Lapas attēli

pt. I, n. s., V. 20

N. E. A, service, inc.-Continued

Nanyang bros., inc. Standard chinese
Gompers (Samuel) Interpreta- scoring rules for mah jong. 39053.

tion of the policy of labor. Napa, Calif., direct. 17057.

Napoleon films, Itd. Royal divorce.
Hannagan (Steve) feminine free-

7578. dom is all bosh. 50593.

Narodny (Ivan) Skygirl. 35342. Herman (Alexander) If Demo

Nasatir (Morris) Cantor for Saturcrats pick Ford. 50704.

day. 3745. Hoppe (Willie) Hoppe's hardest

Nash (A. M.) Alam Nash's loose leaf shots. 11906.

music lesson record. 32863.
Hunt (H. B.)
Astrologist who

Nash (L. V.) Elvion health treatpredicted nomination. [etc.]

ment. 52202.

Nash (W. T.):
Hunt (Harry) Clara Phillips is Buck Adams' will. 22262.
in Mexico. 2443.

Does a young man need life ins. ?
Kilbane (Johnny) Eleven yrs. a

[etc.] 52203, 52204. champion. 26586.

Don't throw away the life boat. Murray (Arthur) Learn to dance.

45049. 22258.

How much life ins. should а Quinn (Norris) To stop gun-tot

farmer carry? 17058. ing. [etc.] 13203, 13204.

Nashua, N. H., direct. 22263.
Richards (Vincent) Ethics of Nashua mfg. co. Sell to the ants in
tennis. [etc.]
[etc.] 23051-23053.

Aug. 45050.
Rohmer (Sax) Fire-tongue. Nashville, N. C., map. 24552.

Nashville, Tenn., map. 47536–47510.
Schenck (Norma) Norma Tal-

Nason (L. H.): madge's manners. 13712, 18322.

Breeches. [etc.] 39054, 39055. Simms (W. P.) Cuno says France Five hundred francs. [etc.] invaded Ruhr. [etc.] 18445,

45051, 45052.

Mid-summer night. 52205.
Snyder (Ora) Mrs. Snyder's Nassau Co., N. Y., map. 29390.

home made candies. 23496, Natanson (Jacques) :

Age heureux. 24028.
Thierry (E. M.) N. Y. Chicago Amants saugrenus.

dirigible line. 13735.

Natchitoches, La., map. 19587. What is the league of na- Nathal (Louis) Monbars. 14290. tions? 23696.

Nathan (G. J.) 10 best bks. I have
N. S. automatic pen co. Hyatt (H. A.) read. 27086.
How to make show-cards turn

Nathan (Mark) Common sense. lookers into customers. 5275.

Nacke (E. I.) Light without heat. Natick, Mass., direct. 17059.

Nationa (G. O.) Protestant. Dam
Naftaly (Philip)

(Philip) Rules & direct. the stream of immigration. 54242. 9157, 12588.

Natl. acad. of commer. art, inc. :
Nagle (K. M.) co.:

Artistic & commer. composition.
Creek Co., Okla., map. 29251.

5741. Osage Co., Okla., map. 14516.

Basic principles of free hand Naidenow (Khayim) pseud.. See

drawing. 17060, 22264, 45053. .

Barnes (H. M.)


commer. art.

32864. Nail (Eliz.) Yahweh. 3914.

. Nakamura (Kichizo) Razor. 35375.* Natl. acad. of design. Cat. 12589, Valim, pseud. See Milan (R.)

52206. Valley (G. T.) Silk garment.

. [etc.] Natl. adv. & discount system co. Bos17055, 17056.

ton bk. 9158. Vance (F. H.) Ohio farmer. Ohio Natl. affiliated adjusters, inc. Vati. farm survey. 53859.

collectors. 32865. Nance (H. C.) Bk. of wisdom.

Natl. airoil burner co. Oil burning in 45048.

power plants. 27087. Yancey (Nicolas) :

Natl. amateur athletic federation Coup d'Abélard. 7095.

(Volleyball rules com. of the) Premier passade. 7313.

Fisher (G. J.) Off. volleyball
Trois poules pour un coq. 7395. rules. 43503.
Nanticoke, Pa., direct. 22261.

Natl. Amer. bank of N. Y. Compo,
Nanty-Glo., Pa., map. 41578.

plan. 12590.


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nos. 1-12, 1923

Natl. aniline & chemical co., inc. :

Rea (George) Introd. to predeArnold (H. D.) Dyeing of sulfur

termined costs. 54306. colors. 47904.

Wildman (J. R.) Cost acctg. in Bayer (R.) Dyeing of woolen &

rel. to bus. (voies. 41137. worsted yarns. 48124.

Williams (C. B.) Method of costGuiterman (E. W.) Discharge

ing partially complete orders. ptg. 50571.

56001. Herrmann (H. F.) Heather et. Worrall (W. F.) Standard (osts. fects on hosiery. 21385.

19073. Mann (Leonard) Causes of va

Yr. bk. 2780. riations in shade of colored

Natl. assn. of cotton mfrs. :
papers. [etc.] 51854, 51855.

Transactions. 45057.
Coloring of paper. 12418.

Yr. bk. 22266.
How to apply aniline dyes. Natl. assn. of curled hair mfrs. Get

what you are entitled to. 2781. Matos (L. J.) Carpet yarn dye- Natl. assn. of directors of girls' camps. ing. 32617.

27090. Cotton-yarn dyehouse prac

Natl. assn. of elec. contractors & tice. [etc.] 22090, 22091.

dealer's. Univer. data & sales bk. Dyeing of loose wool. 51907.

Notes on garment dyers'
problems. 12429.


Natl. assn. of fan mfis. Merrill (H. C.) Coloring of

test code. 15058.

. leather. 32686.

Natl. assn. of free psychics. (Eureka Moorhouse (W. R.)

spiritualist Soc. of the) Dyeing of

Const. & black Bolivia cloth. [etc.]

by-laws. 45059. 52123, 52124.

Natl. assn.

of life underwriter's. Natl. annotating co. Watson (B. F.)

Woodbridge (George) Prospect wise Notes to stat. of Ind. 34787.

life ins. [etc.] 34901, 34902. 41222. Natl. assn. of auto. mutual insur. cos.

Natl. assn. of office mgrs. : Auto. statistical plan. 52207.

Natl. assn. of office manager's. Xatl. assn. of bk. pub. Bk. stands &

27091. shelves that boys & girls can make.

Proceedings. 52211. 45054.

Natl. assn. of purchasing agents. X. A. Natl. assn. of bldg. owners & mfgrs. : P. A. direct. of purchasing agents.

Bldg. planning service. [etc.] 45060. 52208-52210.

Natl. assn. of retail clothiers. (lepp Bulletin. 2779, 12591, 12592,

(B. A.) Clothing store manage17061, 27088, 45055, 45056.

ment. 20491. It's in the rent. 39056.

Natl. assn. of retail druggists. N. A. Radiator traps. 32866.

R. D. almanac. 52261. Natl. assn. of corrugated & fibre box

Natl. assn. of retailers. Natl. assn. mfrs. Cat. Cat. 5742.

of retailers' collector. 2782. Natl. assn. of cost accountants:

Natl. assn. of upholstered furniture Affelder (W. M.) Principles and

mfrs. Care of upholstered furnipractice of construction cost

ture. 2783. keeping. 14705-14711.

Natl. assn. of woolen & worsted overCamman (E. A.) Choosing the

seers. Off. manual. 45061. basic cost plan. 48660.

Natl. auto safety assn. Cigar mfg. costs.

Prospectus. [etc.] 17062–

39057. 17070. Cowan (R. B.) Some economic

Natl. automatic teller corp. Auto fallacies. 36656.

teller converts good intentions into Davidson (W. V.) Punched card

cash. 52212. system. 36776.

Natl. auto. chamber of commer. Discussion. 22265.

Hdbk. of autos. 684, 11830. Donaldson (W. R.) Cost acct. in Natl. auto. dealers' assn.: the production. 49605.

Automotive trade assn. 39058. Fitch (S. G. H.) Industrial acct. Car value levels. [etc.] 17071. statistics. 50092.

17072. Friesel (G. H.) Method of col

One of a thousand advs. 9159. lecting direct labor costs. 21221. Natl. ball game co. Smiley's social Musgrave (W. A.) Cotton mill ball game. 17073. costs. 45044.

Natl. bank of Baltimore. Christmas Radio educa. campaign. 27089. club. 52213-52215.

pt. I, n. s., V. 20

Natl. bank of commerce. Trust dept. Natl. bus. service. Service contract.

Another income is thus assured. 27111-27116. [etc.] 27094-27105.

Natl. bus. supply co. Blue bk.

Blue bk. 39070. Natl. bank of commerce in N. Y.: Natl. cal. 2787, 52225.

Alexander (J. S.) Address. 1661. Natl. carbon co., inc. :
Survey of commerce & finance. Columbia pyramid auto. [etc.]
[etc.] 9160, 9161, 12594, 12595,

22274, 22275.

22268, 27092, 27093, Story of eveready dry cell radio. 32867–32870, 39059–39064, 52216–

27117. 52221.

Natl. card baseball co. Bk of rules. Natl. bank of the republic of Chicago: 45065.

Announcing a new order of things. Natl. cash reg. co.:
[etc.] 17074-17076.

Better retailing. [etc.] 12600,
Before you leave on your vacation.

12601. [etc.] 27106-27109.

Manual for N. C. R. salesmen. Bringing the investment market to

[etc.] 45066, 45067. your bank. 22269.

N. C. R. cash & credit statement Bus. indicator. [etc.] 685, 2784,

bk. 5744, 9164, 22276. 2785, 5743, 17075, 22270, 27107, N. C. R. statement bk. 17079. 39065, 45062, 52222, 52223.

Outline for approach. 27118. For your conscience. [etc.] 9162, Price list of supplies. [etc.] 9163.

39071-39072. New service rendered. 12596. Natl. casket co.: Natl. base ball playing bd. co. Rules Bronze sarcophagi. [etc.] 52226, & direct. 12597.

52227. Natl. blank bk. co.:

Catalogue. 5745, 12602. Every acctg. need. 12598, 12599. Natl. cast iron pipe co.: For every bus. record. 27110.

Phillips (Arthur) Study of de From graded school through col

Lavaud centrifugally cast (st lege days. [etc.] 39066-39068.

iron. 45640.
One page tells the whole story. Specifications. 45068.
[etc.] 45063, 45064.

Natl. Catholic welfare council, inc.: Uncle Sam says—everybody keep Educa. bul. 5746-5751. bks. [etc.] 22271, 22272.

N. C. W. C. news sheet. 12587, We need no special form. 2786.

17053. You can't fool an acct. 52224.

Natl child labor com. Buchanan Natl. bd. of fire underwriters. Actu

(F. R.) It is happening now. arial bur. committee. Premiums &

36199. losses. 39069. Natl. bd. of review of motion pictures :

Natl. child welfare assn. : Exceptional photoplays. [etc.]

Essentials of success. 17080. 2209, 15781-15784, 43433, 49955.

In hearts too young for enmity.

52228 Film progress. 43496, 50067, 50068.

Natl. children's savings assn. Pass Selected pictures. 17077.

bk. [etc.] 9161-9169. Natl. board of the Y. W. C. A. See

Natl. city co.: Y. W. C. A. (Natl. board of the)

Chicago. 22277. Natl. brick mfrs.' assn.

Off. report.

l'. S. govt. war & post-war loans. 22273.

55752 Natl. builder:

Natl. cloak & suit co.: Architects' small house service

Natl. bargains. [etc.] 22278, bur. of the U. S., inc. Attrac

22279. tive well designed farm house.

Natl. money saving style bk. [etc.] 42000–42003.

[etc.] 680, 2788, 5753, 12603. · Beauty, comfort & conven

17081, 32871-32873, 45069, 45070, ience. [etc.] 47888_-47893. [

52229-52232. Brick veneer bungalow.

Natl. collective trading center. Appli[etc.] 35913-35929.


membership. -Dutch colonial bungalow.


32874-32876. [etc.] 38–40. Natl. bulletin exchange co. Natl. bul. National collegiate athletic assi. : of bus. opportunities. 17078.

Intercollegiate swimming guide. Natl. bureau of analysis. Soule (F.

Why people die too young.

Spalding's off
off football guide.

. 23505.

40455-40-157, 55098.


nos. 1-12, 1923

Stewart (Douglas) Spalding's off. Natl. federation of remedial loan

college soccer football guide. assns. Bulletin. [etc.] 45073, 45074. 46481.

Natl. fidelity life ins. co. You will. See also Joint rules com.

6440. Track & field rules committee. Natl. financial news service. SecuriTrack & field rules. 17084.

ties rating bul. 5755, 9170, 9171, Natl. colortype co. Portland, Or., map. 17086, 22285. 29483

Natl. fire proofing co. : Natl. com. for better films. Member. .

Watco homes & garages. 12605. . ship creed. 2789.

Natco bakup tile. 27124. Natl. com. on women's athletics. See Watco header backer tile. 32889.

Amer, physical educa. assn. (Natl. Natl. forum assn. My duty to my

com. on women's athletics of the) race. 45075. Natl. confection assn. Get ready for Natl. geographic soc. United States candy day. [etc.] 27119, 27120.


map. 19641. Natl. conf. of Catholic charities. Sis- Natl. hair goods co.: ters conf. Program for Catholic child- Catalog. 5756. caring homes. 32877.

Fame of beauty. 27125. Natl. conf. on the Christian way of Natl. hardwood lumber assn. Rules

life. Com. on internatl. relations. for the measurement. 45076. Internatl. problems. 52234.

Natl. health bur. of America. Perfect Natl. co-op. pub. co. Treasure chest. health exercise bk. 2802. 23746, 45071, 52235.

Natl, health council. Be sure of your Natl. corres. schl. Clifford (E. E.) health. 39074.

Course of study in correct Engl. Natl. health mineral co. Health 48971.

minerals. 9172. Natl. council of Amer. importers & Natl. heating & ventilating co. Suc

traders, inc. Classified import direct. cess ventilated gas radiator. 27126, 48876.

52238. Natl. council of teachers of Engl. Com. Natl. highway charts.assn. Save a

on home reading. Bks. for home life. [etc.] 27127, 27128. reading. 22280.

Natl. highways assn.: Joint com. Plays for high schls. Claudy (C. H.) Ford or Pullinan. & colleges. 52236.

1966. Natl. counterfeit detector. How to de- See also for entries of maps, this tect a counterfeit note. 52237.

index under names of places. Natl. credit assn. Remittance re- Natl. home finance co. Equitable quests. 22281, 22283.

home bldg. co. Builders' certificate Natl, credit corp. Bank direct. & se- contract. [etc.] 15743, 15744.

lected list of attorneys. 17085. Natl. homogenizer corp. Natl. homoNatl. credit federation. Credit assur- genizer. 52239 ance. 39073.

Natl. industrial conf. bd.: Natl. dairy council:

Analysis of mfg. [etc.] 52240– Billy & Mary visit the dairy.

52255. 45072.

Average hours of work. [etc.] Butter. [etc.] [etc.] 32878–32887.

27129-27144. Health circus. 35153.

Average salary & wage cost. [etc.] Natl. direct. co. Philadelphia, Pa..

2803-2806. direct. 18045, 18046.

Changes in the cost of living. Natl. discoin corp. 12604.

[etc.] 5757-5766. Natl. drama co. Where East meets Cost of living changes. [etc.] West. 10489.

17087-17094. Natl. economic plans, inc. :

Distribution of mfg. [etc.] 9173Grey (J. S.) Join our Christmas

9179. club. [etc.] 26166.

Economic position. [etc.] 12606– Join our Christmas club. [etc.]

12610. 22284, 27121-27123.

Graphic anal. [etc.] 22286

22290. Natl. elec. light assn. N. E. L. A. rate

Merchants tonnage U. s. & bk. 32888.

foreign countries. [etc.] Natl. exchange bank of Roanoke, Va.

39075-39081. Advice in finan. matters. [etc.]

Natl. income. [etc.] 32890–32894. 2790-2801.

Revenues & expenses. [etc.] Natl. executive com. See Socialist

45077-45084. labor party.

Service letter. 687.

Pt. I, n. s., 1.20

Natl. inst. of accountancy. Bus. & Natl. old trails road, map. 21553 prof. accountancy. 45085.

29391, 29392. Natl. inst. of commerce. Wooten (M. Natl. organization for pub health nursB.) Credit instruments. 10116.

ing. Pub. health nursing exhibit. Natl. jewelers bd. of trade. Confiden- 12611. tial ref. bk. 9180, 32895.

Natl. park bank of N. Y. Cipher code. Natl. lead co. Dutch boy's jingle 27172. paint bk. 2807.

Natl. Park seminary. Some things a Natl. league of women voters:

girl should know. 9182. Carroll (M. R.) Women and the Natl. park-to-park highway, map. labor movement. 48696.

35.521, 41579. Minimum wage legislation. 52256. Natl. personnel assn.:

Dept. of efficiency in govern- Corp. with eng. colleges. [etc.] ment. Suggested programs on local

9183, 9184. govt. 52257.

Developing men for executive posiVatl. league of women workers.

tions. [etc.] 5769, 5770. Shorter working day for women Experiences of the Penn. 1. r.

. workers. 52258.

17105-17112. Vatl. liberty insur, co. Declaration of Galloway (Lee) Economics for independence. 52:259.

employees. 11727. Natl. liberty league. Narl. liberty

Indus. & pub. schl.

pub. schl. relations. league. 32896.

[etc.] 12612-12614. Natl. life & accident ins. ('0. Best days

MacDonald (D. J.) Foreman of her life. [etc.] 27145-27165.

training. 8947. Natl. life insur. co. of the U. S. A. Rectanus (S. R.) Employment & Guide post. 17095–17102, 22291

labor turnover. 13217. 22295, 27166–27169, 32897.

Rector (F. L.) Health educa. Natl. lighting co. Prospectus. 27170.

6405. Natl. lime assn. Natl. lime assn. hdbk.

Vermillion (E. C.) Inmigrant 22296-22298.

educa. 13866. Central div. Nineteen stories Zweibel (Stanley) Shop training. of iime. 45086.

14103. Natl. liquidators aussn. Automatic col- Natl. petroleum news. Platt (W. C.) lection system. 22299.

Adv. & the oil marketer. 45658. Natl. lit. soc. :

National photolith. co. Detroit, Mich... Harrison (A. R.) Natl. lecture. map. 29261–29266. 3700.

Natl. pleasure tours, inc. : Program. 52260.

Honeymoon trips. 2808. Natl. lumber mfrs. assn. :

Independent honeymoon trips. Lumber & its utilization. 5767,

27173, 52262. 22300.

Independent tours to Calif. 2.2302.. Personal liability for preventable

22303. fires. 9181.

Natl. pneumatic ('0. Door & step (onPlanning & designiny small houses.

trol. 27174.

. 15087.

Natl. Poland-China issu. Vatl. O Natl. lumber mfrs. (redit corp). Credit

land-China record. 17113.

. rating ik. 17103.

Natl. products (0.: Natl. map (0, :

Bldg, a bus. [etc.] 2717.3–27178. Survey. 28359, 31500.

Greenwald (G. P.)

(G. P.) Be a natl. See also for entries of maps, this

representative. 31611. index under names of places.

Natl. (at. 32898. Natl. masonic research Soc. How to

Nat). provisioner. What is your cheaporganize & maintain a study club. est fuel. 15088. 17104.

Natl. radio inst., inc. : Vatl. mayonnaise machine co., inc. :

Complete course in radio teleEmulsify mayonnaise the nati.

phony. 45089, 45090. way. 52261.

Your letter. 5771. For over 170 yrs. 27171.

Natl. radio service, Heslar (0. F.) Natl. mercantile clearing house. Vacuum tube receivers. 5218 Direct collector. 5768.

Natl. recreation soc. New 1923 road Natl. merchandise fair, inc. News. markings. [etc.) 52263, 52264. 22301.

Natl. refining co. En-ar-co-grams. 688, Natl. money-saving style bk. [etc.] 5772, 9185, 12615, 17114, 22304, 27179,

686, 2788, 5753, 12603, 17081, 32871- 32899, 45091, 52265. 32873, 45069, 45070, 52229–52232. Natl. refrigolier co. Refrigolier. 32901.

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