Wright, Kay & co. Jewelry for Christ- Snow & Neally co. Mill & lummas. [etc.] [etc.] 10123, 10124.

berman's supplies. 28152.

pt. I, n. s., v. 20

Wynkoop, Hallenbeck, Crawford co. Yearly bus. cal. 19086.

Yeatman (Pope) Mining securities
Sq. deal for the sales force. 10126. 10128.
When prospects say no too soon. Yeingst (W. M.) Pract. exercises in

arith. 11085-11089. Wood, Alexander & Jones. Cat. Yellow cab mfg. co.: 34899.

Cat. of pts. 34920. York auto supply co. Automotive Cat. of parts: 47096. equipment. 28739.

Instructions covering the care & Wynn (W. W. V.) Money bought,

upkeep of yellow cabs. [etc.] sold, loaned. 41213.

19087, 19088. Wynne (J. P.) Syllabus in the prin

Van power. 28736. ciples of educational organization. Yellowstone Co., Mont., direct. 10951. 56116.

Yellowstone National Park, Wy., map. Wynnewood, Okla., map. 35581.

14579. Wynnytschenko (Wolodmyr) :

Yellowstone trail, map. 41669. Lüge. 28968.

Yeo & Lukens co. Heckler (Franklin) . Weisse bär und die schwarze pan

Bldg. & loan assn. acct. 43961. therkatze. 29126.

Yeoman (F. W.) Ink spot & a blotWyoming:

ter. 41355. Map. 24722, 29630, 35582.

Yeomans bros. co.: Workmen's compensation law. Darling bros., ltd. Shone system 28734.

of pneumatic sewage ejectors. Wyoming druggist weather chart cal.

42977. 47091.

Shone system of pneumatic sewX-ray, senior number. 19084.

age ejectors. 47097. X-ray & dental labs., inc. Open door

Yeomans elec.


pumps. to health. 10127.

6991. XYZ. pseud. Sin harvest. 14084.

Yeoman's form A duplex centriYagloglou (C. P.) Determination of

fugal sewage ejectors. 28737, the comfort zone. [etc.] 21437

56120. 21439.

Yevreynov (N. N.) Main thing. Yaguda (F. A.) Fay system. 41244. 35221. Yakima, Wash., direct. 34919.

Yipti game co.: Yakima, Wash., map. 41668.

Most marvelous game of the cenYale (E. D.) Pageantry for Easter.

turies. 41246. 19084, 19352.

Yipti. 3672. Yale & Towne mfg. co. Cerraduras y

Yoder (H. A.) Gee I'm glad I'm a herrage especiales. 24003. Yale univ. press:

boy scout. 1224.

Yoe, Pa., map. 24723.
Henry the Sixth. 41345,* 41345**.
Merchant of Venice. 10351.*

Yogananda (Giri) Yogoda or musYamauchi (K.) So. Calif. Japanese

cle-will system. 56121.

Yoho & Merritt. Colonial homes. telep. & bus. direct. 6990.

6992 Yantis (L. A.) Tam O'Shanter.

Yonkers plumbing supply co. Cata35369.

logue. 14086. Yard (R. C.):

York (C. E.) Mich. tourist direct. Care of pearls. 41245.

3673. Gifts for those who are dear to

York (E. W.) Seven to one. 47377. you. 47092.

York (Vincent) Strategy of Dr. Yardley (E. W.) Clown. 19188.

Dane. 35359. Yates (P. B.) machine co. Yates qual

York, Me., map. 35584. ity. 14085, 47093.

York, Pa., direct. 28738. Yawman & Erbe mfg. co.:

York auto supply co. Automotive Steel filing equipment. 56117.

equipment. 28739. Wood filing equipment. 19085.

York natl. bank. One hundred & thirYe olde Victor almanac. 56118.

teen yrs. 1225. Yeager (L. R.) Yeager tilt-o-lite co. Yorktown CO. Watt ball manual, Headlighting for automobiles.

56122 56119.

Yorktown holding co., inc. Yorktown Yeager tilt-o-lite co. Headlighting for days. 47098. automobiles. 56119.

Yost (F. H.) Sports & the home. Yeagertown, Pa., map. 35583.

41247. Year bk, of the churches. 28735.

Yost (H. A.) Flame. 19230.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Yost (H. M.) Playing. 19365.

Young (G. R.) Standish of the star. Yost (W. B.) Republic's car. 34921. 56125. Yost, Gratiot & co. Invention & strat- Young (J. A.) It will bring to her egy. 1226.

cheeks a beautiful rose. 6994. You & your baby. 34922.

Young (J. E.) Young calculating sysYou will. 6440.

tems. 10133. Youmans (A. M.) Laughs. 34923. Young (J. E. G.) Dirinda. 10216. Youmans (F. A.) Corrective speech Young

(J. W.) Bank tottering. chart. 56123.

19092. Youmans (Vincent) :

Young (Lafe) Liar by the clock. Lily of the valley. 14260.

41252. Lollipop. 47286.

Young (Martha): Young (A. A.) New Canada, Minn.,

Chuck-Will's-widow's secret. 3752. map. 29395.

How come Brer Buzzard boards. Young (Barbara) Papa's boy. 19356.

3798. Young (Bicknell) Christian science. In the organ loft. 41354. 3674.

Pearl of great price. 19357. Young (C. A.) Unveiling of the vita

Young (Matt) pseud. See Young mins. 47099.

(Martha) Young (C. E.) :

Young (Melvin) Science & art of Elements of astronomy. 56124.


agency organization in life ins. Voyage de Monsieur Perrichon.

41253-41256. 29115*

Young (N. B.) Mercantile ref. Young (C. H.) Storm. 41435.

agency's bk. 26936. Young (C. M.)

Young (R. C. M.):
Cat. & review of

Madame President! 10330. plays. 19089.

Scarab's luck. 5680. Young (E. A.):

Young (Robert)

View from Mt. Mounds View, Minn., map. 11497.

Hollywood. 19091.
Rose, Minn., map. 14530.
White Bear, Minn., map. 14570.

Young (W. C.) In the patio of Cor


dero. [etc.] 14093, 14094. Young (E. E.) Trigon of retail seryice. 28777.

Young (W. G.) Fable of the 3 win

dow cleaners. 41257. Young (E, H.) Gift cup. 3788.

Young iron works. Modern logging Young (E. J.):

blocks & tools. 47100. America, behind curtain, real

Y. M. C. A.: power. [etc.] 10129–10132.

Proposed initiation for new memAmerica won't sit in the game.

bers. 47134. [etc.] 41248-41251.

Yr. bk. & off. roster. 34927. Amer. activities break up Euro

See also Joint rules com. pean deals. 3675.

Chicago. Hy-Y hand bk. [etc.] Britain now beginning to pay 3677, 3678. penalty. [etc.] 14087-14091.

Chicago. Central Schls. Have Chester concession vetoes impe

you stopped learning. 56126. rialist plans. [etc.] 28740

Comn. on adv. & promotion. 28742.

Manual on promotion of Assn. educa. Cold politics meet our plea for

work. 24008, 24009. democracy. [etc.] 34924–34926.

Commission on materials for Europe is playing every trick Christian education. Money power. against America. [etc.] 24004

56127. 24007.

Denver. Pioneer program & recFrance promises to be stumbling ord. 19093-19098. block. 1227.

Hy-Y clubs. Initiation ritual. Gain of democracy. 6993.

10134. What will Canada do? 19090.

(Internatl. com. of): Young (F. A.) Mosaic templars of Demand (H. P.) Natl. father & America. Duplicate rept. bk. 5715.

son movement handbk. 49524. Young (F. C.) Our nation's prayer. Digest of internatl. conv. legisla14092.

tion. 24010. Young (F. P.) Ménage à trois across Drew (D. C.) Group leadership. the Styx. 3676.

43228 Young (F. U.) View from Mt. Holly- Farnsworth (B. B.) Conduct of wood. 19091.

personal interviews. 4956. Young (G. E.) Golf with 3 C's. Irving (George) Christian decis. 14215.



pt. I, n, S., v. 20

Y. M. C. A. (Internatl. com, of)-Con. Midsummer day's frolic. 28981. McCandless (J. W.) Assn. ad

Newman (M. M.) Hndbk. onl ministration. 51657.

racial & natl. backgrounds. Murray (J. L.) Choice of a life

53722.* work. 5734.

Pageant of loyalty. 35273. Nicholls (A. B.) Finding religi- Resurrection of our Lord. 7323. ous needs. [etc.] 6202, 6203.

Sing around the world songs. Pioneer group record for Chris

23473. tian citizenship. [etc.] 56128- Transfiguration of the gifts. 47409. 56131.

Waif. 47428. Service men's Bible & prayer Wise & the foolish virgins. 29131. league cal. 54725.

Y. W. C. A. (Student dept. of the) Some significant groups. 6995.

Outline for discussion. 19100. Sullivan (John) Mass selling. Youngstown, O., map. 35585. 18715.

Youngstown arc engraving co. HeadTipper (Harry) Market analysis. ings & inserts. [etc.] 47102, 47103. 18809.

Youngstown boiler & tank co. YoungsUrice (J. A.) Teaching. 23792. town tanks. 28745, 56135. Vocational status of

of boyhood. Youngstown pub. lib. Home reading. 19099.

47104. Wilson (W. H.) Farmers on Youngstown telegram. Boys, girls. move. 23971.

34928. Y. M. C. A. Comn. on adv. & pro- Yount (P. C.) Confidence. 47105.

tection. Manual on promotion Yount co.:
of Assn. educa. work. 24008,

Lake Shore at the lake shore. 24009.

14095. Comn. on materials for Chris- Lake Shore ice cream co. Anticitian education. 56127.

pating a regular treat. [etc.] United Y. M. C. A. schls.

12238–12240, 32318.
Instructors' manual. [etc.] Your bus, advisor. 28746.
10135, 10136, 46783, 47101.

Yours truly. 47106.
Project no. 4. 28743. Youtz (H. A.) Oberlin hymn. 56136.

Standard syllabus for Ysleta, pseud. See Ferguson (G. F.) schls, of accountancy. 24012. Yung novelty co. Suisheimer (Arthur)

Standards of organiza- Na yung. 55428. tion. 56132.

Yurin (Y.) King in rags. 7221. Radio standardization Zabransky (Frantisek) Rehearsal comn. Standards. 56133.

booklet. 56137.
Yearbk, & off. roster. 34927. Zahlenfibel. 14096.
Minneapolis. Central branch. Zain (C. C.):
Point contest. 24011.

Brotherhood of light. 56138. New York (City) West side. Me- First eighteen decantes analyzed. chanical dentistry. 28744.

14097. United Y. M. C. A. schls. :

Zain adv. system. Providence news. Instructors' manual. [etc.] 10135, Zain ad-writing contest. 9519. 10136, 46783, 47101.

Zalt, pseud. See Tilbury (Zeffie) Project no. 4. 28743.

Zamacoïs (Miguel) : Standard syllabus for schls. of Hombre de las diez mujeres. accountancy. 24012.

24163. Standards of organization. 56132. Passage de Vénus. 7296.

Radio standardization comn. Zambaldi (Silvio): Standards. 56133.

Fidanzata di Cesare. 41329.

. Young novelty co. Simple instrs. for Peccato di Paolina. 14310. . playing the game. 56134.

Zaner-Bloser co.: Y. W. C. A. of C. S. A. (Natl. bd. of Moore (R. B.) Efficient handthe):

writing instr. 5689. Adventure in friendship. 10146.

Zaner & Bloser method writing Bellows (Jane) Individual exer

manual. 56139. cises illus. 30140.

Zanesville, O., map. 24724. Burner (Oolooah) Suggested Zapata Co., Tex., map. 1541.

services of worship. 15166. Zapolska (Gabriela or Gabrielle) : Least of these. 35198.

Morals of Mrs. Dulska. 35246. Little Robin Stay-Behind, & other Three & the man. 10455. plays. 41371.* *

Zarrell (Leo) Take one bottle. 3892. Loom of freedom. 35204.

Zebulon, N. C., map. 24725.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Zeeland, Mich., map. 35587.
Zeidman (B. F.) productions. Spider

& the rose. 41822. Zeigler (C. H.) Rept. of a spec. in

vestigation. 56140. Zeller lacquer mfg. co., inc.:

Pot. 27700.

Zeller (Hugo) Blushing. 56141. Zellerbach paper co.:

Cat. of stationary. 34929.

Gen. cat. 24013. Zellers (M. T.) Zellers live stock tab.

10137. Zellers (W. M.) Zellers live stock

tab. 10137. Zellers pub. co. Zellers (W. M.) Zel

lers live stock tab. 10137. Zenith pictures corp. Right of the

strongest. 35708. Zerbee (A. F.) Civility league.

56142. Zere (-) So this is married life.

1228, 3679, 6996, 10138, 14098, 19102, 24014, 28747, 34930, 41258, 47107,

Zerffi (W. A. C.) :

Artificial voice. 41263.
Breath control & what it means.

[etc.] 56149-56153. Commercialization of Caruso's

name. [etc.] 34933, 34934. Methods of famous singers. 14099. Ques. of the ideal & the real.

[etc.] 47116, 47117. What determines the carrying

power of the voice? 24018. Zerlett (H. H.):

Erste nacht. 28869.
Gasthaus zur liebe. 28896.

Kleine sünderin. 28946. Zernickow (O. F.) O-Z hand tacho

graph. 10144. Zerweck (Herman) All about sprout

ing grain. 14100. Zeta beta tau fraternity. First twenty

five years. 50079. Ziegler (A. H.) Order of the Ama

ranth. Ritual. 17941.
Zieler (Samuel) photoplay corp.:

Cordelia the magnificent. 29654.
Woman of bronze. 10753.

Zig-Shye (Charles) Theatre,

the stage. 14101. Zilboorg (Gregory) Main thing.

35220. Zill (Ludwig) Regarding the tech

nique. 6997. Zimmer (P. F.) Automobile policy.

[etc.] 56154, 56155. Zimmerling (C. B.) Direct. of mem

bers of the Philadelphia bar. 285. Zimmerman (C. G.):

Old home town. 47118.

Smouldering fires. 24019. Zimmerman (J. R.) All Amer. col

lege ann. 6998. Zimmerman (L. M.) :

Digging wells. 47119.
God's love is your repay. 41264.
Good cheer. 3682.
Mother, dear mother. 28751.
Speak a good word for Jesus.

That's what I call home, Sweet

home. 56156. Zinn (W. F.) Esophagoscopy. 3683. Zionsville, Ind., map. 14580. Zittel (C. F.) Yes, we have no ba

nanas. 29797. Zouboulakis (J. C.) Christ is born.

[etc.] 56157–56161. Zouros (Nicolas) See Nancy (Nico

las) Zucker (Esther) Through storyland

to healthland. 19108. Zuckerman (Irachmil) Story without

an end. 14354. Zuckerman (S. D.) Natl. service co.

Zuckerman services. 5777, 12619. Zumwalt (C. T.) Creed of an evolu

tionist. 14102. Zweibel (Stanley) Stop training.

14103. Zwietusch (W. Y.) Spirit of Re-Sale.

35354, 47390. Zymet (Bernard) Brief course in

typewriting by touch. 34935. 101 club. Safety first. 6999. 1900 washer co., inc. :

Cateraction. 34936.
$2,000.00 in prizes. 47120.

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