Lapas attēli

nos. 1-12, 1923


North (J. E.) Equipping your home

electrically. 33578. North (S. K.) Eng. folk dance. 39272. North (Wilfrid) Full of the moon.

35126. North Adams, Mass., , direct. 870,

39273. North America, map. 871, 1450, 3983,

24580, 29434, 29435. North Amer. almanac


North Amer. almanac. 872, 53818. North Amer. co., map. 29384, 29615. North Amer. newspaper alliance:

Abend (Hallett) Gloria Swanson

gets chance. [etc.] 29805, 29806. Allen (H. J.) Ten bks. I have en

joyed most. 29873. Atherton (Gertrude) Ten bks. I

enjoyed most. 30045. Bagger (E. S.) Does your writ

ing reveal your future? 48022. Baldridge (C. L.) Ten bks. I

have enjoyed most. 36018. Bates (J. V.) Exclusive inter

view by Scotch girl. 20070. Beach (Rex) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 36066. Beard (Dan) Ten bks. I have en

joyed most. 36067. Beebe (William) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 30121. Beltramelli (Antonio) Italy's

volcanic dictator. 10929, 10930. Bennett (Arnold) Ten best bks.

I have enjoyed most. 36086. Bertramelli (Antonio) Italy's

volcanic dictator. 4342, 4343. Brady (W. A.) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 25192. Britton (Jack) Battling for pa

pers. [etc.] 20192-20204. Bryan (W. J.) Ten bks. I en

joyed most. 30290. Burgess (Gelett) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 30324. Burt (Struthers) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 36231. Camp (Wadsworth) 10 bks. I

have enjoyed most. 42511. Cantor (Eddie) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 36279. Charnwood (G. R. B.) 10 best

bks. I have read. 30411. Clemenceau (Georges) My message to America.

4616–4619, 20489. Cook (B. C.) Prof. Coue to ex

plain his method. 4672. Coue (Emile) All is suggestion. [etc.] 4719-4723.

- Amer. impressions. [etc.] 234-237, 8136–8139.

Attainment of self-mastery. [etc.] 2015-2017.

Feminine influence America. [etc.] 11359–11361. Curley (J. M.) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 25620. Dell (Floyd) 10 bks. I have en

joyed most. 30982. Dreiser (Theodore) 10 best bks.

I have read. 20829. Erdman (C. R.) 10 bks. I have

enjoyed most. 37006. Fairbanks (Sheldon) Labrador

bold rush. 43455. Fishbein (Morris) Story of in

sulin. 31386. Fitzgerald (F. S.) 10 best bks. I

have read. 21068. Gale (Zona) 10 bks. I have en

joyed most. 37469. Gates (Eleanor) 10 bks. I have

enjoyed most. 37473. Gilbert (Cass) 10 best bks. I

have read. 21260. Gray (Gilda) 10 best bks. I have

read. 21305. Gray (Zane)Ten bks. I have en

joyed most. 26158. Green (A. K.) 10 best bks. I have

read. 21309. Gregg (A. S.) Henry Ford would

wreck the pie counter. 37671. Guiterman (Arthur) Ten bks. I

have enjoyed most. 31738. Hagen (Walter) America's

chance to win golf. [etc.] 31753-31761.

Belt first golf prize. [etc.] 26240-26245. Hale (B. F. R.) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 26248. Hall (G. S.) Ten bks. I have en

joyed most. 37769. Hart (W. S.) 10 best bks. I have

read. 21358. Helburn (Theresa) Ten bks. I

have enjoyed most. 37953. Hoffman (Helen) Cowboys to

whoop it up. [etc.] 50776–

50778. Holliday (R. C.) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 31919. Houdini (Harry) Ten bks. I

have enjoyed most. 26385. Hoyt (Julia) Difference between

Engl. & Amer. manners. [etc.] 11914-11925.

Essentials of etiquette. [etc.] 504, 505, 5265–5267, 86728674, 16211, 16212.

What is good taste? 50851. Irwin (Wallace) Hashimura

Togo. [etc.] 21547-21549, 26464, 32044, 32045.

Letters of a Japanese school boy. [etc.] 38151-38154.

pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

North Amer, newspaper alliance-Con.

Jersey jour. Egyptian royal burial21609.

First sketches brought here. [etc.] 12101-12103. Jones (E. DeW.) De Valera firm

in conviction on Irish state. [etc.] 44260, 44261.

Ireland still sings. 51126. Kane (J. W.) Up from the death

cell. 21633, 26518-26526, 32169

32183. Keeler (0. B.) Jones started at

5. [etc.] 51216-51220. Kemp (Harry) Ten bks. I en

joyed most. 32252. Langer (Lawrence) Ten bks. I

have enjoyed most. 38386. Lansing (Ambrose) What do dis

coveries made in ancient Egypt.

32326. Lardner (Ring) 10 bks. I have

enjoyed most. 38391. LeBourdais (D. M.) Wrangel

Island. 44490.
Le Gallinne (Eva) 10 bks. I have

enjoyed most. 38433.
Leonard (Benny)


in punches. 44505. Lindsay (Vachel) 10 bks. I have

enjoyed most. 38482. Lloyd (Harold) 10 best bks. I

have read. 21916. McCutcheon (G. B.) Ten bks. I

have enjoyed most. 32448. MacGrath (Harold) Ten bks. I

have enjoyed most. 38609. MacMillan (D. B.) Arctic ex

plorers unheard of. [etc.] 44678-44680.

Arctic party gets radio messages. [etc.] 51734, 51735.

Arctic radio ship may find coal. [etc.] 38636-38638. MacMonnies (Frederick) 10 best

bks. I have read. 22027. Manners (Diana) Royal wedding.

32580. Marquis (Don) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 26850. Masters (E. L.) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 26859. Matthews (Laura) Amer. girl

cured by Coue. [etc.] 5599, 5600.

Madame Coue. 9011. Mencken (H. L.) 10 best bks. I

have read. 26914. Moeller (Philip) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 38975. Murray (A. M.) Fame rests

lightly upon M. Coue. 5733. Nathan (G. J.) 10 best bks. I have read. 27086.

Notice (Harold) Arctic explorer

recounts Wrangel Is. adventure.
[etc.] 45384-45390.

story of tragedy. [etc.] 53804–53807. Obregon (Alvaro) Obregon denies

bolshevism. [etc.] 22798,

22799. O'Brien (Frederick) Ten bks. I

have enjoyed most. 22800. Oemler (M. C.) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 22806. Parker (Gilbert) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 53987.* Quick (Herbert) 10 bks. I have

enjoyed most. 45741. Rice (C. Y.) Ten bks. I have en

joyed most. 27814. Rives (Amelie) 10 best bks. I

have read. 33919. Roberts (Cecil) 10 bks. I have

enjoyed most. 39712. Rose (Hans) Hans Rose, U-boat

captain. 27856. Rowley (L. E.) How Obregon's statement was secured. 23105.

- Mexico's problems. 2786327869, 33952, 33953. Samaroff (Olga) 10 best bks. I

have read. 33989. Seton (G. T.) Japan's peace policy

disclosed. 23263. Shuster (M. L.) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 23279, 23280. Sinclair (J. F.) A B C of the

entire European situation, [etc.] 55000–55005.

Can Europe hold together. [etc.] 46242, 46243. Steele (F. D.) What will the tid

ings. 23570. Steinmetz (C. P.) Ten bks. I

have enjoyed most. 34412. Stephenson (N. W.) Ten bks. I

have enjoyed most. 46469. Street (Julian) 10 best bks. I

have read. 34477. Sunday (W. A.) 10 best bks. I

have read. 28358. Swinnerton (Frank) 10 bks. I

have enjoyed most. 40780. Terhune (A. P.) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 34555. Train (Arthur) Ten bks. I en

joyed most. 40860. Underwood (S. K.) 10 best bks.

I have read. 28467. Van Loon (Hendrik) Ten bks. I enjoyed most. 34692.

10 best bks. I have read. 23800. Walpole (Hugh) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 34764, 34765. Waterbury republican. Tweeds &

freedom. 46923.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Weaver (J. V. A.) Ten bks. I Suppl. to Workmen's compensahave enjoyed most. 34792.

tion law. 53820. Webster (H. K.) 10 bks. I have North Dakota druggist weather chart enjoyed most. 46939.

cal. 45393. Weigall (A. E. P. B.) Carnarvon North Dakota tuberculosis

assn. crest on Pharaoh tomb. [etc.] Story of our traveling health clinic. 10021-10030.

43821. Egyptian politics delays North Plainfield, N. J., direct. 901. opening of burial chamber. North Salem, Ind., map. 14513. [etc.] 6910-6916.

North Walpole, N. H., direct. 74. Exquisite bust of Tutan- Northampton, Mass., direct. 39274. hamen's wife. [etc.] 13958- Northampton, Mass., map. 29439. 13963.

Northampton, Pa., map. 29440. Tomb of Pharaoh to be closed Northern inst. co. Heat transmission soon. 28623.

tables. 17872. Wells (H. G.) Union of all Northern natl. bank : nations. 46951.

At the northern corner. 53822. White (W. A.) Ten bks. I have

Reserve fund acct. 13013. enjoyed most. 28657.

Northern N. Y. utilities, inc., map. Whitlock (Brand) Ten bks. I 29412-29420. have enjoyed most. 41134.

Northern Pacific r. r. system, map. Williams (B. C.) Ten bks. I 29441. have enjoyed most. 41144.

Northern Pacific ry.: Williams (Whiting) In the Amer. wonderland. [etc.] 30431, powder magazine of Europe.

30432. [etc.] 56007-56010.

Bus. of your own in poultry. Wood (Clement) 10 bks. I have

[etc.] 25348, 25349. enjoyed most. 41216.

Heritage of Lebanon. [etc.] Woodberry (G. E.) Ten bks. I

42582-42585. have enjoyed most. 34900.

Land of opportunity now. 15296. Woollcott (Alexander) 10 bks. I Northern star. 53823. have enjoyed most. 41225.

Northern states power co.: North Amer. newspaper alliance.

Back of the investment. [etc.] World. N. Y. Photograph sent by

39275-39281. radio. [etc.] 14079, 14080.

Game of financial independence. North & Judd mfg. co. Patents &

Tetc.] 22783, 22784. trade marks. 53819.

Northern trust co.: North & South newspaper syndicate.

Check it. 53824. Sebring, Fla., for winter homes. My trip abroad. 33579. 9369.

Vital matter of inheritance taxes. North Belfast, Me., map.

15394. 41479.

Northfield, Vt., direct. 1757. North Bend, Neb., map. 14511.

Northouse (A. A.) Sex control. 3018. North branch title & trust co. Bank

Northport, Ala., map. 41642. ing by mail. 27515.

Northrup (C. L.)

Scientific money North British & merc. insur. co., ltd.

system. 873. Trip transit auto. truck. 9370.

Northrup, King & co. Why is an egg? North Carolina, map. 29436, 29437.

53825. 24581, 24582, 41397.

Northwestern hanker. Ia. bank direct. North Carolina druggist weather

16296. chart cal. 45392.

Northwestern bell telep. co.: North Carolina University Extension

Local operating practice. 9373. division : Dickey (J. A.) How farm ten

Toll operating practice. 13014.
Traffic dept.


operating ants live. 15611. Henderson (Archibald) Relativ

practice. 17875.

Northwestern furnace & Supply Co. ity. 16107.

Warm winters. 22785. MacMillan (Dougald) Recent

Northwestern loan & trust co. How tendencies. 16797. Meyer (H. D.) Commencement

an estate is divided. 27516.

Northwestern miller anniv. 39282. program. [etc.] 16924, 16925. Northwestern mutual life ins.

('0. North central progress. How to stop Ledger statements. 39283. that leak. [etc.] 9371, 9372.

Northwestern natl. bank.

Do your North Dakota :

shopping early. [etc.] 1:5395– Map. 14512, 24583-24585, 29438. 45400.

pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Northwestern Pacific headlight. 9374. Nourse (H. A.). Best methods of cullNorthwestern Pacific r. r. co. North- ing. [etc.] 33582, 33583.

western Pacific headlight. 9374. Nova Scotia, map. 29444, 35530. Northwestern schl, of commerce. Mov- Novambére (Bernard) Factotum. ing your future forward. 45401.

35106. Northwestern tire co., inc. Tire cost Novello & co., ltd. Holst (Gustav) chart. 9375.

Perfect fool. 16180, 24282.* Northwestern trust co. Northwestern Now & then club of '63. Minutes of Christmas club. 53826.

its organization. 53828. Northwestern univ. Schl. of com- Nowak (J. J.) Nowak train schedule merce. Bur. of bus, research :

service. 17881. Grantham (James) Wholesale

Nowak (R. F.) Call of life.

. 28816. price movements. 43825.

Nowak train schedule service. Nowak Secrist (Horace) Competition in train schedule service. 17881.

the retail distribution of cloth- Nowlan (P. F.) First jobs of big ing. 45991.

men. 17882, 22787, 27519, 33584, Control of expenses & prof

39285, 45105_15109, 53829. its. 34072.

Noyes (Alfred): Northwestern yeast co. Are there

Shadow. 22790. roses? 6209.

To Thomas Hardy. 27523. Norton (C. A.) Sevenfold service.

Noyes (W. A.) Bldg. for peace. 9377. 53827.

Noyes & Jackson. Southern ry. 13016. Norton (C. G.) Mental murder.

Nubone corset co.: 10351.

Corsetiere's ref. sheet. 6211. Norton (E. T.) As others see us.

Corsetry as a profession. [etc.] 9376.

17890, 17891. Norton (Fletcher) Poetry of motion.

Nubone surgical belts & corsets. 29030.

53837. Norton (H. A.) Use & care of con- NuBone surgical corsetry hand sumers gas meters. 39284.

bk. 45410. Norton (Jack) Taking the air.

Price sheet. 13017. 47401.

Nuckasse mfg. co. On the one basis. Norton (R. P.) Garage man's

39293. handbk. 45402.

Nuckols (E. D.) Norton, Va., map. 10608.

What dye lack? Norton co.:

17892, 53838. Grinding helps. 874.

Nuese (M. A.) Elem. bkkg. 22791. Tool & cutter grinding. 17876.

Nugent (E. J.): Norton elec. instrument Co. Norton

Dumb-bell. 35089. (R. P.) Garage man's handbk. Money to burn. 24249. 45402.

Nugent (J. C.) Dumb-bell. 35089. Norwalk, Calif., map. 1451.

Nugent (W. W.) & co. Nugent oil Norwalk, Conn., direct. 17877.

filters [etc.] 22792–22794. Norwalk, Conn., map. 19594.

Nuidea fashion pub. co., inc. Nuidea

collection. 17893. Norway natl. bank. What it costs to

Nulife co.: operate a bank. 33580.

875. Norwich, Conn., direct. 27517, 27518.

Are you fit?

Munter (Charles) Life. 22253. Norwich, Conn., map. 29442.

Notice. Norwood (E. P.)

13018. Davey Winkle in Circusland. 6210.

Number 8 holiday cal. 45411. Norwood (J. R.) Decreasing advance.

Nuneviller (W.) co.: 7109.

Bermuda Is., map. 29178. Norwood, Mass., map. 29443.

New England, map. 19589. Notardies (J. N.):

N. J., map. 1440, 29402, 41584. Discharged deserter. 45403.

Penn., map. 1460, 1461, 19600, Studio review. 17879, 17880.

19601. Notaseme hosiery co.:

Philadelphia, Pa., map. 29475. Mothers. 45404.

Núñez (Juan López) See López Notaseme hosiery. 3049, 13015,

Núñz (Juan) 17878, 22786, 33581.

Nu-pyo products Co.: Notelet pub. co. Hardman (Cecilia) Dentist. 9378. Notelets. 5185, 5186.

Doctor. 53839. Notre Dame normal inst. Gertrude Nuradium co., inc.:

Aloysius (Sister) Coming of Christ. For the reason that Nuradium. [etc.] 43729, 43730.


nos. 1-12, 1923

Interesting experiences. [etc.]

9379, 9380. Nurenberg (T. E.):

In wrong. 47263.

What's mine is mine. 41457. Nursery friends. 9381. Nussbaum (Louis) jr. True logue.

27524. Nuttall (R. D.) co., Katzenmeyer (G.

E.) Proportion of indus. gears.

2523. Nutting (Wallace) inc. Make bare

walls beautiful. [etc.] 53840,

53841. Nu-way sales co. We want you to try.

27525. Nye (F. W.) Flowers say it with adv.

Nye (H. G.):

Barber. 9382.
Wye tools & machine works. Won-

dering. 53842. Nye tool & machine works. Wonder

ing. 53842. Nystrom (A. J.) & co.:

Edwards (W. H.) Webster

Knowlton-Hazen European hist.

ser. 49777. See also, for entries of maps, this

index under names of places. Oahu, T. H. Off. auto. & motorcycle

direct. 13020. Oak Park, Ill., direct. 27526. Oakland, Calif., direct. 45415. Oakland motor car co. Oakland six

mechanical bk. .45412. Oakland tribune. Blizzards beat

Shasta climbers. [etc.] 13021.

13022. Oakley (C. H.) Lupke (P.) Curing

of rubber heels. 38554. Oakley (C. S.) Palestine, map. 29157. Oakley chemical co.:

Cleaning in hotels. [etc.] 53843,

53844. How to use Oakite. [etc.] 17894,

17895. Modern cleaning methods. [etc.]

22796, 22797. Oakite for auto. truck. 45413,


Oakite materials. 39294. Oakes (M. B.):

Big problems. 6212.

Six wheels of success. 3050. Oakland, Calif., direct. 876. Oakland Co., Mich., map. 1452. Oakland Co. road com. :

Distance finding tab. 3051.

Oakland Co., Mich., map. 1452. Oakland tribune. Seeks jewels. 3052. Obata (Shigeyoshi) Melon thief.

14281. Obate sewing schl., inc. Lessons.


Oberlin, (., map. 1453.
Obourn (E. S.) New types of high

schl. physics tests. 2301. Obregon (Alvaro) Obregon denies

bolshevism. [etc.] 22798, 22799. O'Brien (Frederick Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 22800. O'Brien (Grace) Standard vocabu

lary. 17896. O'Brien (J. A.):

Cathedral readers. 3053, 33588.
Manual for the Cathedral readers.

17897, 53845. O'Brien (J. G.) When it's hot.

39296. O'Brien (J. H.):

Chimes of Santa Cruz. 41305.

Cloak of science. 41308. O'Brien (V. W.):

Coop. with powerful educa. forces.

45416. Philanthropists will assist stud

ents. 3717. O'Brien & Osman. Home progress.

27527. O'Brien varnish co. How to wash an

automobile. [etc.] 45417, 45418. O'Byrnes (The) pseud. See Byrne (C.

('.) and Byrne (Mary) Ocala, Fla., direct. 53846. Ocean bathing suit co.:

Distinctive beachwear. [etc.]

17898–17900. Does style or price int. your cus

tomers? 6213. Ocean's great range of styles.

9383. Oceano products co.:

Dear Dr. 877.

Sea water. 22801. Ocken (John) :

Beverly. 33589.

Telep. direct. 6214. O'Connell (J. J.) Ant & the grass

hopper. 19163. O'Connell (J. R.) Brief explanation

of chiropractic. 6215. O'Connell (James) Exalting fire.

28873. O'Connell service press. O'Connell (J.

R.) Brief explanation of chiro

pratic. 6215.
O'Conner (J. J.) Try out. 35383.
O'Connor (C. W.):

Playable plays. 27528.
When telephoning.

53847. O'Connor (Daisy) Pebbles. 3858. O'Connor (J. F.) Confession. 27529. O'Connor (John) :

Jones (G. J.) Pro bono publico.


Lecture on a theory. 19143. O'Connor & Goldberg:

Apostrophe to the second pair.


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