Lapas attēli

pt. i, n. s., v. 20

Riggs (K. D. S. W.) Baby's friend Ritchel (C. S.) Manual of interior

& nursery heroes. [etc.] 54394- guard duty. 13259. 54398.

Ritchie (A. E.) Million dollar formRight angle. 3191, 18223, 27835, 39704 ula. 3192. 45807.

Ritchie (J. W.) Health work & Righter (G. A.) Casting & mixing. health problems. 27837. 18221.

Rithfewa home schl. & life soc. PreRikola verlag. Vampir. 21352..

paratory home study course. 45810. Riley (A. C. D.):

Ritter (Philip) Co., inc. Rates & inRadio. 47360.

formation on the religious press. Sponge. 47391.

27838. Ten minutes by the clock. 10453*. Ritter (S. M.) Miracle. 51409. Riley (H.) Health bk. for the home. Ritter dental mfg. co., inc. : 33918.

Promoting sales for Ritter dealRiley (J. A.) Cal. & time table.

ers. [etc.] 13260, 13261. 54399.

When is a dentist a success. Riley (S. E.) I will not ļeave you Ritz (Robert) pseud. See Ritzler comfortless. 23056.

Rine (J. Z.) Kennel kraft. 23057. Ritzler (Robert):
Rinehart (F. Q.) Toro Club. 45808. Game. 1260.
Rinehart (J. S.) Why chronic dis-

Sky's the limit. 3881. eases. 9586.

Rivas (F. M. de) See De Rivas Rinehart (M. R.):

(F. M.) Breaking point. 54100-51108. Rivas (Manuel Linares) See Linares Twenty-two. 39703.

Rivas (M.) Ring (B. T):

Riverside, Calif., direct. 23058. Big scene. 35022.

Riverton (Ruth) pseud. See ErickGod All Heal, 10253.

son (R. C.) Ringer (Soren) Ringer signal file. Rives (Amelie) 10 best bks. I have 3191

read. 33919. Ringkamp (B. K.) Chatterbox. 951. Rivinius (E. C.) Out of the tempest. Ringling, Okl., map. 24621.

29020. Ringrose (H. & M. E.) Ringrose Rivoire (André) :

(Hyacinthe) Internatl. legal direct. Belle angevine. 14115*. 9587.

Hulla. 14230. Rings (W. R.) Office service bur.

Rixford (L. P.): Tourist's map of Gettysburg. 27537. Rules for playing game of the Rinn (J. F.) Zeno. 29143.

Four winds. 9589. Rintelen (Eugen) Evchen Humbrecht. Rules for playing Sparrow. 7131.

27839. Riordan (P. D.) Chart of the U. S. Roachdale, Ind., map. 19888. 18225.

Roan (Tom) Man mauler of the NonRios (Luis de los):


39710. Convenio de Vergara. 24094. Roanoke, Va., direct. 33920. Hombre de las diez mujeres. Roanoke, Va., map. 29490. 24163,

Rob Wagner's Calif. almanack. 54410. Rip, pseud. See Thénon (G. G.) Robb (A. B.) Seventh commandment. . Ripley (C. M.) Economics for em

41423. ployees. 11727.

Robb (A. L.) See Robb (A. B.) Rippel (J. S.) & co. Quotations of Robb (J. F.) Little talks about tradeN. J. securities. 9588.

marks. 3193. Rippen (J. D.) Girl scouts in the Robb (K. E.) America's making. home. 39706.

10151. Risco syndicate. Risser (R. N.) Po- Robb, Robb & Hill. Robb (J. F.)

lite pleasant palaver. 39707, 39708. Little talks about trade-marks. Rising (1/78. L. E.) Adventures in 3193. the psalms. 27836.

Robbins (Edward) What could be Risley (H. S.) Story of Apple Seed sweeter. 35398. Johnnie. 45809.

Robbins (J. J.): Risser (R. N.) Polite pleasant pa- Tavern of Seville. 19414. laver. 39707, 39708.

Upstart nobleman. 10474. Ritch (Manly):

Robbins (Jeremiah) Babylon, west All set for the postmen's ball. Islep & vicinity. 9590. [etc.] 6447, 6448.

Robbins (L. H.) Homer Balmy takes My work. 39709.

I his pen in hand. 3194-3196.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Robbins enterprises, inc. Birth of a Robertson (C. B.) Donkey's bridge. new idea. 952.

35082. Robbins pub. co.. inc.

Brown's di

Robertson (F. C.): rect. of Amer. gas cos. 25231.

Denny. [etc.] 954, 955. Robert (L. de) Paroles d'un soli

Not three of a kind. [etc.] 39714, taire. 39711.

39715. Robert Morris associates. Failure

Sportin' blood. 33921. study. 953.

Robertson (H. H.) co. : Roberts (A. L.) Dental state bd. ques. Merchandising plan for the sheet & ans. 18226.

metal jobber. 9592. Roberts (Bobby) Ba-nonn-os. 7035. Robertson process asbestos proRoberts (Carl) Rube, the boob &

tected metal. 45813. the girl.' 3872.

Steel, asphalt, asbestos felt, water Roberts (Cecil) 10 bks. I have en

proofing. 23060. joyed most. 39712.

Testimony of repeat orders. Roberts (Elmer) Cache la poudre.

33922. 25269.

Who pays for this war? 13263. Roberts (G. F.) Roberts (G. F.) pub.

You remember Archilles. 27840. Co. Telep. direct. 6449

Robertson (J. E.) Work for yourRoberts (G F.) pub. co. Pullman er

self. 54414. change telep. direct. 54411.

Robertson (Lawson) College athRoberts (G. N.) Weasel. 14382.

letics. 51415. Roberts (K. E.) :

Robertson (Marguerite):
College of crime. 28830.

By candle light. 41300.
Touch. 7392.

Hand of God. 14220. Roberts (K. L.) Columbus dispatch. Robertson (R. M. E.) Evangeline of I am money. 1986.

ole Va. 27841. Roberts (Leon) Mademoiselle Mid- Robertson (R. R.): night. 54412.

Purchaser's order for one motor Roberts (L, J.) From Danger Valley

vehicle. 33923. to Safety Hill. 47233.

Wroton, Hundley motor co. PurRoberts (L. S.) Q. R. S. educator

chaser's agreement for note exrolls. 39713.

tension. [etc.] 56108–56111. Roberts (Maude) Ba-nonn-os. 7035. Robertson (W. B.) Jackson Co.. Roberts (Octavia):

Minn., map. 14465. Hurrah for Lincoln. 13262.

Robertson (W. H.) Natl. assn. of free Roberts (0. J.) You've got what I psychics. (Eureka spiritualist of need. 54413.

the) Const. & by-laws. 45059. Lost mavericks. 6450.

Robertson (Willard) Deep River. Ralph makes a bargain. 9591.

19205. Roberts (P. A.) Roberts (P. A.)


Robertson auto. co. Purchaser's order. constr. co. Roberts ideal. 45811.

18229. Roberts (T. G.) Musket house.

Robertson-cataract electric co.: 45812.

Here's why we say the Empire is Roberts (T. J.) Central Calif. engi

the finest cleaner ever made. neer's. 18227.

39716. Roberts (W.F.) co. Washington, pic- Only cleaner that checks up 100 tures of the natl' capital. 18228.

%. 45814. Roberts (W. H.) :

Robertson prize & selected speeches. Capta'n Audacity. 7064.

18230. Nurjahan. 7278.

Robeson (Brunner) Associated traffic Travail. 7393.

management. 12264. Roberts (W. M.) Byrne pract. civil Robey motor co. Authorized dealers. service text. 3197.

[etc.] 27842, 27843. Roberts bros. Co.:

Robillard (H. H.) Modern houseLockport, X. Y., direct. 26726.

keeping 956. Niagara Falls, N. Y. direct. 366. Robinette (A. M.) Loyal legion of 9362.

cotusa, ine. Loyal legion of ('otusa, Tona wanda, N. Y., direct. 28422 inc. 385-18*. Robertson (Alice):

Robins (Elizabeth) : Cockiness blinds women to their One-eyed master. 957. limitations. 23059.

She loves to sew. 3198. Sec ur'nces. 7337.

Robins (G. D.) Topics & ques. 9.79.

pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Robinson (A. P. K.) Nothing to do. Rochester indus., inc. Rochester port14300.

able typewriter. 3199. Robinson (C. A.)

Summer camps.

Rochester jour. & the post express. 9593.

Brockport man discovers white InRobinson (C. J.) Procedures in quali- dians. 45818. tative anal. 18231.

Rochester new's corp. : Robinson (David) Nothing to do. Little (C. A.) Wife tells sword 14300.

fight story. 32393. Robinson (E. A.) Toto & Sundri. Rochester jour. & the post express. 51416.

Brockport man discovers white Robinson (E. K.) Stories & sketches.

Indians. 45818. 1473).

Rochester telep. corp. Telep. direct.

6474, 6175. 1819, 5820. Robinson (G. E.) Robinson's scien

Rochester times-union, inc. : tific salesmanship. 54417.

Dr. Herman L. Fairchild to sail. Robinson (G. S.) Western dry goods

54421. CO. Lightning profitfinder. 3615.

Rochester times-union. Dr. HerRobinson (Gladys) Bit of coloredism,

man L. Fairchild to sail. 54421. 17160.

Rocine (E. H.) Rocine (V.G.) Types Robinson (H. M.) Creaky cord bed- of mankind. 1823:. stead. 54418.

Rocine (V. G.) Types of mankind. Robinson (J. C.) Not guilty. 18232.

18233. Robinson (J. J.) Reducing income

Rock Island, Ill., direct. 33925. taxes. 18233.

Rock Island, Ill., map. 24624. Robinson (J. M.) Rept. of a special

Rock Island lines, map. 14527, 29493. investigation. 45815.

Rock Mart, Ga., map. 14528. Robinson (J. R.) Across the border.

Rockaway, X. J., direct. 12559. [etc.] 6451-6472. Robinson (M. E.) Thoughts from the

Rockaway, N, Y., map. 29426.

Rockety-I. 18236. lady of the Oaks. 54419.

Rockford, Ill., direct. 45821. Robinson (P. D.) A. S. C. cartooning

Rockford, Ill., map. 41615. course. 959, 13264.

Rockford malleable iron works. RockRobinson (Purdon) Importance of

ford sand blast barrel machines. vocal diagnosis. 6473.

54422. Robinson (T. P.):

Rockingham, Vt., direct. 74.
Brickmakers of Cowenhoven,

Rockmore (Abraham) Four-leaf 14157.

clover. 28889, Haynesboro. 14221.

Rockville Centre, W. Y., direct. 23061. Robinson (Thos.) Makea. 7248.

Rockville, Mo., map. 24625. Robinson (V. M.) Food and its rela

Rockville, Neb., map. 14529. tion to health. 54420.

Rockwell (C. C.) Sunny South. Robinson (W. C.) & sons co. Robin

7373. son sales digest. 9594.

Rockwell (C. J.) Outline for the Robinson (W. F.) Easter's perfect

study. 961. day. 960.

Rockwell (E. T.) Apostles of light. Robinson sales digest. 9594.

47146. Robinson's adv. service. Ill's, new car

Rockwell (W. S.) co.: statistics. 45816.

Automatic rotary furnace. 9598. Robitschek (Adolf):

Revolving carbonizing furnace. Botschafterin Leni. 3739.

27845. Künstlerpreis. 3822.

Tilting reverberatory melting furRobson (Eleanor) See Belmont (E.

naces. 23062. R.)

Rockwood (W. M.) Indiana, map. Roche (A. S.):

29322. Gray ghost returns. 27844.

Rocky Mount, X. C., map. 41616, Illimore. [etc.] 39717-39719.

41617. Roche (F. A.) Hull (H. H.) & co. Rocky River weekly. Bouldin (J. W.) Income tax chart. 11935.

Gabe's trial. 48348. Rochester, Minn., direct. 18234.

Roda (Roda): Rochester, N. Y., direct. 45817.

Clock. 10204. Rochester, N. Y., map. 1472, 24622.

Slave girl from Rhodus. 10435. 24623, 41612-41614.

Rodgers (Eben) president Amer. face Rochester blue bk. 33924.

brick assn. Amer. face brick assn. Rochester herald Co. Answer blank Rev. cost & acctg. manual. 1681. beok. [etc.] 9595–9597.

Rodgers (R. C.) Jazz king. 10305.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Rodgers (Tom) Man is composed of Rogers (J. A.) : five natures. 9599.

Blood money. 33926. Rodiño (Domínguez) See Domínguez Ku klux spirit. 27847. Rodiño (-)

Rogers (J. B.) Your mouth & your Rodman (G. E.) Builders' clearing health. 19147. house. 18237.

Rogers (J. G.) And the third day. Rodríguez (Carlos Primelles y) See 24038.*

Primelles y Rodríguez (Carlos) Rogers (J. W.) jr. Judge Lynch. Rodriguez (L. E.) Metropolitan inst. 10310. of eng & commerce. Electricidad

Rogers (John) Murders of Mer curso práctico correspondencia. 5650.

Rouge. 54431.
Rodríguez de la Pena (H.):
Faro. 35110.

Rogers (Katie) Common sense reci-
You quiero tener un hijo. 24381.

tation bk. 27848, 27849. Rodríguez de la Pena (J.):

Rogers (L. D.) Auto-hemic therapy. Faro. 35110.

23065, 45833. You quiero tener un hijo. 24381.

Rogers (M. A.) Rogers (A. D.) Roe (A. C.) Direct current motors

Apple blossoms. 54423. and generators. 39720.

Rogers (R. E.) Key to New modern Roebling (J. A.) sons co.:

illus. bk-keeping. 54432.
Roebling aircraft products. 39721.

Rogers (T. B.) Forfeit. 24190.*
Roebling welding wire. 27846.

Rogers (W. H.) Angels then & now.

18240. Roerig (Reinhard) Einfaches aber wirksames heilmittel. 45822.

Rogers (Will) : Roesch (Louis) CO. San Francisco,

Casting the lariat over the week's Calif., map. 19621, 19622.

news. [etc.] 54433-54440. Roessner (R. M.) :

Slipping the lariat over. 962, 3200, Chicago bldg. trades classified di

13265, 18239, 23066-23070, 27850rect. 42578.

27852, 33927–33933, 39732–39743, Classified direct. of reliable firms.

45834-45838. 42657.

Rogers & Co., inc. Parker (M. J.) Minneapolis & St. Paul bldg. Children's party bk. 27613.

trades classified direct. 44968. Rogerson, Id., map. 1473. Milwaukee classified direct. of re- Rohde (H. J.) Modern psysics lab. liable firms. 44966.

manual. 3201. Roger (Edgar) Seattle, Wash., map.

Rohe (Alice) : 29513.

Man, beast & virtue. 14274. Rogers (A. D.) Apple blossoms.

Sleeping beauty. 14349. 54423.

Rohm (F. H.) Rum runners. 1288.

Rohmer (Sax) New York. It came Rogers (A. L.) First natl, finance co.

out of Egypt. 39744, 39745, 45839. First natl. finance co. 8419.

Rohmer (Sax) of Eng. Fire-tongue. Rogers (Agnes L.) Tentative inven

54441. tory. 18238. Rogers (Allen) Rptr's. tanning schl.

Rohn (Mrs. M. 0.) Attractive, con39722-39731, 45823-45830, 54424

venient kitchen. [etc.] 3393454429.


Rohr (Louis) : Rogers (Miss C.) San Pedro, Calif.,

Angel & the crab. 34993. map. 1477, 7507. Rogers (Ebenezer) What do you

She can't be serious. 7344. think of it? 35399.

Rohrbough (Lynn) Handy home

made fun. 54442. Rogers (F. E.) Recent discoveries in

Rohrer (Joseph): astronomy. 45831. Rogers (F. J.) Puts & calls or stock

Rohrer's (Prof.)

(Prof.) world

world famous privileges. 23063.

inst. of beauty culture. Guide Rogers (F. L.) Pylgrym cronycles.

to supremacy. 45840. 35303.*

Supremacy in beauty culture.

3202. Rogers (G. A.) Sunshine & the sunshine doctor. 45832.

Rohrer's (Prof.) world famous inst. of

beauty culture. Guide to supremacy. Rogers (G. W.) : Exciters. 54430.

45840. White flowers. 23064.

Roi appliance co. How to develop the Rogers (Harry):

chest. 964. My sister Sarah. 35248.

Roland (Frank) Sam Fox. 7331. Power of position. 35296.

Roland (Frederick) Nina. 19342.

pt. 1, n. S., V. 20

Rolfe (J. C.):

Palmer (L. E.) Accountants All's well that ends well. (Shake

working papers.

9425. speare's comedy of) 35429 (1).

Rondo verlag: Coriolanus Shakespeare's tragedy

Dorine & der zufall. 7117, 28859. of. 35429 (2).

Erste nacht. 28869. Taming of the shrew (Shake

Faschingskavalier. 28878. spear's comedy of the) 35429

Katja, die tänzerin. 28943. (6).

Kleine sünderin. 289-16. Rolfe (W. J.):

Königin von Montmartre. 28947. All's well that ends well. (Shake

Roof (F. H.) chemical co, inc. Medipeare's comedy of) 35429 (1).

cal brief. 54443. Taming of the shrew (Shake

Roof (K. M.) Lolita. 24215. speares comedy of the)

Rook card co. Tennessee rook for two. 35429 (6)

23073. Rolling on. 45841. Rollins (E. H.) & sons:

Rooney (Rosalie): Calif. securities. 23071.

San Francisco welcomed. 27853.

Xmas message to you. 54144. How to perpetuate your income.

Roos (E. Z. A.) 9600.

X-ray, senior no.

19083. Security of investment. 18241. Rolnick (Jacob) Reclaimed. 7319.

Roos (F.) Atomes dévoilés. 45812. Rolnick (M.) Your 1922 income tax Roose (W. H.) New success manual simplified. 3203.

of turf speculation. 23074. Rolt-Wheeler (Francis) Beyond. Roosevelt (W. A.) co. Plumbing, heat10170.

ing, steam & mill supplies. 18244. Romaine (Elizabeth) Mountain

Roosevelt housing assn. Roosevelt flower. 47313.

housing assn. 6476. Roman (Benjamin) Compendium of

Roosevelt wild life forest experiment useful patent information. 13271. station. See N. Y. state college of Roman Empire, map. 29278.

forestry. Roosevelt wild life forest Romano (Armando) Medusa. 10349.

experiment station. Romanovsky (G. S.):

Root (A. I.) co.: Lung Chang co., inc. Lung Chang

Bees for pleasure & profit. [etc.] counting set. 21941.

18245-18247. Stand. rules & regulations. 9601.

How to sell airline honey. 27854. Rome, Italy, map. 29494.

Miller (C. C.) Food value of Rome, N. Y., direct. 9602.

honey. 12523. Rome mfg co:

Root (E. R.)


diseases. Announcing an

adv. campaign.

Feeds & feeding 45843. Rome metal ware. 23072.

Root quality bee supplies. This Rome utensil guaranteed.

965, 966, 54445. [etc.] 13272, 18242, 18243.

Transferring bees. 13273. Rome wire co. Rome super service

Feeds & feeding. 45843. junior. [etc.] 39746, 39747.

Bee diseases. 18248. Romer (W. J.) Levi & the subway.

Root (E. T.) & sons. Stuber (B. F.) 41367.

Teacher's manual. 18712. Romera - Navarro (M.) Cervantes. Roper (G. D.) corp.: 9603.

Directions for operating the Roper Romero (R. S. B.):

elec. range. 23075. Blundering Jew. 10176.

Proper adv. & sales service. 33940. Camera. 35042.

Roper gas ranges catalog. 45814. Dookie dear! 47206.

Ropp (Christian) Ropp's prices markTut tut, my dear. 41444.

ing calculator. 6477. Rominger (E. L.) Amer. commer. Rorie (T. 0.) jr. Modern Sodom.

trust co. Savings & loan certificate. 51416. 47770

Rork (Sam E) Wandering daughters. Rommel (Ed.) Little lessons in big

14675. sports. 23207.

Rorke (M. H.) Color as a silk salesRomney, W. Va., map. 41618.

man. 18249. Ronald press co.: Bacas (P. E.) Auditing practice

Rorty (James) Ex picturis symbola. set. 42108, 48016.

51447. Edgerton (E. I.) Solutions to ex- Rosary press Byrnes (J. A.) How amples in bus. 15715.

to say the rosary. 36239.

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