Lapas attēli

pt. I, n. S., v. 20

Do you

Wirsig (Alfred) Scientific treatment Withington (L. A.) Withington (L.

for breaking high fever over night. A.) & co., inc. Private code. 56064. 34879.

Witjas (Bernard) Images of life's Wisconsin:

mirror. [etc.] 19047, 19048.

] Map. 7521, 10646, 10647, 14573, Witkamp (H. P. T.) Code-condenser

19653, 19654, 24714, 24715, en passe-partout. 6976.
29314, 29613–29616, 35577, 41661, Witman (F. R.) phonograph supply

co. 1923 yr. bk. 10102. Workmen's compensation law. Witmark (M.) & sons: 56059.

Penn (A. A.) Stage manager's & Wisconsin bankers' assn.

musical director's guide. 9450. know what your insur. policies Witmark up to date parodies. cover ? 6973.

23981. Wisconsin digest cumulative quarterly. Witmer (M. J. H.) My mothers rock10099, 19041, 41199.

ing chair. 23982. Wisconsin druggist weather chart cal. Witney (Frederick) Bed & breakfast. 47042.

47157. Wisconsin motor bus lines. Instruc

Witt (E. G.) Lab. apparatus. 34891.

. . tion bk. 19042.

Witt (S. G.) Why. 14069. Wisconsin pub. service corp. :

Witte (L. H.) Brain & nerve nutriBe a partner. 14064.

tion. [etc.] 6977-6979. Bennett (H. C.) Chad Burr's

Wittenberg (Alex) Edgewood inn. legacy. 10931.

56065. Wisconsin state journal. Mott (H. E.)

Wittmann (Hugo) Kongress tanzt. Where Monona's waters play.

3819. 32826.

Witwer (H. C.) : Wisconsin state jour.

Babes in the Holywoods. [etc.] CO. Gelty

56066-56069. (Frank) Arnold, wanting $25,000

Comedy of terrors. [etc.] 47048bond, jailed. 2292.

47052. Wisconsin telep. co.:

Long live the ring. [etc.] 28710– Summer training course. 34887

28712. 34889, 47043–47047.

Wizard mfg. co. Wizard vaporator. Telep. direct. 3656, 6974. 10100,

47053. 14065, 23980, 34880, 56060.

Wocher (Max) & son co. Surgical Wisconsin (Univ. of) Sentence recog

instruments. 19049. nition test. [etc.] 19043-19046.

Wodehouse (P. G.): Wise (D. R.) Key to the mystic tri

Awakening of Rollo Podmarsh. angle of time. 28708.

3657. Wise (G. B.) Men. 35232.

Heart of a goof. 56070. Wise (J. S.) Interpretation of the

Magic plus fours. 1216. symbols. 11756.

Plus fours. 47054.

. Wise, Va., map. 10648.

Rollo Podmarsh comes to. 41202. Wiseman (A. J.) Night gospel mis- | Woerner (Matthaus) Leitfaden sum sion, inc. First religion. 9363.

sprachunterricht. 28713. Wish (F. A.) inc.:

Wofford oil co. Southern States, map. Garis (H. R.) Uncle Wiggily

1483. catches cold. [etc.] 43690

Wofsy (S.

A.) Muestro futuro 43693.

diputado. 14304. Uncle Wiggily draws a pic- Wolcott (F. H.) My mother. 6980. ture. 31532.

Wolcott (M. E. L.) Good-by. [etc.] Wishert (Allen) See Wishert (J. A.) 47055, 47056. Wishert (J. A.) Law of the North.

Wolcott, N. Y., map. 35578. 3825.

Wolf (Daisy) Twelfth juror. 29103. Wisner (C. N.) Last day of time.

Wolf (de) & co., inc. See De Wolf & 41200. Wister (J. C.) Rare and choice iris.

Wolf (R. B.) co. Wolf bleaching sys41201.

tem. 10103. Wister (Owen). Watch your thirst. Wolf (Sam) Married boy. 14280. 24359.*

Wolfe (A. W.) Travel tips. 10104. Witham (G. S.) Manufacture of Wolfe (G. M.) : paper. 56063.

Game of pyramid. 41203. Withington (F. S.):

Wolfe's word builder. 56071. Impaired life tabs. 28709, 34890. Wolfe (Jaques de) See De Wolfe Lucky bag. 16714.


Co., inc.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Wolfe (M. S.) & co. Cragun (D. B.)

Brown chiffon & lace. [etc.] Petroleum in hist. 11364.

22918-22928. Wolfe (P. C.) Christ's image in the Fashion service. [etc.] 22926making. [etc.] 41204-41207.

22928, 54114, 54115. Wolfe (R. L.) Every day auto rec- Tailored seams & plackets. 41210. ord. 28714.

Woman's mite missionary soc. of the Wolfe (S. M.) Call to the open. West Side A. M. E. mission. See 34892.

West Side A. M. E. mission (W0Wolfe City, Tex., map. 1532.

man's mite missionary soc. of the) Wolff (F. W.) Triumph of love. Woman's world. Woman's world gift 10463.

bk. [etc.] 56076, 56077. Wolff (Johanna) Brotherhood. 23983. Woman's world magazine co., inc.: Wolff (O. M.) Where but in America. Editorial anal. bk. [etc.] 47058

. 3912.

47061. Wolff (Pierre) Ecole des amants.

Woman's world. Woman's world 10226, 35093.

gift bk. 56076, 56077. Wolff (W. A.) Miss Latimer resigns.

Woman's world county hd. bk. 41208.


Woman's world cut outs. [etc.] Woll (W. P.) Amer. loan co. Light

41211-41214, 56078, 56079. on the small loan bus. 19931.

Woman's world liby. of new deWolman (Leo) Outline of the Amer. labor movement. 28715.

signs. 3658–3661, 34896, 34897. Wolven (Earl) :

Women's city club of Boston. Where Mo. Valley M. E. church. Direct.

to stop along New England motor 27022.

trails. 23986. Woodbine, Ia., Methodist Episco- Women's college of arts & Sciences.

pal church. Methodist Episco- Power of dress. 23987.
pal church direct. 56081.

Women's news service, inc. : Wolverine inst. Course in show card Bates (Blanche) Interview's her writing. [etc.] 10106-10108.

husband. 20069. Wolverton (S. F.) Tragedy of man. Booth (Evangeline) Old fash10460.

ioned religion. 20162. Woman's clean gov. organization. Byng (Lady J. H. D. G.) What Govt.'s whited sepulchres. 6981.

is expected. 11078. Woman's home companion :

Christy (Mrs. H. C.) My interBradley (Alice) Fifty family

view with my husband. 20451. budgets. 4423.

Gatti-Casazza (Mme.) My interBride. 28721.

view with my husband. 21235.

. Fifty ways of making money. Huck (W. M.) Man who is hus34893.

band of M. C. 26394. Gates (N. R.) Patriotic party

My interview with my husbooklet. [etc.] [etc.] 26088–26090.

band. [etc.] 11928, 11929. Wedding anniv. 50304.

Hurst (Fannie) Fannie Hurst Goldsmith (M. O.) First lessons

makes attempt to interview her in weaving. 8509.

husband. [etc.] 31975, 31976. Hallowe'en fun. 41209.

Irwin (L. M.) Humorists far Knudson (G. P. T.) Through the

from being joke at home. 26465. gift shop door. 16519.

McMein (Neysa) What next in Party eats. 56072.

women? 12398. Woman's inst. of domestic arts & MacPhail (Agnes) First woman sciences, inc. :

M. P. of Canada. 26830. Cutting and fitting. [etc.] 28716– Markham (Edwin) Lincoln, the 28720.

man of the people. [etc.] Designing with foundation pat

32588, 32589. terns. [etc.] 56073-56075.

Markham (Mrs. Edwin) My inDress construction & finishing.

terview with my

husband. [et] 34894, 34895.

12421. Dress development. 10109.

Maxim (L. D.) What Hudson Making a drawn-thread handker

Maxim said to me. 22098. chief. 23984.

Robertson (Alice) Cockiness Making wire blocks. 47057.

blinds women to their limitaPicken (M. B.) Brocade, black

tions. 23059. velvet, fur, & taffeta roses.

Royden (Maude) Urges women [etc.] 9462–9479,

here to organize. 33955.

pt. I, n. s., v. 20

Women's news service, inc.-Con.

Wood (L. H.) Auto. mechanics for Scanlan (Nellie) My interview high schls. 41218. with my husband. 27930.

Wood (M. A.) Official yr. bk. 28723. Shepard (M18. F. J.) Amer. Wood (Marshall) Fount of all life. mothers best. 28027.

19053, 47067. Sunday (Mrs. W. A.) My inter

Wood (R. R.) Poverty to plenty. view with my husband. 13684. 1218. Tarbell (Ida) Do women hate Wood (S. H.) Picturesque New Alwar? 23673.

bany. 28724. Times-picayune. Angel of Siberia

Wood (S. T.) Preparing for a pub. is urged for Noble peace prize. sale. 14072. 23712-23714.

Wood (T. W.) & sons: Wommack (Nola):

Wood's select-rite seed chart. Patient husband. 19050.

6982. Woman's sacrifice. 23988.

Wood's southern almanac. 3663. Womrath (A. R.) inc. Dime library. Wood (V. R.) Rat catcher. 34898. 20799.

Wood (William) Amer.'s view of the Wonalancet co. Wonalancet percent- Sinn Fein. 14073. age tabs. 23989.

Wood, Alexander & James. Catalogue. Wonder gifts. 10110.

34899. Wonder pub. co.:

Wood & McKinley. Profits from paySecond list of probable ans. 14070.

rolls. [etc.] 41219, 41220.

Wood River, Ill., direct. 41221. Wonder list of probable ans.

Woodberry (G. E.) Ten bks. I have 10111.

enjoyed most. 34900. Wonderly (W. C.) Cake-eater. 41215.

Woodbine, Ia., Methodist Episcopal Wong (Pauson). Improved authentic rules. 47062.

church. Methodist Episcopal church.

56081. Wood (Antoinette) See Wood (C. A.) Wood (Arthur) & co. Placolor. Woodbridge (Elisabeth): 17063.

Crusade of the children. 47363.* Wood (B. G.) Calif. names. 15197.

Prophets. 56082. Wood (C. A.) Western window. Woodbridge (George) : 47434.

Prospectwise life ins. [etc.] Wood (C. A.) preserver co.

See C-A

34901, 34902. wood preserver co.

Prospectwise life ins. salesmanWood (C. W.) Wood's solar optic

ship. 41222. planes. 47064.

Woodburn (T. R.) Paine (M. P.) ) Wood (Clement) 10 bks. I have en- Progressive graded lessons in writjoyed most. 41216.

ing. 53959. Wood (D. E.) Electronic reactions of

Woodbury, N. J., map. 10649. Abrams. 47065.

Woodbury bus. college. Woodbury Wood (E. E.) Cités-jardins of Lyons

manual. 34903. & Rheims. 19051. Wood (Ernest):

Woodcox (B. F.) Fragments of spiritConcentration. 14071.

ual knowledge. 10114. Destiny 10112.

Woodford (Mrs. A. O.) Author's illus. Wood (F. G.) Four-o'clocks. 10113. quotation kalendar. 56083. Wood (Howland) Tegucialpa coin- Woodhouse (H. V.) Rept. of a spec.

) age. 28722.

investigation. 47068. Wood (J. F.) Button, button. 1217. Woodlawn cemetery. Woodlawn. Wood (J. H.):

23990. Ridgway, Pa., direct. 18219.

Woodlock (D. J.) Value of retail St. Mary's, Pa., direct. 27897.

credit assns. 56084. Wood (J. O.): Are you a citizen? 19052.

Calif. home gar

Woodman (A. M.) Whitney (King) Women of

den series. 19054-19058, 34904 America used as propagandists.

34908. 13998.

Woodman (Charles) Modern orchesWood (Justin) :

tra. 41223. Sapphire. 41217.

Woodman (Rea) : Shreve, Treat & Eacret. Opal Bobbie Bennett plays for children. tourmaline. 46092.

10177. Topaz, 47066.

King of Nolande. 10311. Turquoise. 56080.

Prof. Wright falls in love. 10104.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Woodring (W. F.) Message of those Merchants guide. 28726. who did not come back. 6983.

Retail credit co. Inst. to inspectWoodrow (Mrs. Wilson) :

ors. 3183, 3184. Bewildering Mrs. Gervase. 47069. Woollcott (Alexander) 10 bks. I have Wrong right. 41224.

enjoyed most. 41225. Woodruff (A. A.) Pit of deception. Woolley (E. M.) Aluminum age. 23991.

14075. Woodruff (B. A.) pseud. See Wood) .

Woolsey (C. T.) Co-op. real estate ruff (C. H.)

working system. 41226. Woodruff (C. H.) Richards steps Woolverton ptg. co. Schl. of missions, around. 35316.

1922 (Class in the Life of David Woodruff (C. P.) Whirlwind love. Livingston. 6533. 35404.

Woonsocket, R. I., direct. 19059. Woodruff (W. R.) Bundle of home- Woonsocket, R. I., map. 1534, 14574. spun philosophy. 34909.

Wooster (L. E.) Wooster arith, Woodruff ptg. co. Lincoln, Neb.'s capi- [etc.] 34911, 34912. tal city. 14074.

Wooster, O., map. 24716. Woods (A. H.) Woman on the jury. Wooten (M. B.) Credit instruments. 29134.

10116. Woods (A. W.) Stand. foot decimal

Worcester (M. L.): scale. 6984.

Proof of the pudding. 47355. Woods (C. E.) Analyt. balance sheets.

Wrong mummy. 47453. 3662.

Worcester, Mass., direct. 19060. Woods (E. A.) co. Your life work. Worcester, Mass., map. 19655, 24717. 28725.

Worcester, Vt., direct. 1757. Woods (H. M.) Tea room training or- Word puh. co. C-word list. 10117.

ganization. Training courses in tea Worden (Charles) Worden (studios room. 46558.

of) Real scoop for R. M. A. A. Woods (J. E.) Stand. chem. course. members. [etc.] 3454, 3455. 18551.

Worden (Studios of) inc. Studios of Woods (K. L.) Picture study. 34910.


Worden service. 3455, 14076, 14077, Woods (P. T.) Modern fresh air 19061. poultry house. 47070.

Work (O. U.) pseud. See Cohen (E,

( Wood's southern almanac. 3663.

M.) Woodsfield, O., map. 35579.

Work-organizer specialties co: Woodside (E. C.) Argonaut. 14831.

Uses & appls. 3664. Woodsome (J. O.) & co. Gen. infor

Work organizer. 34913. mation. 10115.

Work organizer sales manual. Woodson (E. A.) Pract. Christianity.

19062. 47071.

Workers educa. bur. of America: Woodsville, N. H., map. 1533.

Blanshard (Paul) How to run a Woodward (Agnes) Calif. schl. of

union meeting. 25167. artistic whistling. Calif. schl. of ar

Wolman (Leo) Outline of the tistic whistling. 42492.

Amer. labor movement. 28715. Woodward (Eugenie) . Certain some

Workers' health bur.: thing. 10191.

Brief against the use. 14078. Woodward (R. M.) In our youth.

Health facts. [etc.] 19063-19067. 24175.

Working capital corp.: Woodward & Tiernan ptg co. Calen

Bank behind the money you invest. dar creed. 56085.

[etc.] 19068-19071. Woodworth (F. L.) Detroit will be Bank guaranteed investment cousaved millions in taxes. 56086.

pon. 10118, 10119. Wool novelty co., inc.:

Bank guaranteed investment news. Wonoco knit craft baby bk.

[etc.] 6985, 6986, 23993. 47072.

Peoples loan & trust co. Bank Wonoco knit craft bk. 23992.

guarantee certificate. [etc.] Woolf (E. A.) Mr. & Mrs. Hicks.

18035. 47304.

Southern dyestuffs co. StockholdWoolf (H. R.) Shoutlines of hist.

ers' subsc. rights. 6655. 35337.

Workman (H. C.) Selections for Woolf bros. Knicker. 1219.

small speakers. 6987. Woolford (Cator):

World, map. 1535–1539, 3665, 10650Credit service exchange. Mer- 10652, 14575 – 14577, 24718-24721, chants guide. 20730.

29617, 35580, 41663–41667. 100799—24-28


pt. I, n. S., V. 20

World, N. Y. Photograph sent by ra- World technical inst.: dio. [etc.] 14079, 14080.

Sheppard (Warren) Course on Merchandising dept. Merchandis

ocean & coast navigation. 28044. ing America's greatest retail mar- Streuber (R. G.) Pract. elec, eng. ket. 1221.

28347-28350, 55360. World alminac. 1220.

World traveler pub. co., inc. Crockett World bk. ('0.:

(A. S.) Ocean records. 15521. Bibliog. of tests. 6988, 56087. World's Christian cantonment club. Bowman (Isaiah) New world Peamble of by-laws. 10120. problems. 48352.

Worley (J. F.) direct. co., inc.:
Chiesa (C. D.) Three of Salu.

Brownwood city direct. 15124. 7995.

Dallas, Tex., direct. 42947. Cross (E. A.) Cross Engl. test. Lufkin, Tex, direct. 600. 25608–25610,

Port Arthur, Tex., direct. 18090. Dewey (Godfrey) Personal short

San Angelo, Tex., direct. 27907. hand exercises. [etc.] 15604, Wormeley (K. P.)

Molière. 10507 15605. Gregg (F. M.) Hygiene by experi

(4) ment. 11783.

Wormleysburg, Pa., map. 19656. Haggerty (J. E.) Haggery intel

Worrall (W. F.) Standard costs. ligence

[etc.] exam.

2355- 19073.

Worth (Henry) :
-Haggerty reading exam. American River, map. 24387.

Calif., map. 1338, 29206. Hawkes (H. E.) Hawkes, Wood Worth (Nigel) Arms of Phaedra. plane geom. exam. 26310.

19074, 19075, 23994-23996. Hudelson (Earl) Hudelson Eng. Worthington (Beryl) Indian romance. lish composition scale. 44088.

1262. Kelley (T. L.) Stanford achievement test. 2527–2535.

Worthington, O., map. 1540.

, Lewis (E. E.) Lewis Engl. com

Worthington pump & machinery corp.:

Bul. 10121. position scales. [etc.] 32379. Miller (W. S.) Miller mental

Steam driven Worthington feather

valve air compressors. 31914. ability test. 2730, 5664, 52073.

Worthington locomotive boiler Morrison (J. C.) Morrison-McCall spelling scale. 52134.

feed pump. 28727. Otis (A. S.) Otis arith. reasoning Worthley (M. E.) Kick. 7217. test. [etc.] 53929–53937.

Wose & Coigne inc. Morton (F. L.) Otis self-administering tests.

Inheritance tax computations. 39001. 17916–17949.

Wostrel (John) Radio reception & Pintner (Rudolf) Pintner-Cun

transmission. 28728. ningham primary mental test.

Woticky (Edward) Elements of phys13133, 13134.

ical science. 19076, 23997. Ritchie (J. W.) Health work & Wray, Dickinson co., inc. : health problems. 27837.

Prize contest
contest everybody

everybody wins. Ruch - Popence .gen. science

47073. test. 23107-23111.

40,000 disappointments. 23998. Schutte (T. H.) Schutte scale for Wreede (Fred): rating teachers. 34048.

Carlotta, die Korsin. 11301. Soltoft (Henriette) Cards for

Prinzessin und der bär. 41110. Children's French. 55077.

Vaterfreuden. 47420. Tidyman (W. F.) (W. F.) Supervised

Supervised | Wren (L. W.) Talisman. 41227. study speller. 3511, 55587.

Wride (G.T.) Clock shorthand alpha-Tidyman standard spelling bet. 56088.

tests. 18797. Van Wagenen (M. J.). Van Wage Wright (A. P.)

Wright (A. V.) More things. 19325.

Lois Dudley finds nen Engl. composition scales. 34707.

peace. 28729. Wilson (G. M.) Wilson language

Wright (C.F.) Life analized. 28730. error test. 23969, 23970.

Wright (Daisy) Fly gal & the dumb World-herald. Secord (F. A.) Out

cop. 28885. door tales. 39909 – 40085, 45966- | Wright (E. V.) Wright's butter & 45990, 54682-54689.

egg cost chart. 3666. World syndicate co.,

co., inc.

Cat. of

. of Wright (Frances) Monograph of Bibles. 19072.

schl. music. 56089, 56090.

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