Lapas attēli

nos. 1-12, 1923

Widdicomb (John) co. Period fur- Wild (William) :

niture of personality. 10074, 10075. Wild (H. L.) Wild's wonder
Widdis (Albert) This agreement of

clocks. 6942.
lease. 10076.

You can do it. 14003.
Widlake (T. A. R.) Mind machine. Wild bros, nursery co. Fruits, trees &

flowers. 55993.
Widmer eng.
CO. Stand. contract

Wilde (Oscar):
form. 10078.

Complete works. 35063.*
Wied (Gustav) 2X2=5. 35428.

How Oscar Wilde consoled divine
Wiederseim (T. E.) Underfoot golf

Sarah. 55994.
charts. 11742.

Picture of Dorian Gray. 7302.
Wiegand (W. B.) Acct. for fire ins.

Wildeman (Edward) Standardized
(os. 55986.

test in the fundamental operations.
Wiehl (Fred) Shadow. 18986.

28665, 28666.
Wielandy (P. J.) Know your line

Wilder (H. P.) Amer. expeditionary
talks. 18987, 18988.

forces. 6913.
Wiernik (Bertha ) Hanging

Hanging cradle. Wilder (Marion) Another man's place.

Wiernik (Simon) Wiernik (Bertha)

Wilder, Id., maj).

Hanging cradle. 3637.

Wildman (J. R.) Cost acctg. in rel.
Wiesbeck (August) Cupboard. 28845.

to bus. cycles. 41137.
Wiesen (Max) inc. Max Wiesen sell-

Wildwood. Bd. of trade. Wildwood
ing service. 55987.

welcomes the world. 14004.
Wiesenberg (Charles) Christian wit-

Wiley (G. H.) Relation of mood.
ness to Israel. [etc.]
[etc.] 46990-46992.

Wigėlsworth (J. W.) Pathoclast. Wilford (Charles) Compound dis-

counts. . 1201.
Wiggin (H. H.) A. B. C. of the Wig-

Wilford (Edgar) Widow's weeds.
gin system of lumber graded cost

acctg. 55988.

Wilgus (Walter):
Wiggins (J. B.) (0. Correct form. Cause of a quarrel. leto.] +1138.
engraving for every use. 18989.

Wiggins co., inc. Automotive equip- Defiant Moros fortify hills. [etc.]
ment. 23936.

Wight (A. B.) Chicago. Bd. of educa. Filipino threat stirs Moros. [etc.]
Illus. manual in math. 15292.

Wightman (M. M.) Musical turkey. Wilhelm (Julius) :

Louis XIV. 14264.
Wigle (W. B.) Wigle's lightning fluid Mozart. 28995, 28996.
calculator. 55989.

Wilhoit (J. L.) San Francisco. .55998.
Wihlfahrt (J. E.) Treatise on in-

Wilk dental lah. Wilk peripheral
creasing bakery efficiency. 28661.

seal. 47005.
Wilbarger Co. cal. 3638.

Wilkens. Free diamond ring Saule.
Wilbur (E. R.) This is the way to

keep it. 55990.
Wilbur (Harriette) Darky dandies. Wilkes (A. P.) 1)ynamic of redemp-

tion. 55999.

Wilkes (Ernest) Man of action.
Wilbur (O. G.) How to develop cost

('urves. 10079.
Wilce (J. W.) How to enjoy foot-

Wilkes-Barre, Pa., direct. 14006.
ball. 5.992

Wilkes-Barre, Pa., map. 14572.
Wilcomb (E. H.) Rambles about the

Wilkie (Enid) Ex-Kaiser disavow's
weirs. 46995, 46996.

knowledge of plots. 34838.
Wilcox (C. G.) Mah-jong. 28973.

Wilkins (B. C.) Farming. 7141.
Wilcox (E. M.) Father Neptune's

Wilkinson (C. J.) Phi gamma delta.
sunset stories. 34837.

Writing a chap. 54085.
Wilcox (L. E.):

Wilkinson (E. H.) Grand-l'ncle Tim-
Brand new stuff. 141002.

othy. 3791.
Proof sheet. 23937, 46997.

Wilkinson (J. P.) Wilkinson's short
Wilcox & Watson. Hidalgo Co., Tex., line guide bk. 23939.
map. 7466.

Wilkinson (L. A.) Lifting the cur-
Wild (H. L.) Wild's wonder clocks. tain. 10080. 18993.

Wilkinson (R. J.) Wilkinson's short
Wild (J. H. de) See De Wild (J. H.) line guide bk. 23939.

pt. I, n. s., v. 20

Wilkinson (V. R.) Continental mu- Williams (E. J.) Boyd's city de-

tual endowment assn. Marriage en- spatch. Boyd's general price list.
dowment policy. 36599.

Will (C. F.) Home, home, heavenly Williams (Elaine) Local color.
home. 1202.

Will & Baumer candle co., inc. :

Williams (F. A.):
Candles. 47006.

Williams (C. F.) & son, inc.
Price list. 41140.

Dream' stuff. 10089.
Willard (C. G.) C. P. A. law ques.

Loyalty. 1205.

Williams (Frank) Locomotive valve
Willard (Dok) Outta-luck club.

setting. 56002.

Williams (G. L.)
1203, 3639, 6944, 10082, 14007, 23940,

Victory saying
28667, 34839.

plan. 23943.

Williams (G. P.) Spirit of Lincoln.
Willard (J. W.) Algol. 14731.

Willard (John) :

Williams (Guy) :
Friendship. 47232.

Union bldg. & loan assi. Bus.
Green beetle. 14217.

proposition. 55677.
Willard (M. Eunice) Merry Christ-

Investors installment shares.
mas. 47007.

[etc.] 46758-46762.
Willard (M. S.) Out of the dusk.

Williams (H. Roger) Heart throbs.

Willard (Mine Eugene) Bible mes- Williams (Hadden) Pier co. Instruc-
47008, 47009.

tion in mail order. 27661.
Willard (R. D.) System bldg. & con-

Williams (Henry) Bk. of faith.
structive acct. 56000.

Willard storage battery co.:

Williams (Herbert) Glorious girl.
Better results from radio. [etc.] ]

10087, 10088.

Williams (Herschel) Night has a
Radio-telefonia. [etc.] 41141- thousand eyes. 56003.

Williams (Howard R.) Search. 35327.

Williams (J. A.)
Willcox (H. L.):

App-a-week club.

Larola. 47363.*
Lydia, seller of purple. 7243.

Williams (J. C.) Proof copy of Wil-
Tides of India. 47404.*

liams expert shorthand. 28670.

Williams (J. H. A. B.)
Williams (Albert) inc.

Heights &
confidential information. 34840.

depths. 3645.
Williams (Arthur) Essential features

Williams (J. Leon) Religious beliefs.

of securities. [etc.] 8658, 8659.
Williams (B. C.) Ten bks. I have en-

Williams (J. W.) Message to mother.

joyed most. 41144.
Williams (B. T.) Treatment & cure

Williams (Jesse Lynch):
of cancerous diseases. 19001.

Why marry? 10206.*
Williams (Bobbie) Minstrelism à la Why not? 31518.*
Tutankhamen. 24245.

Williams (Joseph) ltd. Gentlemen of
Williams (C. B.). Method of costing

the road. 10247.
partially completed orders. 56001. Williams (L. W.) Sandwich glass.
Williams (C. E.) Williams bus. sys- 1206.
tem. 47010.

Williams (M. B.):
Williams (C. F.) Churning out Art inst. of Chicago color prints.
chunks of gold. 14008.

Williams (C. F.) & son, inc.:

Nancy Holmes. 14009.
Dream stuff. 10089.

Williams (P. G.) Garden of man's
Loyalty. 1205.

mind. 7155.
Williams (C. H.) Life's journey.

Williams (Paul) :

Admits passive war will end.
Williams (C. M.) Fun on Hallowe'en.

[etc.] 41146-41162.

Barred from mines. [etc.]
Williams (Charles B.) No honor.


Bavaria seeks stern military rule.
Williams (Craig) pseud. See Lederer

[etc.] 47014-47019.
(W. J.)

Begin taking coke. [etc.] 19001-
Williams (Donald) Who's who.


Bul. [etc.] 10090–10094.

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nos. 1-12, 1923

Bury Essen dead. [etc.] 23945– Williams gold refining co. Direct. for

ordering. 14032.
Crown prince of Roumania ig- Williams patent crusher & pulverizer

nores his Lizi. [etc.] 6946, CO. Williams patent crushers.

Cuno at Munster. [etc.]

[etc.] 34841-

Williamsburgh savings bank :

Amer. robin. [etc.] 14033-14044.
Doughboys sad as wacht am

Auto suggestion. [etc.] 41170–
Rhine is ended. [etc.] 3646,


Do you remember Reilly. [etc.]
Four die in Rhine battle. 56005.

47022, 47023.
French in Dortmund. [etc.] Easy come, easy go. [etc.] 34863-
1207, 1208.

Krupp given 15 yrs. in prison. Every player wins. [etc.] 23961-
[etc.] 28671–28676.

Williams (R. H.) Styles (J. H.) jr. Join our new Christmas club.
Thinking God's thoughts after him.

41172, 41173.

Our flag. [etc.] 28680-28682.
Williams - (Robert H.) Visit to the Our home. 19019.

home of constructive finger surgery. Suppose you had. [etc.] 56012–

Williams (SidneyEve. 35098.

Home service dept. Household
Williams (T. W.):

budget & acct. bk. 3648.
Austrians to come here soon for

Williamson (A. C.) Times-picayune.
loan. [etc.]
[etc.] 19012–19018.

Open price home bldg. page. [etc.]
Germans in Ruhr expect crises

soon. 23960.

Williamson (A. E.) Guide to Chicago
Williams (Valentine) :

zoning ordinance. 56017.
Adventure of the chamois leather

Williamson (A. M. L.):
packet. [etc.] 41163-41169.

Million dollar doll. 1209, 6948,
Guarding Egypt's treasures.

10095, 14045.

Venusberg. 47024.
Mystery of the purple cabriolet.

Williamson (Mrs. C. N.) See Wil-

liamson (A. M. L.)

Williamson (L. A.) True friendship.
Williams (W. L.) Trade & service

direct. 28677.
Williams (Walter W.) Brooklyn de-

Williamson (W. H.) :
signing, cutting & tailoring schl.

Moonshine. 28992, 28993.
One of a ser. 11009.

Santa Save. 41174.
Williams (Warner W.) Great secret

Tut-an-save. 14046.
of freemasonry. 56006.

Williamson heater co.:
Williams (Whiting) In the powder

New article. 47025.
magazine of Europe. 56007–56010.

Williamson news.

Williams & co. Bankers & brokers

Williamson news. 41175.
direct. 7734, 25050.

Williamson's undersea wonders, inc.
Williams & Wilkins co.:

Wonders of the sea. 7595.
Demand for leadership. [etc.]

Williamsport, Pa., direct. 23964.
28678, 28679.

Williamstown, N. J., map. 41660.
Getting employees interested in


Williamstown, Vt.. direct.
the job. 34862.

Williamsville, W. Va., map. 19651.
Wang (G. H.) Relation between

Willihnganz (Joseph) Floor level

system. 1210.
spontaneous activity. 41073.
Warden (C. J.) Distribution of

Willimantic, Conn., direct. 34866.
practice in animal learning.

Willimantic, Conn., map. 29611.

Willis (F. M.) Theosophy in outline.

Williams direct. co.:
Cincinnati, O., direct. 48863.

Willis (H. P.):
Covington, Ky., direct. 15486.

Amer. banking. 47026.
Dayton, O., direct. 11407.

Services of banks, [etc.] 56019,
Hamilton, O., direct. 26254.

Sandusky, O., direct. 27915.

Willis (J. K.) Master key system,
Springfield, O., direct. 18595.

Williams' Cincinnati guide & st. Willis (W. H. H.) Philadelphia, Pa.,
direct. 56011.

map. 19604.

pt. I, n. S., v. 20

I, v.


Willis music co.:

Wilson (E. B.):
Aiken (W. H.)
Celebrated com-

At last. [etc.] 56030–56041.
posers. 41877.

Chief Justice Coke's opinion. Dodge (M. H.) Stage manager's

[etc.] 6950-6952. guide. 49591.

Confidential. [etc.] 41184-41192. Goldenburg (G. D.) Stage man- Wilson (E. B.) adv. co. He also agers guide. 31595.

was a busy banker. 6953. Williston (Ruth) Yes or no. 19020, Wilson (E. F.): 23965, 28685, 34867, 41176, 47027,

First come. 41330. 56021.

In or out? 3722.

Wilson (E. H.) Travel tales of a Williston, Fla., map. 4020.

plant collector. 1214, 14051, 19031, Willits, Calif., map. 29612.

23968, 28690, 34873, 41193, 47037, Willmore (Edw.) Cromwell the Pro

56042. tector. 7098.

Wilson (E. M.) Least of these. 35198. Willmore (H. E.) Electro-platers' | Wilson (E. W.) Health center. 10097. formulary. 10096.

Wilson (F. H.) Pa Williams' gal. Willner (A. M.) :

19351, 35272. Heilige Ambrosius. 10267.

Wilson (F. M.) We'll cross over the Milliardensouper. 10355.

river & rest. 28691. Nimm mich mit! 3818.

Wilson (F. T.) ) Select after dinner Willoughby

A.) Elem. elec. stories. 28692. 28688.

Wilson (G. H.) Dawning age of light. Willoughby, O., map. 4021.

28693. Willows. Twelve mos. journey. 28689. Wilson (G. M.) Wilson language error Willows maternity sanitarium. Cat. test. 23969, 23970. of the Willows training schl. [etc.] Wilson (Gardner)


Blunders. 6954, 19028. 19029.

6955. Wills (Frank):

Wilson (H. L.) How's your health. Await Allies' order. [etc.] 1211,

24167. 1212.

Wilson (Harry) Los Angeles. Cross British, French scheme. 47034. & the prayer. 6956. Turk cabinet. [etc.] 14047–14050. Wilson (Harry) New York. Picture

Turks call 25 troop classes. 28689. of Dorian Gray. 7302. Wills (Ridley) Golden mean. 19030.

Wilson (I. B.) Tis Christmas. 56043. Wills Point, Tex., map. 19652.

Wilson (J. G.) corp. : Wills products co. Buy paint by the

Doors for industrial buildings. barrel. 6949.

28694. Willson goggles, inc. Let your gog

Wilson rolling steel doors. 34875. gles take the punishment. [etc.]

Wilson (J. M.)

(J. M.) Subterranean king3651, 3652.

dom. 41195.

Wilson (J. P.) Dodge club. 35081. Willys-Overland, inc. Willys-Knight

Wilson (J. W.) Goldbrick's return. pts list. 41183.

41341. Wilmarth (P. R.) Goo-goo. 7161.

Wilson (Josephine) To the women of Wilmarth show case co. Drug store the home. 31876. equipment. 56029.

Wilson (Katherine) Copper tints. Wilmer (Edith) Now you


28695. 24261.

Wilson (M. D.) Picture of Dorian Wilmington, ('alif., map. 35575.

Gray. 7302. Wilmington, Del.. map. 1529.

Wilson (M. P.) Taking the guessWilmington, O., map. 1530.

work out of sour milk. 10098. Wilmot (W. F.):

Wilson (P. C.): Culture of Isolan. 1213.

Santa Barbara, Calif.. direct. Little guest. [etc.] 31871, 31872.

56044. Wilned (-) J' te veux ! 10303.

-map. 41627, Wilson (A. L.) Bowdoin Dome, Mont., Wilson (R. D.) Is the higher criticism map. 1329, 3928–3932.

scholarly? 19032. Wilson (B. M.) Big bk. 7015.

Wilson (S. A.): Wilson (Calder) :

Festival of Yankee Doodle. 47220. Poppy from Poughkeepsie. [etc.] ] Musical memories. 41391. 6817, 6818.

Wilson (W. G.) Direct. of agricull'gly St. Ambrose. 9931. .

tural & home economics. 15612. Wilson (Calvert) Auto. distance Wilson (W. H.) Farmers on move, schedule. [etc.] 47035, 47036.


nos. 1-12, 1923

Wilson & Neely. Rule for obtaining Winniett (G. W.) Cats & cruises. credit on income tax. 47038.

14165. Wilson chemical co. Ann. cat. 56045. Winniford (E. L.) When the moon Wilson fastener co. Failure of a sin- rose over Rincon. 28697. gle one. [etc.] 41196-41198.

Winona direct. co. Winona, Minn., Wilson-Jones loose leaf co. De luxe direct. 28698.

loose leaf systems. [etc.] 6957– Winona mills co. Book of selling help. 6959, 14052, 23972.

56053. Wilson process, inc. Facts & photo- Winooski, Vt., direct. 138, 36229. graphs. 3653.

Winrod (G. B.) Christ within. Wilson seed co. Beautiful premiums. 23975. 3654, 56046.

Winslow (C. E. A.): Wilson stationery & printing co. Pre

Health problems of industry. nuptials of Polly. 23973.

23976. Wilt (Franklyn) Jimmy steps out.

Magda. 41461 (2) 24183.

Winslow (C. L.) Our favorite saints. Winder service co.:

56054. Carleton men's service. [etc.]

Winslow (David) Magic of thought 6960–6965, 14053–14058, 56047.

power. 23977. Winder service studios. Gic serv

Winslow (H. H.) Common sense. ice. 6966-6969, 14059–14062.

35063. Winder service studios. Gic service.

Winslow (T. S.) 6966-6969.

Autobiog. of a folWindham, Me., direct. 13984.

lies girl. 3655. Windholz canneries, inc. :

Winsted, Conn., map. 4022.

Winston (J. C.) co.: Alseuer (J. N.) Preparedness in

Firman (S. G.) Winston companthe pantry. 47745. Windhorst (Wm.) co. Story for stout

ion readers. 21056. women 44552.

Foote (J. M.) Teachers' manual Windsor (H. H.):

for Human geog. 21103. Popular mechanics press. Popular

Human geog. [etc.] 46280446285. mechanics concrete handbk. 18089.

Lewis (W. D.) Silent readers. Suggestions to agents. 56048.

8889, 21886, 21887. Windsor (L. D.) Little chats. 47039. McCoy (M. J.) Teachers' manual Windsor (R. H.) Yourself in the light

for Human geog. 21974. of vitosophy. 23974.

Maltby (E. H.) Winston companWindsor (William) Yourself in the

ion readers. 8984. light of vitosophy. 23974.

Walsh (G. E.) Bobby gray squirWindsor, Vt., direct. 573.

rel. [etc.] 34766-34776. Wine (Florence) . For. dolls. 6970.

Winston's cumulative loose-leaf Winegarden (Daniel) :

encycl. 56055. Educator promulgator. 1215.

Winston, Conn., direct. 14063. Resurrection. 56050.

Winston's cumulative loose-leaf encycl. Wing (F. L.) Wing & son. Bk. of

56055. complete information about pianos. Winter garden co.: 19033.

Dancing girl. 7103. Wing (L. J.) mfg. co. Wing turbine Passing show. 24278. blower. 56049.

Winters (J. H.) co.: Wing & son. Bk. of complete infor

Bldg. an estate. 6971. mation about pianos. 19033.

Certificate of estate. [etc.] Wingenroth (A. J.) Instructions for

28699-28707. swimming. 34877.

You get back $1,000. [etc.] Wingert (H. S.) :

23978, 23979. Be careful. [etc.] 47040, 47041. Winters (Kudner) Slag. 14347. 0. state univ. Student health Winthrop (S. V.) To have & to hold.

service. Are your teeth clean? 6972.
[etc.] 45429, 45430.

Winthrop, Ark., map. 35576. Wingfield (F. R.) Microbe in the kiss. Wintle (W. D.) Thinking. 19034. 56051.

Wireless specialty apparatus co. RaWingfield (0. D.) Microbe in the kiss. diola. 7. 34878. 56051.

Wirfs (E. J.): Wingo (A. M.) Robber bold. 28696. Home comfort. [etc.] 56056Winkelman (G. M.) Memories of the

56058. Golden Gate. 56052.


comfort weatherstrip. Winnett, Mont., map. 1531.

[etc.] 19035–19040.

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