Lapas attēli

N. E. A. service, inc.-Continued Gompers (Samuel) Interpretation of the policy of labor. 43771.

Hannagan (Steve) feminine free-
dom is all bosh. 50593.
Herman (Alexander) If Demo-
crats pick Ford. 50704.
Hoppe (Willie) Hoppe's hardest
shots. 11906.

Hunt (H. B.) Astrologist who
predicted nomination. [etc.]

Hunt (Harry) Clara Phillips is in Mexico. 2443.

Kilbane (Johnny) Eleven yrs. a champion. 26586.

Murray (Arthur) Learn to dance. 22258.

Quinn (Norris) To stop gun-toting. [etc.] 13203, 13204. Richards (Vincent) Ethics of tennis. [etc.] 23051-23053. Rohmer (Sax) Fire-tongue.

[blocks in formation]

Thierry (E. M.) N. Y. Chicago dirigible line. 13735.

What is the league of nations? 23696.

N. S. automatic pen co. Hyatt (H. A.) How to make show-cards turn lookers into customers. 5275. Nacke (E. I.) Light without heat. 39052.

Naftaly (Philip) Rules & direct. 9157, 12588.

Nagle (K. M.) co. :

Creek Co., Okla., map. 29251.
Osage Co., Okla., map. 14516.

Naidenow (Khayim) pseud. See
Barnes (H. M.)

Nail (Eliz.) Yahweh. 3914.

Nakamura (Kichizo) Razor. 35375.* Nalim, pseud.

[blocks in formation]

Mid-summer night. 52205.

Nassau Co., N. Y., map. 29390. Natanson (Jacques):

Age heureux. 24028.


Amants saugrenus. 34990. Natchitoches, La., map. 19587. Nathal (Louis) Monbars. 14290. Nathan (G. J.) 10 best bks. I have read. 27086.

Nathan (Mark) Common sense. 35063.

Natick, Mass.. direct. 17059.
Nationa (G. O.) Protestant. Dam
the stream of immigration. 54242.
Natl. acad. of commer. art, inc.:

Artistic & commer. composition.

Basic principles of free hand drawing. 17060, 22264, 45053. Natl. acad. of commer. art. 32864.

Natl. acad. of design. Cat. 12589, 52206.

Nalley (G. T.)

See Milan (R.) Silk garment.


17055, 17056.

Natl. adv. & discount system co. Boston bk. 9158.

[blocks in formation]

nos. 1-12, 1923

Natl. aniline & chemical co., inc.: Arnold (H. D.) Dyeing of sulfur colors. 47904.

Bayer (R.) Dyeing of woolen &
worsted yarns. 48124.
Guiterman (E. W.) Discharge
ptg. 50571.

Herrmann (H. F.) Heather ef-
fects on hosiery. 21385.
Mann (Leonard) Causes of va-
riations in shade of colored
papers. [etc.] 51854, 51855.

Coloring of paper. 12418.
How to apply aniline dyes.
Matos (L. J.) Carpet yarn dye-
ing. 32617.

Cotton-yarn dyehouse practice. [etc.] 22090, 22091.

Dyeing of loose wool. 51907. Notes on garment dyers' problems. 12429.

Merrill (H. C.) Coloring of

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Natl. assn. of purchasing agents. N. A. P. A. direct. of purchasing agents. 45060.

Natl. assn. of retail clothiers. Clepp (B. A.) Clothing store management. 20491.

Natl. assn. of retail druggists. N. A. R. D. almanac. 52261.

Natl. assn. of retailers. Natl. assn. of retailers' collector. 2782. Natl. assn. of upholstered furniture mfrs. Care of upholstered furniture. 2783.

Natl. assn. of woolen & worsted overseers. Off. manual. 45061.

Natl. auto safety assn. Prospectus. 39057.

Natl. automatic teller corp. Auto teller converts good intentions into cash. 52212.

Natl. auto. chamber of commer. Hdbk. of autos. 684, 11830.

Natl. auto. dealers' assn.:

Automotive trade assn. 39058. Car value levels. [etc.] 17071, 17072.

One of a thousand advs. 9159. Natl. ball game co. Smiley's social

ball game. 17073. Natl. bank of Baltimore. club. 52213-52215.


Natl. bank of commerce.

Trust dept. Another income is thus assured. [etc.] 27094-27105. Natl. bank of commerce in N. Y.: Alexander (J. S.) Address. 1661. Survey of commerce & finance. [etc.] 9160, 9161, 12594, 12595, 22267, 22268, 27092, 27093, 32867-32870, 39059-39064, 5221652221.

Natl. bank of the republic of Chicago: Announcing a new order of things.

[etc.] 17074-17076.

Before you leave on your vacation. [etc.] 27106-27109.

Bringing the investment market to your bank.


Bus. indicator. [etc.] 685, 2784, 2785, 5743, 17075, 22270, 27107, 39065, 45062, 52222, 52223. For your conscience. [etc.] 9162, 9163.


New service rendered. 12596. Natl. base ball playing bd. co. & direct. 12597.

Natl. blank bk. co.:

Every acctg. need. 12598, 12599. For every bus. record. 27110. From graded school through college days. [etc.] 39066-39068. One page tells the whole story. [etc.] 45063, 45064.

Uncle Sam says everybody keep bks. [etc.] 22271, 22272. We need no special form. 2786. You can't fool an acct. 52224. Natl. bd. of fire underwriters. Actuarial bur. committee. Premiums & losses. 39069.

Natl. bd. of review of motion pictures: Exceptional photoplays. [etc.] 2209, 15781-15784, 43433, 49955. Film progress. 43496, 50067, 50068.

Selected pictures. 17077.

Natl. board of the Y. W. C. A. See Y. W. C. A. (Natl. board of the) Natl. brick mfrs.' assn. Off. report. 22273.

Natl. builder:

Architects' small house service bur. of the U. S., inc. Attractive well designed farm house. [etc.] 42000-42003.

Beauty, comfort & convenience. [etc.] 47888-47893.

Brick veneer bungalow. [etc.] 35913-35929.

-Dutch colonial bungalow. [etc.] 38-40.

Natl. bulletin exchange co. Natl. bul. of bus. opportunities. 17078. Natl. bureau of analysis. Soule (F. G.) Why people die too young. 23505.

[blocks in formation]

Bronze sarcophagi. [etc.] 52226, 52227.

Catalogue. 5745, 12602.
Natl. cast iron pipe co. :

Phillips (Arthur) Study of de
Lavaud centrifugally cast cast
iron. 45640.
Specifications. 45068.

Natl. Catholic welfare council, inc.:
Educa. bul. 5746-5751.

N. C. W. C. news sheet. 12587,

Natl child labor com. Buchanan (F. R.) It is happening now. 36199.

Natl. child welfare assn.:

Essentials of success. 17080.

In hearts too young for enmity. 52228.

Natl. children's savings assn. Pass bk. [etc.] 9165-9169.

[blocks in formation]

nos. 1-12, 1923

Stewart (Douglas) Spalding's off. college soccer football guide. 46481.

See also Joint rules com.

Track & field rules committee. Track & field rules. 17084. Natl. colortype co. Portland, Or., map. 29483.

Natl. com. for better films. Membership creed. 2789.

Natl. com, on women's athletics. See Amer. physical educa. assn. (Natl. com. on women's athletics of the) Natl. confection assn. Get ready for candy day. [etc.] 27119, 27120. Natl. conf. of Catholic charities. ters conf. Program for Catholic childcaring homes. 32877.


Natl. conf. on the Christian way of
life. Com. on internatl. relations.
Internatl. problems. 52234.
Natl. co-op. pub. co. Treasure chest.

23746, 45071, 52235.

Natl. corres. schl. Clifford (E. E.) Course of study in correct Engl. 48971.

Natl. council of Amer. importers & traders, inc. Classified import direct. 48876.

Natl. council of teachers of Engl. Com. on home reading. Bks. for home reading. 22280.

Joint com. Plays for high schls. & colleges. 52236.

Natl. counterfeit detector. How to detect a counterfeit note. 52237. Natl. credit assn. Remittance requests. 22281, 22283.

Natl. credit corp. Bank direct. & selected list of attorneys. 17085. Natl. credit federation. Credit assurance. 39073.

Natl. dairy council:

Billy & Mary visit the dairy.

Butter. [etc.]
[etc.] 32878-32887.
Health circus.


[blocks in formation]

Natl. federation of remedial loan assns. Bulletin. [etc.] 45073, 45074. Natl. fidelity life ins. co. You will. 6440.

Natl. financial news service. Securities rating bul. 5755, 9170, 9171, 17086, 22285.

Natl. fire proofing co. :

Natco homes & garages. 12605.

Natco bakup tile. 27124.

Natco header backer tile. 32889. Natl. forum assn. My duty to my race. 45075.

Natl. geographic soc. United States. map. 19641.

Natl. hair goods co.:

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Join our Christmas club.

Economic position. [etc.] 1260612610.


22284, 27121-27123.

[blocks in formation]

Natl. exchange bank of Roanoke, Va. Advice in finan. matters. [etc.] 2790-2801.

Natl. executive com. See Socialist labor party.

Natl. income. [etc.] 32890-32894.


Bus. &

Natl. inst. of accountancy. prof. accountancy. 45085. Natl. inst. of commerce. Wooten (M. B.) Credit instruments. 10116. Natl. jewelers bd. of trade. Confidential ref. bk. 9180, 32895. Natl. lead co. Dutch boy's jingle paint bk. 2807.

Natl. league of women voters:

Carroll (M. R.) Women and the labor movement. 48696. Minimum wage legislation. 52256. Dept. of efficiency in government. Suggested programs on local govt. 52257.

Natl. league of

women workers.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Corp. with eng. colleges. 9183, 9184.

Developing men for executive positions. [etc.] 5769, 5770.

Experiences of the Penn. r. r. 17105-17112.

Galloway (Lee) Economics for employees. 11727.

Indus. & pub. schl. relations. [etc.] 12612-12614. MacDonald (D. J.)

training. 8947. Rectanus (S. R.) labor turnover. (F. L.)




Employment &


Health educa.

[blocks in formation]

Natl. petroleum news.

Platt (W. C.)

Adv. & the oil marketer. 45658.

National photolith. co. Detroit, Mich...

map. 29261-29266.

Natl. pleasure tours, inc. :

Honeymoon trips. 2808.


27173, 52262.



Independent tours to Calif. 22302.


Natl. pneumatic co. Door & step control. 27174.

Natl. Poland-China assn. Natl. Poland-China record. 17113. Natl. products co.:

Bldg. a bus. [etc.] 27175-27178. Greenwald (G. P.) Be a natl. representative. 31641.

Natl. cat. 32898.

Natl. provisioner. What is your cheapest fuel. 45088.

Natl. radio inst., inc.:

Complete course in radio telephony. 45089, 45090.

Your letter. 5771.

Natl. radio service. Heslar (O. F.) Vacuum tube receivers. 5218. Natl. recreation soc. New 1923 road markings. [etc.] 52263, 52264. Natl. refining co. En-ar-co-grams. 688, 5772, 9185, 12615, 17114, 22304, 27179, 32899, 45091, 52265.

Natl. refrigolier co. Refrigolier. 32901.

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