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N. Y. times co.-Continued

Capart (Jean) Praises Carnarvon for guarding finds. 15225. Carnavon (G. E. S. M. H., 5th earl of) Carnarvon tells of wonders. 11098.

Problems at tomb. 15231. Carter tells how he found the tomb. [etc.] 20348, 20349.

Carter (Howard)

Pharaohs hid tombs. 30387. Cecil (Robert) Cecil says America will enter league. [etc.] 1524815250.

Duranty (Walter) All Russian prices up. [etc.] 31063-31084. Amers. mining Russian asbestos. [etc.] 11485-11497.

Angora censures Ismet. [etc.] 4880-4893.

Big shipping deal. [etc.] 20846-20859.

Bolshevik film thrills Moscow. [etc.] 49670-49705.

British Moscow agent prepares to depart. [etc.] 1567215699.

Calls Turk's freedom Russia's sole care. 8287-8291.

Enemy of Tikhon loses church post. [etc.] 2577225776.

Five men directing destiny of Russia. [etc.] 302-306.

Godless Christmas staged in Moscow. [etc.] 2139-2145.

Soviet is awaiting events in Germany. 43259.

Gardiner (A. H.) Hope for writings. 11729.

Grasty (C. H.) Fine rec. on the Rhine. 11772.

French await our leadership.

[blocks in formation]

pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Blunt no by Paris to German offer. [etc.] 26470-26476.

Brussels parley is now in doubt. [etc.] 5321-5344. -Cabinet approves Poincare's reply. [etc.] 21559-21576.

Final demand on Berlin. [etc.] 44181-44193.

French determined to see it through. [etc.] 514-523.

Poincare rejects newest proposals. 38160.

Lauzanne (Stephane) Invaders

of Essen soon out of sight. 2588. Lucas (Alfred) Tells of restoring objects. 5506.

Tomb may yield new color ideas. 16712.

McCormick (A. O.) Athenians at odds. 51670-51672.

Mace (A. C.) Patience the need of archaeologists. 21980. Mellet (Alain) Rhine bank scheme now before French. 12460.

N. Y. times. Abbey pagent puzzles London. [etc.] 5236153715.

Abbey service in London. [etc.] 32976-33551.

Aberdeen students kidnap new rector. [etc.] 22351-22744. Acquits Moscow police. [etc.] 17163-17822.

Activity in London's market. [etc.] 2843-3023.

Activity of India. [etc.] 9222-9331.

Advance in stocks. [etc.] 5828-6182.

After more than thirty centuries. [etc.] 12643-12996.

Agree to confer on Irish boundary. [etc.] 45152-45337. Agreement on Ruhr expected at Paris., [etc.] 39142-39199. Air war limitation. [etc.] 27252-27455.

All Britain hails Duke's betrothal. [etc.] 730-846.

N. Y.-times index. 3024, 17823, 27456, 39200.

Oulahan (R. V.) Drive against

[blocks in formation]
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(L. B.) Drill cards.

55272, 55273.

Pilot ariths. [etc.] 34420, 34421.

Newspaper builders, inc. Presidential possibilities. [etc.] 53738-53741. Newspaper feature service, inc.:

Copeland (R. S.) Ice cream is
pure. [etc.] 30624-30632.
Pure foods. [etc.] 220,
221, 1997, 1998, 4687-4694, 8115,
8116, 11331-11338, 15448-15450,
20632-20638, 25556-25558, 36613-
36622, 42833-42836, 49190 49196.
Daily mag. page for everybody.
848, 3029, 6184, 9338, 13000,
17831, 22754, 27474,
39215, 45351, 53742.


Frances (Mme.) Apr.


[etc.] 21177-21182.

[blocks in formation]

agents. 33559.

Newskin co.


Newsom (J. D.):

Angel face. 12999.

Smith (Dan) June bride. 34298.

[blocks in formation]

Sterrett (Cliff) Polly & her pals.

Jade ax. 39213.

Khan's gift. 6183.

Magician of Ombakura. 9337.
Supercargo. 3026.

Newsom (R. A.) Profit of a prophet. 39214.

Newsom (W. L.) Weekly tests for first yr. students. [etc.] 3027,


Newsome (W. R.) Old thrill. 53737. Newson & co. :

Bueler (H. G.) Modern English grammar method. 48498.

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Nicholson (Meredith) Honor Bright. 19268.

Nickell (S. B.) Love-wife. 24219. Nickerson (A. R.) Love divine. 7237. Nickerson (M. W.):

Just human. 22778.

Price of duty. 33573. Nickerson & Collins co.:

Ice & refrigeration blue bk. 2444. Motz (W. H.) Lecture course on the principles of refrigeration. 39002-39006.

Nickum (E. E.) Our guiding star. [etc.] 867, 868.

Nida (W. (W. L.) Horses & cattle. [etc.] 45380, 45381. Niederhauser

16156. beautify your home.

Niagara blue ribbon wall paper.

Niccodemi (Dario) Teatrino. 14360-

[blocks in formation]

Nichols (James T.) Journey through the Bible. 45374.

Nichols (John T.) Sea-rimes. 45375. Nichols (R. H.) Courses in the hist. of the christian church. 6205. Nichols (S. D.) Lucky star tea cup novelty key. 27507.

Nichols (S. W.) Listening in. 3045. Nichols (W. T.) Safety first club fights fire. 27508.

Nichols, Evans co. Purpose spending system. 45376. Nichols press:

Direct adv. [etc.] 45377, 45378. Just a word to our friends. 27509. Nicholson (Allan) Where I go by radio. 45379, 53798.

Nicholson (C. F.) Nicholson's peerless Japanese transparent colors. 53799.

Nicholson (J. K. or Kenyon):

Bug man. 35036.

En route. 3772.

Hint to brides. 47250.

Honor Bright. 19268.


Marie Cahill & her little theatre

players. 47300.

Myth maker. 35250.

(W. S.) Hi-o-hi.

Nielen pub. co. Lesnicki (Ludwig) Tajemnica czerwonej maski zeszyt. 8876.

Nielsen (John Ahl-) See Ahl-Nielsen (John)

Niemeyer (W. H.):

Bawled out. 19166.
Green mask.


[blocks in formation]

Jack & Flo Jackson's material. 14243.

Minute man. [etc.] 14118, 14119. Night gospel mission, inc. First religion. 9363.

Niles evening register.

blank. 45382.

Return ans.

[blocks in formation]

Nion (François de) Veille du bonheur. 47421.

Nippu Jiji co. Japanese telep. & bus.

direct. 9367, 53800.

Nisbet (B. L.) Toot sweet. 14367. Nissley (S .K.):

Arvada farms system of salesmanship. 53801.

Chief solicitor & distributor. 33574.

Niswanger (A. T.) Set of thirty-30instructive O. legal forms. 9368. Niver (H. B.) Geog. 869, 39265. No surrender club. Charter. 27511. Noble (C. E.) Pike Co., Ind., map. 14521, 14522.

Noble & Noble:

Pitts (W. S.) Mother Goose dot pictures. 6318-6321.

Stroll & Edwards co., inc. Instructions for playing the game. 28321-28323.

pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Noble & Noble-Continued

Zucker (Esther) Through storyland to healthland. 19108.

Noblesville, Ind., map. 1448.

Noe farm, inc. Milk & the child.


Noeckel (A. G.) Noeckel's

service union. Noeckel's service union. 6206.

co-op. co-op.

Noël (Marie) Monsieur Denis à Reims. 14292.

Noel (0. G.) Ins. 53802.

Noel state bank:

[blocks in formation]

Norfolk, Va., direct. 17870.
Norfolk, Va., map. 1449, 3982, 14510.
Norfolk & Western ry., map. 29433.
Norgard (C. J.) Omaha, Neb., map.

Norman (E. B.) & co. management. des standards officiels [etc.] 22780, 22781.

Advice to Christmas club members. 45383.

Christmas club dept. 39266. Treasure Island & how to get there. 53803.

Noice (Harold):

Arctic explorer recounts Wrangel Is. adventure.

[blocks in formation]



[blocks in formation]

Normandin (H. E.):

[blocks in formation]

Noroton, Conn., direct. 36754. Noroton Heights, Conn., direct. 36754. Norris (C. G.) Rout of the Philistines. 10416.

Norris (G. H.) Rules for scoring in playing mah-Jongg. 53813. Norris (H. M.):

Cincinnati Bickford tool co. Cincinnati Bickford 22, 3 & 31⁄2 ft. 24-speed radial drills. [etc.] 1954, 1955.

Cincinnati Bickford 4, 5 & 6 ft. drills. 20452.

Cincinnati Bickford 9 & 10 ft. master radials.


[blocks in formation]

supplies for southern spinners.

Norden (M. L. van) See Van Norden (M. L.)

Nordenshield (Jeanette)

kins. 35019.

Betty Jen

Nordmann (Charles) Vie et la mort des étoiles. 17869.

Nordstrom (Frances) Playing around.



Banquet in a box. [etc.] 3926939271.

Norris merchandise service. [etc.]

33576, 33577.

Symphony of flavors. 27513. Norristown, Pa., direct. 27514. North (Bobby) Marriage

24793. North (Clyde):

Self-correcting film. 7341. Vulture & his prey. 7405.


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