Lapas attēli

nos. 1-12, 1923

Shreveport, La., map. 24645.

Siedler (C. W.) Latin, a concise gram. Shreveport times. Rhodes (E. R.) 13433.

Member of mob unmasked. 9579. Siedman (Victor) mfg. co., inc. SiedShriber-Schroth co. Cat. of automo- man's sterling. 54812.

bile & garage supplies. 18440. Siegel (Max): Shubert (A. B.) inc. :

Angels. 14136. Free to trappers. [etc.] 6582

Night schl. 35261. 6587.

Siemens (Frieda) Frieda Siemens' Shubert shipper. [etc.] 9741, music classes. 54813. 9742.

Sienknet (Mary) See Riddle (M. S.) Shubert (J. J.):

Sierra (Gregorio Martínez) See MarBuss. 19175.

tínez Sierra (Gregorio) (ritic. 19198.

Sigler (E. J.) Spec. arr. home study Fashion show. 19225.

course in motion picture acting. Murder! 19331.

46094. Remuddled house. 19377.

Sigler (R. R.) N. Y. pathfinder. Toot & come in. 19424.

18142. What happens when the state Sigma phi epsilon fraternity. Freeark comes to market for fine art.

(C. H.) Purdue plan. 2275. 19452.

Sigmund (Joseph) Auto. free. 13434,

18815. Shubert (Lee) :

Signal. 46095.
Buss. 19175.
Critic. 19198.

Signal contracting co. Torrance, Calif., Fashion show. 19225.

mar. 29557

Signor (F. R.) Christmas plays & Murder! 19331.

recitations. 47181. Never say die. 47322.

Sikes (C. S.) Remuddled house. 19377.

Ry. accounting. 23283,

28057. Toot & come in. 19424. Siklone dry

CO. What happens when the state

storage battery

Truth about dry storage batteries. comes to market for fine art.

13435. 19452. Shubert theatrical co.:

Silipigni (Joseph) Natale. 3719.

Silk industry, map. 7522, 7523. In the moonlight. 10292.

Sill (H. B.) Solution of the farm Maggie. 10331. Shults bread co.:

problem. 54814.

Sill (J. V.) Boys & girls memory Bread of the richest ingredients.

test. 34161. [etc.] 1049–1051.

Silva (Anthony) Love's own guiding ('lose-textured, well baked. [etc.]

light. 23284. 9663–9667.

Silva y Aramburu

Aramburu (José) Reina Once a small bakershop. [etc.]

Topacio. 35311. 9743, 9744.

Silver, Burdett & co.: Toast it. 18332.

Ettinger (W. L.) Progressive Shultz (J. R.) Beacon Hill & the

road to silent reading. 19825. carol singers. 54808.

Fowlkes (J. G.) Evaluating schl. Shumm (W. A.) Shumm's lumber

textbks. 26036. rates. 3313–3323, 6588-6594, 9745–

Griffith (C. E.) Great composers 9747, 46093, 54809.

of the world. 16036. Shumway (L. C.) Grange in the

Princess & the sage. 41409.* community. 35139.

Starch (Daniel) Test & study Shur-on optical co. When is a person

speller. 46100-46408. correctly dressed? 18441.

Silver Creek, N. Y., map. 41631. Shuster (M. L.) Ten bks. I have en

Silver spruce. 18143. joyed most. [etc.] 23279, 23280.

Silverman (Alexander) Lab. direcShut-tite cover mfg. co. Dream that

tions. 28058. came true. [etc.] 54810, 54811.

Silverstein (Abraham): Shute (Mrs. A. B. E.) Weaker ves

Flashlight of scripture truths. sel. 3324.

[etc] 54815, 54816. Shutt bros. Real estate facts. 3325.

From Sinai. to Calvary. 13-136. Sibley (F. S.) Human element the Jewish marriage ceremony. [etc.] most neglected factor. 23281.

6595, 6596. Sibley, Ill., map. 29516.

Silverstrype co. inc. Silverstrype idea. Siciliano (C. A.) Secrets of muscular 46096. power. 23282.

Silvia (H. B.) Project in aesthetic Sickle (Sal) Greater truth. 28056. appreciation. 28773, 46007.

pt. 1, n. S., v. 20

Simeson (Ingeborg) Børnevers. 18444. Simons (H. C.) Via the club plan. Simmons (A. H.) Glendome nurses' 40209, 40394.

club & registry. Glendome nurses Simonson (T. B.) Tom's system of club. 15979.

muscular development. 46238. Simmons (J. P.) Working plans for Simpkins (V. T.) Uncle Wip & his

New composition & rhetoric. 28059. friends. 46239. Simmons (Rousseau) Two in one. Simplex elec, heating co. Simplex elec. 29104.

range instr. bk. 9771. Simmons-Boardman pub. co. Simmons

Simplicity sales co. Simplicity acctg. Boardman marine direct. 13437.

system. 1067. Simms (J. N.) Simms blue bk & natl.

Simpson (F. W.) Acme mineral co. negro bus. & prof. direct. 18447. How to post yourself on the value of Simms (W. P.) Cuno says France in

mineral mixtures. 47687. vaded Ruhr. [etc] 18445, 18446.

Simpson (G. R.) Six French verbs Simon (Anna) Haiti. 35147.

for beginners. 54998. Simon (E. J.) Land of happiness.

Simpson (I. F.) Sleeping dogs. 29072 19288.

Simpson (J. M.) Lesson in geog.

46240. Simon (Franklin) & co., inc. : All-over embroidered coats. [etc.]

Simpson (Orval) Jot it. 54999.

Simpson (Robert): 23285–23470.

Bad bus. 34276. All over embroidered jacquette

Guest of Mohamma Sani. 10210blouses. [etc ] 18448–18527.

40393, 40395. All-over pleated blouse. [etc.]

Neither money nor power. 46241. 13438-13509.

White man's boots. 23471. All the smart fashions. [etc.] 54817-54993.

Simpson (R. I.) Training for track All the smart pleatings. [etc.]

& field. 28113-28115. 28060-28111.

Sims (M. S.) Dalton, Ga., map. Aquascutum fall topcoats. [etc.]

7443. 46098–46237.

Sinai, map. 19521.

Sinclair (Arthur) Aquascutum overcoats.

Paris red. 10390. [etc.] 1052–1066.

Sinclair (H. A.) Story of Delft. Black or or white gowns.


[etc.] 34162_34275.

Sinclair (Horace) Psyching Percy. Boys' all wool Norfolk. [etc.]

35300. 6597-6603.

Sinclair (J. F.): Bramley dress of kasha jersey.

A B C of the entire European sit[etc.] 9748-9769.

uation. [etc.] 55000–55005. Frock fashions for sunshine re

Can Europe hold together. [etc.] sorts. [etc.] 3326-3330.

46242, 46243. Simon (George) Salicylate produc

Sinclair (M. S.) Final test. 28883, tion & prices. 28112.

Sinclair (May) Arnold Waterlow. Simon (Max or M. M.):

46244, 46245. Discharged. 35078.

Sinclair (Upton) Hell. 31277. Haiti. 35147.

Sinclair refining co., inc. : Moon shine. 47310.

Sinclair law of lubrication. 23472. Simonds (Mrs. C. L.) Rolling stones.

Truth about gasoline. 46246. 46237.

Sing around the world songs. 23473. Simonds saw & steel co.:

Sing Fat co. Catalogue. 40396.

Singer (B.) Bulletins. 28116, 40397. Saws, knives & files. 9770. Simonds guide guide for carpenters.

Singer (Elias) Revenge through love.

29050. 3331.

Singer (L.) & co. See Steiner (Gabor) Simons (A. M.) Hartford, Conn., map. Singer educa. dept. sewing schl.: 10553, 10554.

Course of instr. 6604. Simons (Evelyn) :

Lesson. 23474. 23475, 28117, Choice dialogues for rural schls.

40398-40400, 46247-46250. [etc.] 54994–54997.

Singer mfg. co.: Dashing darkies. 35071.

Adjuster manual. [etc.] 16251Hiring a schoolma'am. 35166.

46266. Mamma's boy. 35224.

Ball bearing Singer machine. Mr. Boskins escapes the law.

[etc.] 28118–28134. 35237.

Buttonholes. 3332. Paw gets took. 35282.

Care & use of Singer sewing moWho is that man ? 35407.

tors. [etc.] 6605–6612.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Elec. & the Singer. 19101.
First, the last & the best family

sewing machine. (etc.) 9773

9782. High speed two needle Singer ma

chine. [etc.] 55006–55022. Instruccoes paro o uso. [etc.]

18528–18545. Instrs. for using Singer sewing

machine. [etc.] 1068–1071, 23476-23483, 34278–34281, 40401–

40404. Singer educa. dept. sewing schl. Course of instr. 6604.

-Lesson. 23474, 23475, 28117, 40398-40400, 46247-46250.

Singer elec. transmitter. 13510. Sinning (G. R.) Worse than war.

1072. Sioux City, Ia., direct. 1073. Sioux Falls, S. D., direct. 28135. Sioux Falls, S. D., map. 41632. Sipe (P. B.) Nothing succeeds like

success. 7276. Sippola (G. W.) Coué (Emile)

Itse-suggestioni. 15480. Sirch (C. W.) Sirch chlorinator,

55023. Sirrine (J. E.) & co. Picks to the

minute. 55024. Sisk (Herman) Once to every woman.

10381. Sisson (E. O.) Lincoln tremendous

force. [etc.] 13511, 13512. Sisson (H. W.) Sisson breeze, 6613,

6614, 9789, 46267-46270. Sisson (Septimus) Concerning the

stomach of the ox. 18546. Sisson breeze, 6613, 6614, 9783, 46267

46270. Sisters of Loretta. Language busy

work. 46271, 46272. Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

Etymology notes. 9784.

Personal & schl. hygiene. 28136. Sitler (H. R.) Higher bid. 24161. Sittenfeld (G. M.) Goodyear mfg. co.

Best-in-the-long-rain. [etc.] 37632.

37633. Sittser (L. A.) Sittser's perpetual cal.

18547. Sjoberg (A. L.) Perpetual cal. 46273. Skagit Co., Wash., direct. 34282. Skene (Don) : Boyish Haver's

Havers captures open. [etc.] 34283–34293. Carp flattens Nilles. 28137. Lenglen-Ryan barely win doubles finals. [etc.]

[etc.] 18548, 18549. Molla decides to play. [etc.]

13513-13518. Royalty sees Vinny win from

Frenchman. [etc.] 40405, 40406.

Suzanne sends Molla down.

Skidmore, Mo., map. 35558.
Skinner (E. M.):
Are you an

ostrich? [etc.] 40407_40410.

Copper share statistics. 13519. Skinner (F. J.):

Baker (W. E.) jr. Kennel &

kennel management. 4270. Breeders' cal. 1074. Breese (V. P.) Fox terrier. 4428, 20178, 20179.

Hist. of the Pekingese. 48369. Hopkins (Lydia) Hist. of the

Pekingese. 21427, 21428. Pomeroy (Emily) Your dog's di

gestion. 6327. Rine (J. Z.) Kennel kraft.

23057. Skinner (J. L.) Washington (B. T.)

One hundred selected sayings.

34788. Sklar (S. B.) Happy man & other

essays. 46274. Skog (Iver) Lord's prayer. 34294. Skokie country club. Caddie manual

Skokie country club. 34295. Skreberg (Hans) King Tut solitaire

or game. 28138. Slattery (C. L.) Holy communion.

9785. Slattery (E. T.) CO. For a merrier

Christmas. [etc.] 55025–55028. Slattery Margaret):

Discovering God through faith.

[etc.] 23485, 23486. Discovering God through prayer.

[etc.] 13520, 13521. Impotent star. 46275.

Tomorrow. 40411. Sleeper (M. B.) 101 radio receiving

circuits. 18550. Slick, Okla., map. 41633. Sling, pseud. See Schlesinger (Paul). Slingerland (G. S.) Slingerland's

master winning system. 13522. Slingluff (Horace) jr. Creditgraph.

46276. Sloan (W. J.) Do you know? 46277. Sloane (T. O.) Stand. chem. course.

18551, 40412, 40413. Sloboda (Carl) :

I'm jenseits. 10287.

Mutter natur. 10367. Sloman (E. G.) How to play kong

jenk. 9786. Smaldone (Pompilio) Europe in

America & America in Europe.

19704. Smale pub. co. Sycamore tribune.

Why trade at home. 55505-55512.


pt. I, n. s., v. 20

Small (J. H.) & sons. Floral trib- Smith (Charles F.) :

utes to our late Pres. W. G. Hard- Notes & pictures of Boston. 6615. ing. 46278.

Smith's pills. 55033. Small, Maynard & co., inc.:

Smith (Chas. M.) Hey Rube! 7178. Arthur. 14137*.

Smith (Chas. W.) San Francisco, Best plays & yr. bk. of the drama.

Calif., map.

41625. 35018*.

Smith (Charlotte) Garrison's finish. Smalling (Landon) :

1573. Brownie. 23487.

Smith (Clifford W.) Letters per line Sonsy Annie. 34296.

system. 18554. Smallwood (J. W.) Oil securities. Smith (Clifford W.) Motor tours in 9970.

& near Washington. 20503.

Smith (D. S.) Ans. to Fundamentals Smart (J. W.) Morgan (F. L.) CO.

of pract, math. [etc.] 55940, 55941. Astro. 9115.

Smith (Dan) June bride. 34298. Smart (V. E.) X. D. lignite coal rates.

Smith (David V.) Birds of prey. 34297.

7047. Smedes (H. R.) Agricultural graph- Smith (Dora V.) Case of lese ics. 46279.

majesty. 28818. Smedsrud (A. 0.) Natural complex- Smith (Doris) Spirit of Frances Wil

ion of nature's aid. 55029, 55030. lard. 47389.* Smile system.

Smile bk. for auto Smith (E. B.): tourists. 28139.

Bks, children love to read. 18555. Smily (W. E.):

To my mother in heaven. 34300. Regeneration of Xerxes. 14327. Smith (E. D.) & co. ChrysantheRomance of Tamineh & Rustem. mums. 1075, 9787, 55037. 14333.

Smith (E. E.) State of Va. 55034. Smith (A. D.) Lexington, Va., direct.

Smith (E. G.) Here are the com16671,

plete directions. 18557.

Smith (E. M.) New discovery in hog Smith (A. G.) Bible. Joy. [etc.]

feeding. 18556. 18271-48272.

Smith (E. R.) Yellow touring guide. Smith (A. H.) co.:

34299. Announcing the most convenient

Smith (E. V.) Broadcast. 3741.
& pract. of compacts. [etc.]

Smith (Earl H.) Spying thru the key

hole. 19405. Djer-kiss holiday sets. 55031.

Smith (Edgar) Hammond, Ind., In this parfum-romance parigi

direct. 37778. enne. 18552.

Smith (Edmund L.): Kerkoff, Paris. Fashion's new dictate.

Beggar's choice. 7038. [etc.] 21733-21737.

Manikins. 14277. Smith (A. M.) Second generation. No wonder. 29005. 47375.

Smith (Edward) & co. Winners. Smith (A. W.):

28142. Bankers credit assn. Psycho- Smith (Edw. D.) Prayer. 55035. logical collector. 48062.

Smith (Edward H.) Release. 35381.* Vindicator. 26724.

Smith (Ed. W.) Ask Great Northern Smith (Acheson) How management road to finance fight. [etc.] 40419_ can increase production. 28140.

40428. Smith (Andre) Golden tomb. 10255.

Smith (Elizabeth L.) Ten little shops Smith (Archibald) Patent examiner's

adv. co. Ten little shops in the east guide. 55032.

forties. 40820. Smith (Bashford):

Smith (Ella L.) Cat. of Ala. inCalifornia, map. 3934.

destructible dolls. 55036. San Francisco, Calif.,

map. Smith (Elmer D.) Smith's chrysan1476, 21633.

themum manual. 3334. Smith (Ben) Burkhart (Addison) Smith (F. B.) Natl. merc. clearing Songs of the trades. 3691.

house. Direct collector. 5768. Smith (C. C.) Tooth intelligence. Smith (F. D.) Ark. adv. agency. 200 [etc.] 40417, 40418.

human int. bank advs. 4220. Smith (C. D.) Hare & hound. 3333. Smith (F. E.) Chart & instr. 13524. Smith (C. E.) Pract. course in touch Smith (F. S.) Astrology simplified. typewriting. 28141.

3335. Smith (C. F.) Our railroads. 19148. Smith (Ford) Abraham Lincoln, Smith (C. H.) Nutrition class. 6616. 13523.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Smith (Franklyn D.) By the sea with Smith (John) furniture co. Little

sweet Marie. [etc.] 34301-34303. home ser. 9788. Smith (G. L.) Single premiums. Smith (Joseph) Bible Sabbaths & 55038.

what they mean. 40429. Smith (H. Augustine) Commonwealth Smith (Kenneth) Mother love. of God. 18558, 19192.*

18562. Smith (H. Augustin) Smith's st. Smith (L. L.) Smith's radio signal direct. 34304.

system index. 55041. Smith (H. B.) Wizard of the Nile. Smith (L. P.) L. P. Smith price cir29144 (4)

cular. [etc.] 40430, 40431. Smith (H. C.) In their right minds. Smith (L. R.): 28928.

Animals and the pot of gold. Smith (H. F.) Rusty door. 35320,

[etc.] 46291-46307. 35381.*

Cotton-Tail first reader. [etc.] Smith (H. H.) :

3431034315. Associated adv. clubs of the Gingerbread boy & joyful jingle world. Church adv. 42051.

play stories. 28144-28146. Religious copy service. Display Three little cotton-tails. 18563. ads for a local church. 33880.

Two hundred games that teach. Smith (H. J.) Hare & hound. 3333.

55040. Smith (H. L.) Agatha's aunt. 47137. Smith (L. S.) & son mfg. co. Smith's Smith (H. M.) Message to girls. cupels. [etc.] 3336, 3337, 28147. 23488

Smith (Lottie) Soul tonic. 55042. Smith (H. O.) Outline for qualitative Smith (M. C.) Truth & love. 46308. anal. 18559.

Smith (M. G.) Land of happiness. Smith (H. S.) Standard illus. chart.

41362. 34305.

Smith (M. H.) Lost inheritance. Smith (H. W.):

6618. Burns (J. F.) Economics. 20288. Gifford (E. G.) Biol. ans. 21259.

Smith (M. L ) Star of Bethlehem. Nuese (M. A.) Elem. bkkpg.

3338. 22791.

Smith (M. M.) Tempest. 14362.* Smith (Henry) U. S., map. 29576. Smith (M. P.) Don't. 10218. Smith (I. L.) Our animal friends. Smith (Marion A.) Gift divine. 55039.

35130. Smith (I. S.) Rainbow number. Smith (Mary) Are you too stout? 34306.

40432. Smith (I. T.) Liberty Co. Liberty.

Smith (Mary Adams) Odd kraft, gift 2608. Smith (J. A.) Lord's finan. plan.

and lamp shop. 27535. 13525, 28143.

Smith (Mary Ashley) Price of love.

35297. Smith (J. E.) Gen. radio hnd. bk. 18560.

Smith (Milton A.) Safety subscripSmith (J. M.) Munson schl. for

tion system. 9789. private secretaries. Private sec.

Smith (N. A.) Action, poems & plays trained. 9146, 39037.

for children. 24026.* Smith (J. R.):

Smith (P. A.) Spinners' handy data Human geog. [etc.] 46280

bk. 9790. 46285.

Smith (P. E.) Will India wait? Teachers' manual for Human

10497. geog. 21103.

Smith (P. G.): Smith (J. S.):

Beautiful but dumb. 14142. Aiding merchant advances town. Bridge party. 28811. [etc.) 46286–46290.

Broadway bubble. 47167. How to boost. [etc.] 34308, Compliments of the season. 10206. 34309.

Comrades. 19193.
Palmyra enterprise. Campaign Cook's parlor tour. 28838.

boosts home merchants. [etc.] Distinguished service. 24112.
27605, 27606.

Encore. 7126.
Smith (J. V.) Pot of gold. 6617.

Everybody welcome. 35100. Smith (J. W.) :

Fare please. 19224. Golden rod hi-way log bk. & First nighters. 35116. direct. 8507.

For the love of Pete. 28888. Rapid calculation. 18561.

Four of a kind. 19235. Smith (James) To Hiram. 34307.

Girl from Iowa. 24147. 10079924—24


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