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Minne'ska, senior yr. bk. 27014.
Minnesota. Workmen's compensation
law. 27015.

Minnesota. map. 490, 10589, 14494,
19583, 19584, 24542, 24543, 29378-
29381, 41574.

Minn. druggist weather chart cal.

Minnesota loan & trust co.:

Home planning bk. 12539.
Thirty days of financing. 2747.
Minnesota (Univ. of) Mining direct.
of Minn. 27009.
Minnetonka (Lake) map. 29382.
Minster, O.. map. 24544.

Minter (M. M.) Mary Minter's love
tragedy. [etc.] 38963, 38964.
Mintermute (E. H.) Deever (Brian)
Silver anchor. 36799.

Minton (H. M.) & co., inc. Standard
stock exchange code. 5678.

pt. 1, n. s., v. 2

Minton (W. G.) How to have a guar
anteed income. 32780.
Minton (W. J.):

Are you subject to the selectiv
draft? [etc.] 27016-27019.
How to overcome & avoid povert
& death. 44975.

How to prolong your life. 5209€
Internatl. life insur. co. Banke
& his unfortunate friend. [etc.

Minute tapioca co. Minute tapioc
cook bk. 38965.

Mir (Guillermo Hernández) See Her
nández Mir (Guillermo).

Mirage, off. yr. bk. 16971.

Miral (L.) Bataille de l'or. 44976.
Miral-Viger (-) Anneau de lumière

(Arnulfo) Anahuac

[blocks in formation]


Miriam or Mirriam (I. C.):
Knowledge primer games.
Washington's boyhood. 32781.
Misch (Robert) Gaudeamus. 3785.
Mischell (Louis) Merchants certifie
audit co. Real estate owners stand
system. 12504.

Mischler (M. M.) Mother. 27021.
Mishawaka woolen mfg. co. Instrs
to salesmen. 12540.

Mishkind (S. E.) Will you live for
ever. 15226, 16972.

Missionary educa. movement of U. S
& Canada:

Adoption, an everyday story in
Japan. 41276*.

Other point of view. 35269*.
Mississippi, map. 10591, 24545-24547

Mississippi druggist weather chart
cal. 44977.

Mississippi River, map. 35517.
Mississippi Valley trust co. New
Year get-ahead club. 16973, 52097.
Missouri, map. 10592, 10593, 19585,
24548, 29384, 41575.

Missouri druggist weather chart cal.

Missouri Kansas - Texas lines, map.

Missouri Valley Methodist Episcopal
church. Mo. Valley Methodist Epis-
copal church direct.

Mitchell (A. E.) Pocket lawn tennis
handicapper. 22201.

[blocks in formation]

Buyers' club saving certificate. 12541.

Christmas club savings certificate. 32785.

Mittelstaedt (W. E.) Gaus (W. R.) Salesman's service manual. 37474. Moakley (J. F.) Sample track schedules & explanations. 22207.

Mock (R. D.) 100 live ideas for the entertainment com. 9093. Modart corset co. :

Modart front laced corsets. [etc.] 16979, 16980.

Modart newspaper adv. 22208. Outline of the cooperative plan. 27025.

[blocks in formation]

Modern pub. co. :

Free (E. E.)

science. 11717.

Pocket guide to

Making more customers for hard

ware stores. 22210.

Things to make. 2751.

Modern research soc. Boothby (Howard) Secret of sound sleep. 7826. Modern shorthand schl. Modern shorthand. 44982.

Modern woodmen of America:

Friend & neighbor. 28890. White minstrels. 24367. Modesto, Calif., direct. 38973. Moeckel (E. C.) Cavanor (H. C.)

Tooth brush man's own bk. 48725. Moeckel (G. H.) Thrifty twins of the bankers life savings plan. 27027. Moehlman (A. B.) Public schl. & the home. 38974.

Moek (Byrd) Washington, my Washington. 27023.

Moeller (Philip):

Adding machine. 28779.

Ten bks. I have enjoyed most. 38975.

Moeller-Herms (T.) See Herms (T.

[blocks in formation]

hist. 5681.

Modern chart co. Modern marking Moffett (H. Y.)

chart. 27024.

[blocks in formation]

Outline of European

highway to Eng.

Moffett (J. R.):

Manual for the Jr. 13945.

El Paso, Tex., map. 7453.

Roads of romance. 2752, 5682. Ser. of proven used car advs. 12543.


Mohaupt (A. G.) Practice & theory of
modern radio.
Mohler (Louis) Barefoot goslings.


Mohn (John) Home rights league, inc.
Home rights. 5250.

[blocks in formation]

Monger (R. S.) Your circulation. 38976.

Mongovan (W. J.) Four old maids. 24141.

Mohr (G. W.) On economic condi- Monongahela, Pa., direct. 12545.
tions. 12544.

Mohrman (E. M.) Rept. of the upper
Jaina mining concession. 34963.
Revenue act. 27029.

Mohun (Barry)

Mojave, Calif., map.

Mojonnier bros. co. Ox-zonizer. [etc.] 2753, 2754.

Molière (J. B. P.):

Bürger als edelmann. 3743.
Precieuses ridicules. 52104.

Molina (Tirso de) pseud. See Téllez

Moline plow co., inc. Moline plan. 22211.

[blocks in formation]

Monotti, Larimer. If you think ordinary butter is pure. [etc.] 4498544987.

Monro (D. H.)

Child genius. 41304.

Monro (K. M.) Sir Roger de Coverley papers. 52106.

Monroe (C. S.) Hand bk. on transfer

[blocks in formation]


Till Lausebums.

1923. 7092.

Dialogues for

Monaghan (M. L.)

[blocks in formation]

Diary of a real tractor. 32732.
Moncalieri (Comte de) Renan (Ernest)
Correspondance d'Ernest Renan et
de Prince Napoléon. 9564, 9565.
Moncayo (Manuel) Mis tíos no están
de acuerdo... 24246.
Monck (A. W.) Poems. 32787.
Monckton (C. A. W.) Eluding death
in New Guinea wilds. 44984.
Mondadori (Casa editrice A.):
Altra Nanetta. 41279*.
Cestello di fragoli. 10191*.
Incalco. 14237*.
Intermediario. 10297*.

Piccola felicità [e] Capanna e il
tuo cuore. 41404*.

[blocks in formation]

Montague (J. J.)

Co-optimists of

Empire creditors

service. Empire creditors service.

Montague (John) Love money. 28965.
Montague (M. P.) Easter prophecy.
[etc.] 5684, 5685.
Montalvo (Marie de)

alvo (Marie)

See De Mont

Montana, map. 1435, 14495, 24550, 24551, 29385, 29386, 35519.

Montana druggist weather chart cal. 44988.

Montana oil jour.:

Catalog of Montana oil wells. 5419.

Knapp (G. N.) Catalog of Mont.

oil wells. 12216, 12217.

Montana (State univ. of) Eng. dept. Class bk. for freshman composition. 44989.

Montanan of 1923. 32788.

Montclair, N. J., direct. 16989.

Montclair, N. J., map. 14496.

Montclair times. Montclair in pictures. 32789.

Montezuma, Ind., map. 19586.

Montgomery (C. F.) Beautiful sys

tem of morals. 44990.

Montgomery (D. H.) Leading facts of Eng. hist. 52108.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

ees. 52127. Morgan (F. L.) co. of the sun god. Morgan (J. L.):


Will mankind meet this crisis intelligently? 22221.

Will the progressives accomplish anything. 5705.

Morgan (Leota):

Cheating wives. 9116.

Traffic in hearts.


Morgan (T. H.) Lab. direct, for an

elem. course.

Morgan (W. A.):

Fine feathers. Nobody's bus. Two in one. Morgan (W. J.) 52128.

bank. Morgan (W. S.) Morgan (W. T.) of Eng. hist. Morgan co. :





jr. New kind of


5707, 32813.

Guide for the study


Before you build your home. 5708.
Bldg. with assurance. 12557.

Morgan steam laundry co. Your linen. .38999.

Morgan's Bakery ser. 12558.

Morgantown, W. Va., map. 3976, 7491. Morgantown (City of) Morgantown, W. Va., map. 3976.

Morian (Jacques) Oraison dominicale illustrée. 2758.

Moriarty (J. T.) Something new under the sun. 52129. Morisite corp. Morisite process. 22223. Morison (F. R.) Monthly talk to bank employees. 5709, 9117, 17008, 22224, 32815, 32816, 45000, 45001, 52130. 52131.

[blocks in formation]

Literary stars on the Scandinav

ian firmament. [etc.] 32817, 32818.

Proverbs of Germany. 52132. Morkrum co. :

Postal teleg. cable Co. Bul. 18111-18113.

Wheatstone relay pts. 17010.

Morning post, ltd. Farington (Joseph) Diary. 2227, 15810.

Morningside college. Stevick (P. R.) Success in study for freshmen. 46480.

Morosco holding co., inc. Slippy McGee. 7580.

Morrell (John) & co. :


[blocks in formation]
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