Lapas attēli

pt. 1, n. s., V. 21

Minneapolis. Federal schl. of applied Minton (W. G.) How to have a guar

cartooning. Illustrating & cartoon- anteed income. 32780.
ing. 16966.

Minton (W. J.):
Minneapolis. Federal schls., inc.:

Are you subject to the selective
Almars (Joseph) Explanation of

draft? [etc.] 27016–27019.
the halftone reproduction proc- How to overcome & avoid poverty
ess. 4164.

& death. 44975.
Commer. designing 2737-2745, How to prolong your life. 52096

Internatl. life insur. co. Banker
Creative salesmanship. 52083–

& his unfortunate friend. [etc.

Illus. & cartooning. 5675, 44971, Minute tapioca co. Minute tapioca

cook bk. 38965.
Krebs (S. L.) Lifil, pointing the Mir (Guillermo Hernández) See Her

way to a better personality. nández Mir (Guillermo).

Mirage, off. yr. bk. 16971.
Lifil, pointing the way to a better Miral (L.) Bataille de l'or. 44976.
personality. 38962.

Miral-Viger (-) Anneau de lumière
Minn. Federal schl, of applied car- 38966.

tooning. Illus. & cartooning. Miramontes (Arnulfo) Anahuac

Minneapolis. Federal schls.

schls. of Mirande (Yves):
commer. designing Commer.

Edith de Nantes. 19214.
designing 5673, 5674, 44969, Merveilleuse journée. 1271.

Pourquoi m'as tu fait ça? 7310
Minneapolis hotel training schls.:

Simone est comme ça. 14345.
Hotel housekeeping. [etc.]

Mirepoix (Duc de Lévis) See Lévis

Mirepoix (Duc de)
Hotel training course. [etc.]

Mirick (G. A.) Test & study speller


Miriam or Mirriam (I. C.):
Minneapolis hotel training schls. Min-

Knowledge primer games. 27020
neapolis hotel training course. 5676.

Washington's boyhood. 32781.
Minneapolis jour.:

Misch (Robert) Gaudeamus. 3785.
Buying power. 2746.

Mischell (Louis) Merchants certified
Lady in room 510. 52095.

audit co. Real estate owners stand.
Minneapolis wk. 5677.
Minneapolis news. Shea (Agnes)

system. 12504.

Mischler (M. M.) Mother. 27021.
M'Cormicks parted. 28017.

Mishawaka woolen mfg. co. Instrs.
Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste.

to salesmen. 12540.
Marie ry. co., map. 7489.

Mishkind (S. E.) Will you live for
Minneapolis trust co. Advantages of

ever. 15226, 16972.
a trust co. 44973.

Missionary educa. movement of C. s.
Minne'ska, senior yr. bk. 27014.

& Canada :
Minnesota. Workmen's compensation

Adoption, an everyday story in
la", 27015.

Japan, 41276*.
Minnesota, map. 490, 10589, 14494,

Other point of view. 35269*.
19583, 19584, 24512, 24543, 29378-

Mississippi, map. 10591, 24545-24547,
29381, 41574.

Minn. druggist weather chart cal.

Mississippi druggist weather chart

cal. 44977.
Minnesota loan & trust co. :

Mississippi River, map. 35517.
Home planning bk. 12539.

Mississippi Valley trust co.

Thirty days of financing. 2747. Year get-ahead club. 16973, 52097.
Minnesota (Univ. of) Mining direct. Missouri, map. 10592, 10593, 19585,
of Minn. 27009.

24548, 29384, 41575.
Minnetonka (Lake) map. 29382.

Missouri druggist weather chart cal.
Minster, O., map. 24544.


Missouri - Kansas - Texas lines, map.
Minter (M. M.) Mary Winter's love

tragedy. [etc.] 38963, 38964.

Missouri Valley Methodist Episcopal
Mintermute (E. H.) Deever (Brian)

church. Mo. Valley Methodist Epis-
Silver anchor. 36799.

copal church direct. 27022.
Minton (H. M.) & co., inc. Standard Mitchell (A. E.) Pocket lawn tennis
stock exchange code. 5678.

handicapper. 22201.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Mitchell (E. D.) Mich. (Univ. of)

Fore! Outdoor golf-indoors. Dept. of intramural athletics. · Rules

2750. of speed ball. 9073.

Remarkable new yr. offer. 2749. Mitchell (E. L.) Social efficiency Modern eloquence corp. Making your means success. 52098.

speech more effective. 27026. Mitchell (Joseph):

Modern handy button machine co. After forty yrs. 47136.

Handy button machine circular. Love at eighteen. 19304.

9094. Mitchell (J. F.) Los Angeles Co.,

Modern hosp. pub. co., inc. Direct. Calif., map. 7478.

15615. Mitchell (K. W.) Exchange. 2748.

Modern lang. press : Mitchell (L. H.) Wife will turn. 35410.

Jeu d'antonymes. 16981, 16982. Mitchell (Ned):

Juego de antónimos. [etc.] 9095–

9098. Dentifrices & tooth brushes.

Kengott (Alfred) Heure at la [etc.] 44979, 44980.

date. 51243, 51244. Getting the most out of your cus

Modern press corp. Pearsons mag. tomers' vacations. [etc.]

9448. 38967–38970. How to advertise. [etc.] 16974

Modern pub. co.: 16978.

Free (E. E.) Pocket guide to How to sell more merchandise.

science. 11717. [etc.] 52099-52101.

Making more customers for hardHow you can increase your per

ware stores. 22210. fume and atomizer sales. [etc.]

Things to make. 2751. 22202-22206.

Modern research soc. Boothby (HowSelling summer sundries. [etc.]

ard) Secret of sound sleep. 7826. 32782, 32783.

Modern shorthand schl. Modern Mitchell (R. C.) See Young (R. C.

shorthand. 44982. M.)

Modern woodmen of America:
Mitchell (R. E. L.)

Friend & neighbor. 28890.
Bill of sale.

White minstrels. 24367. 5679.

Modesto, Calif., direct. 38973. Mitchell (R. S.) New original ideas.

Moeckel (E. C.) Cavanor (H. C.) 38971.

Tooth brush man's own bk. 48725. Mitchell (W. J.) U. S. farmers' bus.

Moeckel (G. H.) Thrifty twins of the plan system & agreement. 32784.

bankers life savings plan. 27027. Mitchell (Wm.) printing ch. Modern

Moehlman (A. B.) Public schl. & the method of setting type. 38972.

home. 38974. Mitchell, Rand mfg. co. Everything

Moek (Byrd) Washington, my Washin insulation. 44981.

ington. 27023. Mitchell adv. co.:

Moeller (Philip) : Buyers' club saving certificate.

Adding machine. 28779. 12541.

Ten bks. I have enjoyed most. Christmas club savings certificate.

38975. 32785.

Moeller-Herms (T.) See Herms (T. Mittelstaedt (W. E.) Gaus (W. R.) Moeller-)

Salesman's service manual. 37474. Moesel (F. L.) Short cuts in estimatMoakley (J. F.) Sample track sched- ing. 32786. ules & explanations. 22207.

Moffat (Graham) Palace of dreams. Mock (R. D.) 100 live ideas for the 10389. entertainment com. 9093.

Moffat (R. N.) Joe Silver. 44983. Modart corset co.:

Moffat, Yard & co.: Modart front laced corsets. [etc.]

Last of the Strozzi, & The lure. 16979, 16980.

35196* Modart newspaper adv. 22208.

Sandro Botticelli. 14336*. Outline of the cooperative plan. Moffett (E. V.) Outline of European 27025.

hist. 5681. Modern chart co. Modern marking Moffett (H. Y.) Manual for the Jr. chart. 27024.

highway to Eng. 13945. Modern co-operative home buying & Moffett (J. R.) :

merc. agency. Accumulative pur- El Paso, Tex., map. 7453. chasing contract. 22209.

Roads of romance. 2752, 5682. Modern dentists, inc.:

Ser. of proven used car advs. At last. 12542.


pt. I, n. s., V. 20

Mohaupt (A. G.) Practice & theory of Mong oil & land co. Wadeolene vs. modern radio. 52103.

gasoline. 52105. Mohler (Louis) Barefoot goslings. Monger (R. S.) Your circulation. 27028.

38976. Mohn (John) Home rights league, inc. Mongovan (W. J.) Four old maids. Home rights. 5250.

21141. Mohr (G. W.) On economic condi- | Monongahela, Pa., direct. 12545. tions. 12544.

Monotti, Larimer. If you think ordiMohrman (E. M.) Rept. of the upper nary butter is pure. [etc.] 44985– Jaina mining concession. 34963.

44987 Mohun (Barry) Revenue act. 27029. Monro (D. H.) Child genius. 41304. . Mojave, Calif., map. 24549.

Monro (K. M.) Sir Roger de Coverley Mojonnier bros. co. Ox-zonizer. [etc.] papers. 52106. 2753, 2754.

Vonroe (C. S.) Hand bk. on transfer Molière (J. B. P.):

tax law. 52107. Bürger als edelmann. 3743.

Monroe (L. A.) Monroe's ship by Precieuses ridicules. 52104.

truck. 16983. Molina (Tirso de) pseud. See Téllez Monroe (W. S.) Standardized educ. (Gabriel)

tests. 27030. Moline plow co., inc. Moline plan. | Monroe, Mich., map. 1433. 22211.

Monroe auto. & supply co. AutomoMoller (C. N.):

tive supply catalogue. 16984. Red heels. 47361.

Monroe Co., N. Y. Clock system rural Toward the sunrise. 14368.

index. 5683. Molnár (Ferenc):

VÍonroe Co., N. Y., map. 1434.
Egi és földi szerelem. 3771.

Monrovia, Calif., direct. 16985.
Ibolya. 10284.

Monsanto chemical works :
Leggenda di Liliom. 41361.

Hist. of vanilla. 16986.
Scamp. 35321.

Modern antiseptics. 2755.
Swan, 35366.

Monson, Mass., direct. 1177.
Vörös malom. 47427.

Mont (W. E. de) See De Mont (W. E.) Molo. (Walter von) Till Lausebums. Montague (C. A.) Co-optimists of 19422.

1923. 7092. Monaghan (M. L.) Dialogues for Montague (J. J.) Empire creditors closing day. 41322.

service. Empire creditors service. Monarch (H. L.):

157-10. Atlantic ice & coal corp. Furnace Montague (John) Love money. 28965. cautions. [etc.] 25010.

Montague (M. P.) Easter prophecy. West-crescent fuel co. Soot. 28639. [etc.] 5684, 5685. Monarch syndicate. Master magician. Montalvo (Marie de) See De Mont16065.

alvo (Marie) Monarch tractors, inc. Milestones. Montana, map. 1435, 14495, 24550, Diary of a real tractor. 32732.

24551, 29385, 29386, 35519. Moncalieri (Comte de) Renan (Ernest) Montana druggist weather chart cal.

(forrespondance d'Ernest Renan et 1.1988.

de Prince Napoléon. 9564, 9565. Montana oil jour. : Moncayo (Manuel) Mis tíos no están Catalog of Montana oil

oil wells. de acuerdo ... 24246.

5419. Monck (A. W.) Poems. 32787.

Knapp (G. N.) Catalog of Mont. Monckton (C. A. W.) Eluding death

oil wells. 12216, 12217. in New Guinea wilds. 44984.

Montana (State univ. of) Eng. dept. Mondadori (Casa editrice A.):

Class bk. for freshman composition. Altra Nanetta. 41279*.

41989. ('estello di fragoli. 10191*.

Montanan of 1923. 32788. Incalco. 14237*

Montclair, N. J., direct. 16989. Intermediario. 10297*.

Montclair, N. J., map. 14496. Piccola felicità [e] Capanna e il Montclair times. Montclair in pictuo (“lore. 41404*.

tures, 32789. Monde nouveau (Editions du) Bash- Montezuma, Ind., map. 19586.

kirtseff (Marie) Journal. 7747. Montgomery (C. F.) Beautiful sysMondschein W. R.) Bag weekly. tem of morals. 44990. 2010.

Montgomery (D. H.) Leading facts Monett, Mo., map. 35518.

of Eng. hist. 52108. Monfort (René) Amour imprévu. Montgomery (E. T.) Acker (H. G.) [etc.] 2099, 9100.

Puntz & Pietz. 35763.

nos. 1-12, 1923


Montgomery (F. T.) Billy Whiskers' Moore (A. G.) Little poems of Hafrolics. 22212.

waii. 52118. Montgomery (G. L.) Handling the Moore (A. J.): finished products of indus. 9101.

Adams (G. S.) Men. 1659.
Montgomery (J. C.):

Heaven everywhere. 16672.
Beautiful system

morals. Life inst. Econ. salvation. [etc.] 44990.

2611-2614. Citrus tree. 16987.

Moore (A. L. D.) Triplex. 16994. Montgomery (Percy) Hartford (L. Moore (Anne) On the

the mountain. C.) To better serve humanity. 19347. 50615.

Moore (E. D.) Presentism. 32795. Montgomery (Mrs. R. L.) Religious

Moore (E. R.) Stand. day indicator. dramas & pageants. 52169.

44993. Montgomery, Ala., direct. 27031.

Moore (F. D.) Montgomery Co., O., direct. 16988.

Moore's simplified Montgomery Co., Pa., map. 29387.

ukulele instrs. 32796. Montgomery printing co. Yount (P.

Moore (Frederick) : C.) Confidence. 47105.

House of the wicked. 43697, Montgomery, Ward & co. See Ward

50301, 50302. (Montgomery) & co.

Jungle eyes. 32797. alonthly craftsman. 2756, 16990

Tiger kid. 38980. 22213, 27032, 32790, 38977, 38978.

Moore (G. F.) Ear-training outline. Monthly service bul. 38979, 52110

477. 52114.

Moore (G. P.) Patent talks. 44994. Montpelier. Vt., direct. 1757.

Moore (Gene) Mad money. 14267. Montreal fur shop, inc. Furs. 52115. Moore (George) Avowals. 38981. Moody (M. C.) Triumph of Good Moore (J. A.) Cause, prevention & Will. 29100.

self cure. 16995. Moody (W. D.) Bus. leadership Moore (J. E.) : through educa. 44991.

He was once a little child. 32798. Moody's anal. of investments. [etc.] Mary Jane's clock. 44995. 22214, 32791, 32792.

Moore (James G.) Planting that nur Voody's investors service:

sery stock. 38982. In the Pullman smoker. 44992. Moore (Joseph G.) Rational living. Moody's analyses of investments. 52119. 16993, 22214, 32791, 32792.

Moore (K. W.) Amer. bond & mortPocket index. 3128.

gage Co., inc. Investment savers Moody's manual of r. rs. & corporation club. [etc.] 24892, 24893. securities. 32793.

Moore (Muriel) :
Mook (S. R.) :

Pendulum. 1282.
Merry-go-round. 28980.

Waster of men. 29119.
One woman's life. 24269.

Moore (Myrtle) Mad money. 14267. Moomjian & Co. How to play the Moore (R. B.) Efficient handwriting games of Wall st. 52116.

instr. 5689. Moon (D. E.) ptg. & engraving co.

Moore (R. D.) : Christmas card & gift rec. 5686.

Fallen arches. 5688. Moon (Lorna) Glorious sinner.

Why headaches. 32799. 10250.

Moore (Wade D.) Los Angeles, Calif., Moon (T. P.) Teachers' manual to

map. 35503. acc. Mod. hist. 21370.

Moore (William D.) : Moon (W. H.) co. Moon's nurseries.

Amalgamation. 7023. Moon's hardy trees. 5687.

Knight of New France. 7222. Moon radio corp. :

Moore & Evans :
Moon radio log. 52117.

Our salesman. 52120.
Satterlee (F. LeR.) Antennaless

Our salesman mo. [etc.] 5690, radio reception. 45920.

Talks on the possibilities in
antennaless radio. 54598.

Moore, Case, Lyman & Hubbard : Moon's nurseries. Moon's hardy trees.

Manual of insur. rates [etc.] 5687.

44996, 44997. Moor & Prater. Expression of an

Burglary & robbery. 16996.

Moore dry kiln co. ideal. 32794.

Moore facts. Moore (A. C.):

22215. Nassau Co., N. Y., map. 29390. Moorefield, W. Va., map. 41577. X. Y. (City) map. 29427.

Moorehead (W. K.) Cahokia. 52121. 1007994-24—18


pt. I, n. s., v. 20

Moorhead knitting co., inc. Monito Conflict. [etc.] 16999–17007. socks the finishing touch of smart

Frame work. [etc.] 22216-22220. ness. 32800.

Morgan (C. E.) Harvest is white. Moorhead pub. co. Moorhead's quar.

12556. rec. 2757, 38983, 52122.

Morgan (E. B.) Selecting employMoorhead's quart. rec. 2757, 38983, ees. 52127. 52122

Morgan (F. L.) co. Astro, the oracle Moorman mfg. co.:

of the sun god. 9115. Bul. 44998.

Morgan (J. L.): Canvass. [etc.] 38984, 38985.

Will mankind meet this crisis inKonantz (W. A.) Shepherd's

telligently? 22221. guide. 51377.

Will the progressives accomplish Aloosehead telep. & teleg. co. Telep.

anything. 5705. direct. 5692, 38986.

Morgan (Leota): Morales (J. A.) :

Cheating wives. 9116. Assassination of Francisco Ma

Traffic in hearts. 44999. dero. 35005.

Morgan (T. H.) Lab. direct, for an Rise & fall of the Ku Klux Klan. elem. course. 5706. 24303.

Morgan (W. A.): Moran (Casey) Send women to U. S.

Fine feathers. 24135. 52125.

Nobody's bus. 47326.

Two in one. 29104. Moran (S. G.) Ownership. 38987.

Morgan (W. J.) jr. New kind of Morati (Charles) Interview. 7202.

bank. 52128. Moray (Cono) pseud. See Mungovan

Morgan (W. S.) Acctg. 5707, 32813. (W. J.) Mordecai (S. F.):

Morgan (W. T.) Guide for the study

of Eng. hist. 22222. Law notes. 27036.

Morgan co.: Mordecai's law notes. 52126.

Before you build your home. 5708. More, Jones brass & metal co. Bab

Bldg. with assurance. 12557. bit bk. 32801.

Morgan steam laundry co. Your linen. Morean (D. R.) Famous fairy tales

for children. 16997.
Morehart (F. D.)

Morgan's Bakery ser. 12558.
Pick-ems. 16998.
Morehouse pub. co.:

Morgantown, W. Va., map. 3976, 7491. Douglas (G. W.) Spiritual heal

Morgantown (City of) Morgantown,

W. Va., map. 3976. ing. 43220.

Morian (Jacques) Oraison dominiLiving church ann. 51554.

cale illustrée. 2758. Palestine, map. 29453. Protestant Episcopal church in

Moriarty (J. T.) Something new the U. S. A. Dept. of religious

under the sun. 52129. education of the natl. council.

Morisite corp. Morisite process. 22223.

Morison (F. R.) Monthly talk to Church worship & membership.

bank employees. 5709, 9117, 17008, [etc.] 27724-27726.

22224, 32815, 32816, 45000, 45001, Stand. course in teacher

52130, 52131.
training. 18140.

Moritzen (Julius) :
Gen. bd. of religious educa.
Church worship & membership.

Henrik Ibsen. 45002.

Literary stars on the Scandinav 18141.

ian firmament. [etc.] 32817, Moreton (A. R.) Inventors bus.

32818. manual & direct. 9102.

Proverbs of Germany. 52132. Moreton (D. P.) Armature winding. Morkrum co.: 27037.

Postal teleg cable CO. Bul. Moreux (Th.) Méthode simple pour

18111-18113. prévoir le temps. 9103.

Wheatstone relay pts. 17010. Morey & co., inc. Wood working ma- Morning post, itd. Farington (Joseph) chinery. 38988.

Diary. 2227, 15810. Morgan (Angela):

Morningside college. Stevick (P. R.) Afternoon nap. [etc.] 5693-5704. Success in study for freshmen, April trees. [etc.] 27038-27048. 46180. At breakfast. [etc.] 12546-12555. Morosco holding co., inc. Slippy McBasques & bonnets. [etc.] 9104- Gee. 7580. 9114.

Morrell (John) & co.: City child in summer. [etc.] Allen (I. B.) True hospitality. 38989-38998.


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